Dr. Dipti Manish Kenia

Founder, Sachmaas Academy
Dr. Dipti Manish Kenia - Founder, Sachmaas Academy

Dr. Dipti Manish Kenia - Founder, Sachmaas Academy

Dr. Dipti Manish Kenia - Founder, Sachmaas Academy

Seeing the improvement in speed reading and speed writing in my son, I decided to help other children learn English in a remarkably easy and lucid manner.”

It is rightly said, “You are only as strong as your foundation.” Staying true to the saying is Dr Dipti Manish Kenia, the founder of Sachmaas Academy, Sachmaas Creative Learnings and Sachmaas Professional English Academy.

A highly qualified scholar possessing multiple degrees, professional certifications and 20+ years of experience as an educator, Dipti emphasises English Language, Communication Skills, and Writing Skills are the need of the hour, irrespective of the field.

Her leadership and her strong belief that ‘the conscientious effort one puts in will certainly reap rich rewards’ has made Sachmaas an identity, a household brand in Mulund, a central hub in suburban Mumbai. Well known for its quality, Dipti has plans to grow Sachmaas on a global level.

Dipti’s belief of ‘Teaching English as a Language and not as a Subject’ is the striking feature of Sachmaas. Quality, Innovation, Conceptual learning, Customised courses and the Latest teaching methodologies are key factors differentiating Sachmaas from its competitors.

Educational Qualifications

Like Darren Varndell said, “The time spent building a solid foundation will pay for itself ten-fold.” Dipti Manish Kenia comes from a rich academic background.


  • B.Sc. [Botany], Goa University.

  • LL.B., Mumbai University.

  • Diploma in Creative Writing, Symbiosis, Pune.

  • MA [English Literature], Mumbai University.

  • CertTESOL, Trinity College London.

  • PhD in Creative Writing, JJTU.

Professional Certifications

  • Course on Jolly Phonics in association with Jolly Learning Ltd., UK, conducted by Ms. Marj Newsbury.

  • Introductory & Advanced Courses on Synthetic Phonics, conducted by the Training Director of the Fitzroy Learning Centre, Jeremy O’ Carroll, Australia.

  • Attended various conferences on ‘Perceptions of Language’, ‘Diversity And Transformation: American Literature (1920 - 1990)’, ‘Postmodern Trends in Language and Literature.’ etc.

  • Phonics International Training in Jolly Phonics & Jolly Grammar conducted by Coral George in collaboration with Jolly Learning Ltd., UK.

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The Tale Of Inception

Like Martha Stewart famously said, “Build your business success around something that you love — something that is inherently and endlessly interesting to you.” Dipti Manish Kenia built an entire academy around her passion for English language.

Founded in 2003 by Dipti, Sachmaas Academy today has become synonymous with the English Language. From learning Phonics and Grammar to teaching her own son to form an academy teaching about 2000 students per year, the journey has been nothing short of amazing.

The absence of Phonics and Grammar classes in the vicinity of her home led to the idea to start one. Dipti says, “Seeing the improvement in speed reading and speed writing in my son, I decided to help other children learn English in a remarkably easy and lucid manner.”

Adv. Manish Kenia, her mentor and better half, has been a strong support system for Dipti. Mr Manish, a strong pillar of Sachmaas, has been instrumental right from the start, and together they succeeded to take Sachmaas to greater heights.

Sachmaas has a humble beginning, with 13 students initially, boasting an impressive alumnus of over 15,000+ students today. With an aim to provide quality English language education, Sachmaas radically transforms students’ reading and writing skills.

Sachmaas offers Phonics, Reading, English Grammar, Creative Writing, Conversation Skills, Handwriting, and English Speaking courses for children & adults. Maintaining quality, ethics, transparency, and a positive attitude are the core values of Sachmaas that remained constant over the years.

Dipti Manish Kenia’s Mission And Vision For Sachmaas

Mission: Introduce the passion for English language and enhance skills in children and adults alike through an enriching curriculum to help them learn, transform and perform in a fun-filled environment.

Vision: To build ‘Centers of Excellence in creating champions of English Language through innovative and customised methods of the highest quality to impact a whole new generation in becoming excellent communicators by nurturing and igniting one’s creativity, thereby shaping up one’s attitude, confidence, and personality.

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Steering Sachmaas On A Path Of Success

Dipti says, “Hard work, dedication, and Perseverance have no substitutes.” Her passion, zeal, enthusiasm and an eye for perfection have helped Sachmaas soar high.

Students of Sachmaas are excelling in their field, emerging as toppers and winners at competitions like NELTAS, Olympiad, and Spell Bee, prevailing as orators and editors of various magazines and even joining Sachmaas as faculty.

Dipti proudly states, “Out of 50, 48 of their students were selected to participate in an Essay Writing Competition organised by IIM Lucknow, and one even bagged the 11th Rank PAN India.”


  • 2003: Founded Sachmaas with 13 students

  • 2015-16: New Beginning with a new look. Shifted to a commercial premise and began Reader’s Cocoon for students who faced reading challenges

  • 2017-18: Reading batches grow further

  • 2018-19: Sachmaas Chanakya Library finally opens the door and spreads its wings.

  • 2019 – 20: First Branch opened in Mulund itself.

  • 2020-21: Sachmaas shifted from Offline to Online! Formation of Sachmaas Alumni! Launch of Sachmaas E-magazine!

  • 2021-22: Beginning of Sachmaas Professional English Academy for Adults

  • 2022-23: Sachmaas comes back to Offline mode with continual Online mode

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Inventure Academy stands tall while nurturing the Indian Educational spectrum with its expertise

The Shift In The Education Industry

In the past few years, the education industry in India has undergone a tremendous change with a rising number of e-learning platforms. However, the key is to have an online and offline presence both. Dipti says they are planning to start an e-learning platform by partnering with like-minded companies in the coming years.

However, their current focus is on SMEs having 50+ employees, Corporates and professionals like Advocates, Doctors, Chartered Accountants, Business Coaches, Consultants and all other individuals for English speaking and communication skills.

Overcoming Setbacks Like A Boss

From learning Phonics and Grammar to teaching her own son to form an academy, the journey has not been easy for Dipti. However, she converted every challenge into an opportunity.

She mentions, “Moving into a commercial venue was not easy, but we took it as an opportunity to open new verticals like Reader’s Cocoon, Spoken English for Adults, Handwriting improvement and even an in-house library - Chanakya for kids.”

Sachmaas also felt the burn of the pandemic. As all classes and schools went online, including Sachmaas. Training teaching and non-teaching staff to adapt to the new scenario seemed like a Herculean task, but with commitment, perseverance and an urge to excel, they managed to sail through.

Every child is different, and so are their problems. Over the years, Sachmaas have mastered the art of tackling those issues to provide the maximum benefits of the courses to children.

Another challenge for Sachmaas had been getting dedicated and knowledgeable staff. The team at Sachmaas is in talks to tie up with various institutions teaching MA with English Literature, B.Ed. and management courses for recruiting students from these institutes.

Dr. Dipti Manish Kenia’s advice to young entrepreneurs is, “To succeed, always maintain the highest standard of quality and ethics. Mastering leadership qualities, maintaining the highest standards of quality and ethics and having in-depth knowledge of your industry are essential to succeed as an entrepreneur. Do not ignore any target market; keep customers’ benefit in mind and network.”

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