Stunning Places to Explore in Andaman for Unforgettable Memories

Stunning Places to Explore in Andaman for Unforgettable Memories
Stunning Places to Explore in Andaman for Unforgettable Memories

Stunning Places to Explore in Andaman for Unforgettable Memories

Andaman and Nicobar Island are known as tropical paradise, which gives you a memorable experience of beach life, white sand beaches along with deep blue sea make this location totally worthwhile to visit and create a lot of memories. It resides approximately 1400 kilometres away from the eastern mainland of the Indian subcontinent with its capital Port Blair. It is one of the most popular and most visited holiday locations in India. You can make a plan to visit here along with your family, friends and you are beloved, it ensures you to give you an amazing and relaxing experience.

Best Places to Visit in Andaman

Saddle Peak

Saddle Peak is the highest peak in Andaman, tourists can make their visit more memorable to capture the fantastic view of Andaman from the saddle peak, perfect location for trekking lovers, the area is surrounded by amazing tropical forests, tourists will witness the stunning coast of North and Middle Andaman, Blue waters of the Kalipur beach, Craggy Island, Lamia Bay and will be enjoying the sunrise, a perfect visit for nature lovers.

Cellular Jail

Cellular Jail embarks on that period of Indian history which shows the importance of our freedom struggle and the contribution of our freedom fighters. This jail known as ‘Kalapani’ was built in 1906 to torture and exile Indian freedom fighters and leaders and was constructed to keep a single prisoner into a single cell so that prisoners would not be able to communicate with each other.

It is one of those historic places which is famous among tourists. And the evening sound and night show is very popular here, so make sure to watch it.

Havelock Island

Havelock Island is one of the primary choices of tourists to visit in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is famed for its natural beauty of sandy whiteness and blue ocean and due to the popularity of this location, luxurious tourist hotels and resorts can be spotted easily to serve tourists.

Its Radhanagar beach is ranked 8th on the list of the world’s best beaches, every year tourists visit this beach to enjoy the view and relax while enjoying the pleasant chirping of birds.

This beach is one of the most coveted destinations around the world. Apart from this Havelock Island is very famous among the adventure seekers, tourists can make their visit a lifetime experience through scuba diving and snorkelling under the instructions of experts, you will be seeing the wonder of aquatic species, the beauty of nature. Elephanta Beach is very famous for jet skiing and kayaking.

Long Island

Long Island is recognised as the untouched paradise and as the name suggests it is a paradise for beach lovers and honeymoon couples, the perfect combination of beautiful beaches, caves, rolling hills, dense forests, and marine side-line presents an accurate natural ecosystem.

A romantic boat travel through Mangrove Creeks will make you spend some good quality time with your partner. Apart from its Guitar Island is another beautiful location where tourists can enjoy sunbathing, reading a book, and can enjoy their company.

Stunning Places to Explore in Andaman for Unforgettable Memories

Popular Tourist Attractions in Andaman

Neil Island: Neil Island is another island with white sandy beaches and dense green forests. Tourists can easily reach one of the best places to visit in AndamanIsland from Port Blair or Havelock through ferry services which work regularly. It got fame for its beaches and crystal-clear water came into inhabited in the 1960s.

Those tourists who are not adventurous enough to go into the water but do want to experience aquatic views can avail of glass-bottom boat rides from here. Enjoying the view of sunrise and sunset while relaxing on the beach is a peaceful experience, positive vibes are something you find here.

Dhaninalah Mangrove: Dhaninalah Mangrove Nature Walk away is another perfect location for nature lovers, a way through mangrove creeks will make your way quite peaceful and show you the beauty of nature, after passing the mangrove creek you will encounter the stunning Dhaninalah beach, a very popular site for sea turtles including olive ridley sea turtles. It is known as the longest walkway of India. You can enjoy your day swimming and hearing the chirping of various birds.

Mount Harriet and Madhuban: Mount Harriet and Madhuban is a location that would be loved for trekking enthusiasts and nature lovers, it will be a 16-kilometre trek that will confront you with some of the very rare species of plants, animals, and birds. And, this is what makes it one of the best places to visit in Andaman.

March to October is the period when the trekking activity is on peak and it is also the best time to find Orchids, Red Water Lily, Andaman Serpent Eagle, Wood Pigeon, and Narcondam Hornbill and some other species as well. This amazing landscape location is appreciated by tourists belonging to every age group.

Ross Island: It is recognised as the headquarters of the colonial empire and was called ‘Paris of the East but this architectural marvel was ruined by an earthquake in 1941. It will give you a glimpse of the historical tragedies through its abandoned buildings, stores, water treatment plant, swimming pool, tennis courts, printing press, and hospital.

