The Future Lies In Technology

The Future Lies In Technology

The Future Lies In Technology

The Future Lies In Technology

The Future Lies In Technology

2020 was a testing ground for progress towards people-centered, inclusive, and development-oriented information society. Digital technologies have played a crucial role in addressing the pandemic and enabling resilience across all sectors.

The trend towards electronic commerce (e-commerce) has accelerated, in both international and domestic markets. The use of online entertainment platforms has also expanded.

These developments seem likely to continue after the pandemic paving way for the growth of more and more disruptive technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and robotics. This is expected to create a digital economy worth US$23 trillion by 2025.

The world of technology is in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, presenting yet another radical change to the way people live and work. Taiwan is at the center of this transformation.

In 2018 Taiwan achieved US$157 billion in information and communication technology exports, an increase of 3.48% compared to 2017. This was due to Taiwan’s strong industrial chain and technological edge. The Annual Taiwan Excellence Award celebrates and signifies the very best products made in Taiwan.

They subject brands to a rigorous and stringent selection system that covers four major aspects of “R&D”, “Design”, “Quality” and “Marketing” thus creating a go-to guide for the most innovative products.

These products then serve as examples for the domestic industries and are promoted by the government in the international market to set standards for Taiwanese businesses globally.

TECO Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd., is one such brand that comes with the
mark of Taiwan Excellence. With their Intelligent delivery service robot, they are making tech enter multiple fields like catering service, welcome tour, indoor inspection and medical maintenance.

This robot comes with at rackless design which greatly reduces the cost of installation and maintenance. It also offers a flexible range of movement because of its upgraded motion control technology and intelligent obstacle avoidance technology.

It also comes with an automatic recharging function that can be used to
return the supplementary power whenever the built-in power of the robot is too low. And if there is not enough time for sufficient power, the backup
battery can be replaced to keep the overall service uninterrupted.

Apart from this, the appearance of this robot can be modified by adding devices on the head, hands or above the plate for more diversified and interactive application services.

A leader in designing and developing products that integrate cutting-edge
technology, TECO Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd., is revolutionising the world with its products.

It has evolved as a major business group that deals in multiple domains including heavy electric equipment, home appliances,information technology, communications, key electronic components &parts, infrastructural engineering, financial investment, and dining.

Humans have an incredible capacity to build things, and we make them
every day to build better living standards. We crave an efficient and
sustainable world, the journey towards which would’ve never begun if it
wasn’t for technology.

As the pandemic slowdown proved, technology is the future and what’s ahead of us is more exciting than ever before. So, which technology will you be investing your resources in next? Check out :

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