For You Next Tour, List down these Places to Visit in Ajanta & Ellora

For You Next Tour, List down these Places to Visit in Ajanta & Ellora
For You Next Tour, List down these Places to Visit in Ajanta & Ellora

For You Next Tour, List down these Places to Visit in Ajanta & Ellora

This cave is a rock-cut cave that is famous for its architectural designs. These are monumental rock-cut caves that define Indian art's architectural accomplishments. It is in the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra. Both the caves are situated at 100km, they are often mentioned together since their aesthetics and importance are at par.


It includes masterpiece paintings of Buddhism and 30 caves of varied sizes excavated in a horseshoe-shaped stretch called Waghorn. If we talk about Ellora it is all about sculpture and architecture which are the union of three different religious Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism.

This architecture is not only for showpiece this does show the union of different religious and do show the talent of architecture who had worked so hard and shown their unbelievable skills to the whole country with such a good message.

People do come to see such beauty from distinct parts of the world. This does not only talk about the union, but it does also show the previous lives of Buddha. Now today we will discuss briefly Ajanta & Ellora where we will come to know about the places where we can visit in Ajanta & Ellora.

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1. Grishneshwar Temple

this temple is a very holiest place known in India. This temple is in Ellora one of the 12 Jyotirlingas in India. The lingas which we are talking about here are of Lord Shiva and are considered an important Pilgrimage site it is also known as the Dhushmeshwar temple, and they are in Aurangabad.

It has some strict rules like men are said to be bare-chested they cannot enter like this, and only devotees are allowed to touch the lord shiva Linga there. The temple architecture follows the south Indian Style. The five tired shikhara of the Garishneshwar temple are spectacularly carved and constructed in the traditional temple architecture style.

2. The Buddhist Cave, Ellora

Ellora is a group is 34 major rock-cut caves associated with three major Indian religions Jainism, Buddhism & Hinduism, and more than 25 to 30 small excavations. The ancient name of this site, Elapura is mentioned in inscriptions. It is Cave 6 which is the latest excavation in the Buddhist complex at Ellora.

Ellora was developed as an important seat of tantric Buddhism in the Western Deccan, Ellora is the most significant center, such as Kanheri and Panhalakaji caves, both located in the coastal region of the Western Deccan.

So Ellora is one of the earliest Buddhist sites in India where we get the Ashtabodhisattva mandala where a Buddha is surrounded by eight bodhisattvas in a specific order is a unique feature of the Buddhist caves of Ellora. That is why the 12 Dharani’s seen in cave 12 are important.

Some of the Dharani have been identified as Janguli, Chunda, Tara and Bhrikuti. This suggests that by the end of the 7th Century female deities had occupied a Significant place in Buddhist rituals and were worshipped alongside Boddhisattva. In Ellora, we have the Earliest evidence of how female Buddhist deities were placed and how their imagery developed.

3. Bibi Ka Muqbara

it is something like the Taj Mahal. Like it is something made in the memory, the same it is in the memory of Rabia- UI- Daurani alias Dilras Banu Begum. The wife of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. Bibi Ka Maqbar was constructed by Aurangzeb attributed this magnificent edifice in the name of his son Azam Shah who was born in the year 1653, to commemorate Rabia- UI- Daurani.

4. Khuldabad

is it a small town located around 13km from Aurangabad and 3 km from the world heritage site of Ajanta and Ellora Caves? Near Khuldabad is a place called “the valley of Saints” which is believed to have the grave of 1500 Sufi saints.

In the early 17th Century, the city was captured by Aurangzeb who built a strong wall as protection around the town with seven entrances inside the city Nagarkhana, Panera, Langda, Mangalpeth, Kunbi Ali, and Hamadi is the main gate called Azam shahi. This place is filled with saints who have good power in their Meditation. This holy place has a different vibe, giving you a different inner peace.

For You Next Tour, List down these Places to Visit in Ajanta & Ellora
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the Jain temples contain two gigantic statues of Indra, one an eight-armed and the other a 12 armed and in a dancing pose. The number of arms shows Indra's poses during the dance. The cave also shows the other deities and dancers. To explore such beautiful art and amazing architecture you can visit from Sunrise to sunset.

To visit such beauty is from November to March this beauty is seen these days more attractively because the climate is mesmerizing during that time. Only Tuesday is the day when it is closed.

It is situated in Northern Maharashtra, Ellora Caves which is 400km from Mumbai. The Ellora caves road, Ellora, Aurangabad. You can visit such beauty by Taxi & Bus.

