As the startup culture prevails in India as entrepreneurs across the country are deploying every effort that they can to support the business growth, it is not an alien thing to search about how they can connect with the well-established CEOs from across the world and get the information they are looking for, insights that could help them come out of the hardest phrases of the business and advice on how to avoid the mistakes due to mismanagement of the time.

We, at The CEO Magazine, a prominent business magazine with the latest news about the business and industries have acknowledged the same need of networking for all the entrepreneurs in India who want to connect with the professionals, clients and investors, who can help the business grow. These professionals who you can be researched on platforms like Linkedin are what they are because of specific traits that one can know and get ready to have a conversation with the people. So, here are the tips for you:

  • Be Relevant: In the market, one cannot afford to be not relevant and the same condition applies when you are meeting CEOs. Focus on finding the right CEO to talk about your business and its problems by searching if the leader shares the same values and knowledge about your industry. You should research about people on Linkedin who are of relevant industries in India, like from giants in your industry is also useful only if they are approachable and easy to talk to. Make sure when you meet them at the event, that they are able to connect with you easily.
  • Research and Show Up: Meeting someone renowned as an expert without the specific details of the topics he is interested in, his present goals, as well as the future goals he has for the brand, is a mistake one should avoid. Visit the leaders backed with the extensive homework to ensure that the leader from your industry that you wish to connect with and learn what exactly their business does. Well, follow their social media pages, check out their interviews with the business magazines, and read articles they've written to determine if you have a common interest that could lead to something big once it is presented during your meet at the event.
  • Being Proactive: "A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds" Francis Bacon's quote is a mantra that many entrepreneurs follow. It is absurd to think that the highly unlikely situation of a CEO approaching you will take place. So, one must be proactive and approach them in events in India that one can attend. You can introduce yourself to any of the events that many best business magazines hosts to build connections. This step of the process to connect with the CEOs can be nerve-racking but is necessary to start building a relationship
  • Make Sure You Are Visible: What makes a CEO connect with you should be your goal. He should be able to be attracted by you to be able to connect with you and see the potential otherwise Why would a CEO want to talk or meet with you? The best way to prove your capability is by building-up your reputation as an industry thought leader. This can be done by authoring articles on your blog, as well as pieces in industry publications like your ebook or launch an educational course along with being visible by speaking at industry events, mentoring others, being published in business magazines for CEOs like The CEO Magazine, and all these should be a part of your Linkedin profile.

From seeking every opportunity to connect with the CEOs to becoming an influencer to ensure that you have better chances at connecting with the CEOs, these are simple steps that should consider.

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