List of Types of Magazines Available in India

List of Types of Magazines Available in India

List of Types of Magazines Available in India

Print Media in India is a very old and a well-established industry. This industry mainly comprises of newspaper and magazine publishing. The robust consumption and rising income levels have empowered the growth of print media in the country.

Present-day, there are a variety of Indian magazine in 15 different categories and 70 niches. With over, 300 magazines available in India bring something for everyone.

Best Education Magazines in India

Education magazines feature articles on research, education, and careers and educate students about different areas.

  • BBC Knowledge
  • General Knowledge Today
  • EDU
  • Dmystify
  • Competition Success Review 

Best Health Magazines in India

Health magazines focus on the nutrition and wellbeing of people and present articles to improve people's health.

  • Food & Health
  • Health
  • Life Positive
  • Stay Fit
  • Complete Wellbeing

Best Technology Magazines in India

These magazines are devoted to the latest technology; they focus on making people aware of the latest and upcoming apps and gadgets.

  • What Hi-Fi
  • Stuff India
  • Apps World Ma
  • T3 India

Best Travel Magazines in India

A travel magazine is focused on making travel easier and enjoyable by providing the best tips and articles. It provides knowledge about different places and tips to make the tour enjoyable.

  • Outlook Traveler
  • Discover India Magazine
  • Gourmet Travel
  • Travel Plus
  • Lonely Planet

Best Sports Magazines in India

Sports magazines bring news and stories related to sports and sports personalities.

  • Sport Star
  • Diamond Cricket Today
  • Cricket Info
  • Khel
  • ESPN

Best Entertainment Magazines in India

Magazines categorized under entertainment mainly contain the updates related to the entertainment.

  • Filmfare
  • G Magazine
  • Screen
  • Chitralekha
  • Music Today – India Today Publication

Best Fashion Magazines in India

Fashion magazines bring all about fashion and the latest styles and make people aware about the recent trends.

  • Vogue
  • Another Magazine
  • M Magazine
  • Dazed and Confused
  • View Point

Best Financial Magazines in India

Bringing all financial news and information, Financial Magazines play a pivotal role to keep you informed about the market.

  • The Economist
  • Investor's Business Daily
  • Money
  • Capital Market (Stock Market)
  • Financial Express

Best Food Magazines in India

Food magazines provide readers with articles, blogs, tips and a lot about food and cooking. These magazines contain food recipes, seasonal food list, beneficial meals, etc.

  • Good Food
  • Cooking & More
  • Food Service
  • Bakery Review
  • Food and Beverage

Best Business Magazines in India

Business magazines provide all the information related to the business world and provide a platform for business heads to share their stories with the general mass.

  • Business Today
  • Forbes India
  • India
  • Business World
  • Business India

These are magazines from different industries in India. I hope, you would find this article interesting. If you wish to add any name, then let us know in the comment below.

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