There are taxi stands in Aurangabad which give a trip to the Caves and back Starting at Rs 1000 depending on the car type. The cabs will take you around an hour to reach the caves.

The Maharashtra state road transport corporation gives the bus tours to Ellora Caves in AC Volvo coaches. The guided tour buses depart the central Bus Stand in Aurangabad in the morning and other attractions on the route.

Alternatively, you can go for the regular state-run- bus. The central bus stand in Aurangabad is 27km from the Ellora Caves. Aurangabad Railway Station is 28km from the Ellora Caves the following are a few trains running to Aurangabad.

Sachkhand Express 12716, Tapovan Express 17617, and Ajanta express 17063 are trained and easy to reach. Aurangabad airport is 35km from the Ellora caves are the trains to take you.

It connects Mumbai, Delhi to Hyderabad. The Ellora Caves entry fee for Indians is Rs 40. The entry ticket for foreigners is Rs 600. There is no entry ticket price for children up to 15 years in Ellora Caves. Additionally, you can also buy an audio-visual guide for the tourist information center which also shows the houses eateries, shops, auditoriums, and a parking space.

6. Aurangabad Caves

the temperature which it usually shares is 32 degrees Celsius a calm and moderate temperature. Timing to visit such beauty of Aurangabad is 9 am to 5 pm. To visit such beauty a person has to take 3-4 hrs free to explore it properly. To see such beauty a person has to pay some prices Indian tourist fees INR 10, foreign tourist fees INR 100.

Aurangabad caves are structured in twelve rock-cut Buddhist shrines, which are located around 20km northwest of Aurangabad. These caves were from the 6th and 8th centuries, and they are in Aurangabad it sometimes makes you confused with Ajanta and Ellora caves, but it is also situated in Aurangabad.

The Aurangabad caves are divided into 3 separate groups depending on their location the first group: Cave 1 to Cave 5, the second group: Cave 6 to Cave 9, and the third group: Cave 10 to Cave 12.

For You Next Tour, List down these Places to Visit in Ajanta & Ellora
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7. Shopping in Aurangabad

shopping is something that will always be everyone's favourite thing to do. it is the best thing to do in every place wherever you visit. Shopping is something remarkably interesting and the best thing to do everywhere and when you some different place it gives you a different urge to buy things.

The specialty and famous things to shop in Aurangabad are Himroo shawls, Paithani sarees, or fabrics like mashru and Kimkhab.

Paithani weaving center, Gul Mandi, Connaught shopping market, Nirula Bazaar, and Himroo factory are some of the popular shopping spots situated in heart of the city.

A visit to the Connaught shopping market is necessary if you wish to take some fine silks and shawls back home. Situated close to the far gate in old Aurangabad, the Himroo factory, one of the major tourist attractions in Aurangabad, is an awesome place to shop for popular Himroo weaves, Paithai saris, handloom shawls, and lots more.

8. Panchakki

Panchakki is a water mill complex consisting of a court of the madrasa, the house of a minister, a mosque, houses dedicated to females, and a Sarai. The mill derives its name from the grinding grains for the pilgrims. Surrounded by hues of blue and shades of green, Panchakki is a perfect picnic spot and a much-frequented attraction in Aurangabad.

The weather is 32 degrees Celsius which is normal and pleasant there. To visit such a beautiful place, you have been given some time to visit such beauty you can visit from 6:30 am to 9:30 pm. And to explore such beauty it takes 1 to 2 hrs to explore properly. To explore such beauty, you have to pay some amount it is according like Indians INR 5 and for foreigners INR 100. Visit such beauty.


By Train- The closest transportation that can be helpful to reach your destination is via Aurangabad Railway station. Ellora caves are 45 minutes away from the railway station and Ajanta caves are 1.5 hours away.


These are the places to visit in Ajanta & Ellora if a person is visiting Aurangabad. Such beauties are seen with a good piece of time to visit such beauty a person should have two days to just visit it and explore it properly.

All the kinds of hotels and cafes are provided they are with a good amount. All kind of caves and with good skills will be shown here different people has given their talents here and which are shown in these caves. Come to visit these places.

For You Next Tour, List down these Places to Visit in Ajanta & Ellora
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For You Next Tour, List down these Places to Visit in Ajanta & Ellora
For You Next Tour, List down these Places to Visit in Ajanta & Ellora
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