Stunning Places to Explore in Andaman for Unforgettable Memories
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How to Reach Andaman

It is suggested to tourists to go by air because it is the quickest way to reach. Tourists can catch a flight from mainland India, you can catch a flight from Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Vizag, however, the international flight service is not available to Andaman for foreign travellers but the Indian government turned Veer Savarkar Airport as an official migration check post so that foreign travellers can enter and exit directly from there.

By Air- Veer Savarkar Airport is the only existing Airport located in the capital city Port Blair, Flight services such as Indigo Airlines, Air India, Spice Jet, Indian Airlines, Go Air, and Vistara are regularly available from major cities of India. Tourists can book their reservations before getting tickets at a cheaper value.

Tourists who catch a flight from Kolkata and Chennai will reach Andaman within 3 hours, however, the longest travel time has to be from Delhi which takes around 5 hours.

Tourists can take hopping flights to reach their destination. It is suggested that tourists take a morning flight so that they can spend the rest of the day.

By Sea- Another option to reach Andaman is through sea however it is not a very convenient way to reach. Haddo Wharf is the main port located at Port Blair.

Tourists can catch passenger ships from Kolkata and Chennai which sail three to four times a month and only once a month from Visakhapatnam, which takes approximately the time of three to four days (50-60 hours).

As I mentioned there will be passenger ships so unlike cruise ships there will be limited food options and there would be no arrangement of entertainment and seasickness is also very common especially between in the month of May and October but if you want to enjoy the view of the deep blue sea so you can take this option. Notably, the tickets can only be purchased from the Ticket Corporation Office in Chennai, Kolkata, and Visakhapatnam which is also time-consuming.

Stunning Places to Explore in Andaman for Unforgettable Memories

Best Time to Visit in Andaman

The summer season (April to June) is the perfect time to visit. During this season the tropical climate is favourable, the whole island is filled with dense greenery along with the warm sea breeze. Generally, the temperature rises to 28-34 degree Celsius and at night temperature goes down to 24-27 degree Celsius.

Most tourists come here in the summer season to participate and enjoy adventurous water activities such as jet-skiing, scuba diving, surfing, snorkelling, and paragliding, etc. You can enjoy sunbathing on white-sand beaches or spend a day resting in hammocks by the bay. It is considered the best season to visit.

The season of winter (October to March) is not that chilly and presents a pleasant and cool climate. The Winter season can be a great time to visit for honeymoon couples because it’s a less crowded season and will be lower than usual prices.

Tourists can have a calm experience on the white-sand shores of the crystal-clear beaches in Andaman when you visit during winters, the temperature during this season ranges between 25 degree Celsius and drops at night around 20 degrees Celsius. All sorts of water activities are open in this season as well to make the tourist’s experience count.

The rainy season (July to September) witnesses heavy rainfall due to its tropical climate, however, it ruins the experience of travellers who want to engage in watersports such as surfing, scuba diving, snorkelling, and jet skiing due to the unavailability of these services.

Sea rides and cruises might also be shut during this season and tourists can also experience flight delays. The best option for tourists is to stay in the resort and enjoy the services like clubbing, massage, spa, and other indoor activities. Monsoon is not an ideal season to visit if you are going for an island activity.

Stunning Places to Explore in Andaman for Unforgettable Memories

Best Hotels in Andaman

Munjoh Island House is located in the capital city of Port Blair, 37 kilometres away from Mount Harriet National Park. Tourists can avail the services of open terrace, Wi-Fi, bar, restaurants, garden, room services, babysitting services, and currency exchange for guests, known for its services.

Symphony Summer Sands Beach Resort and Spa is located in Ram Nagar in Neil Island known for its hygiene and cleanliness, gives the services of Bar, 24 hours Room Service, and other amenities. Symphony Samudra Beachside Jungle Resort and Spa is located in Chidiya Tapu Beach in Port Blair. It provides you the services of Bar, Air conditioning Rooms, and Kids Play Area, its child-friendly resort. Welcome Hotels by ITC Hotels, Bay Island is located in Marine Hills in Port Blair. It is known for its safety and hygiene, gives the services of Bar, Air Conditioning rooms, 24 hours room services along with other amenities and it gives you the facility of free cancellation and zero payment on free cancellation.

Stunning Places to Explore in Andaman for Unforgettable Memories
Stunning Places to Explore in Andaman for Unforgettable Memories
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Stunning Places to Explore in Andaman for Unforgettable Memories
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