Unlock Success with E-Commerce Digital Marketing

Unlock Success With E-Commerce Digital Marketing
Unlock Success With E-Commerce Digital Marketing

Unlock Success with E-Commerce Digital Marketing

According to a 2021 report, the Indian e-commerce industry is expected to grow to the US $ 200 Billion by 2026.

So, if your next 5 years plan is to be a part of this thriving industry, e-commerce, what's your plan?

E-commerce, in the world of inventions, has been a life-saver for both product and service providers. Its nature of providing everyone with a chance to scale their brand or firm has also led to competition.

And this is where e-commerce digital marketing comes into the picture.

E-commerce marketing includes various efforts that you as a business can do to accelerate your brand’s reach, increase awareness, essentially, bring more sales. This act of promoting your product and services includes:


Search engine optimization is the first aspect of digital marketing to crack before starting the journey. Website optimization is essential for business which is inclusive of

  • Adding customer reviews: If you are out on an e-commerce platform, the first thing you would look to confirm your choice is the reviews. They are a magical ingredient for your product to sell better as they instil trust.

  • Adding video: Videos are leading content forms that allows the clients to grasp the idea of what the message that a brand wants to convey efficinetly.

  • Incorporating AI (Artificial Intelligence): AI in E-commerce can be quote beneficial given its knowledge of previous purchases, searched products, and online browsing habits. ... Improved customer retention and sales.

  • Using personalization: E-commerce Personalization can be summed up in ensuring the delivery of personalised experiences which can be created through AI which works with previous actions and behaviour.

  • Mobile optimization: No doubt, mobile optimization of an e-commerce website or application is a game-changer in today’s era. This will include responsive and eye-catchy, website design, user-friendly navigation, fast website load times, intuitive checkout process, optimized images and videos and reduced heavy content.

  • Automate chatbots: Bots are the future of B2C communication. AI chatbots allow eCommerce businesses to get hands-on real-time user interaction. These automated chatbots can be used to reduce cost and maximise the efficiency

  • Flexible delivery: If you have your e-commerce website, then unlike popular platforms Amazon, Flipkart, etc. A key concern for the customer is the delivery. Hence, flexible delivery

  • Reduce cart abandonment: If they are not purchasing, this abandoned cart is equivalent to losing money. This is worth addressing as clients may lose their hesitations and be reminded of their carts.

  • Website design: It is an integral part to assure that the user stays on your website. Hence, one should start the journey by analysing the funnel and fix leaky buckets. By reviewing the metrics that matter as well as the user experience, we can significantly increase e-commerce store sales.

Unlock Success With E-Commerce Digital Marketing
Benefits of E-commerce Chatbots

E-Commerce Advertising

E-commerce advertising is the arm of advertising that includes placing paid content on online and offline platforms. These advertisements can be placed on the website, search engine, social media network, podcast, newsletters, or other interactive online properties such as chat or instant messaging.

E-commerce advertising aims to drive sales and revenue, improve brand recognition and awareness, drive website traffic, or acquire more email addresses for your mailing list. Each of these has different KPIs (key performance indicators) which you should measure.

Display Ads: Display ads are some of the most popular and earliest forms of online advertisements. While these are billed in cost-per-thousand impressions, or CPM, format, product ads/shopping ads can also be run. Keep in mind to block the negative keywords to avoid irrelevant traffic and focus on demographic targeting for our customer persona.

Facebook Advertising: Facebook is one of the key social media platforms that can be utilized to reach audiences that are in your target clientele demographic specifically. The platform has gone beyond the stage where it can be organically optimised with keywords hashtags.

Hence, Facebook advertising is a great way to target an audience similar to competitor brands, interest-based audiences, audience exclusions, pixel-based audience targeting, demographic and geographic targeting.

Launching a Facebook store is selling straight from the platform. You can directly integrate Facebook with your Shopify store to avoid keeping a separate inventory.

Instagram Marketing: After the Facebook marketplace, shopping on Instagram is a platform you can use to transition the likes into sales. Experts at E-commerce digital marketing agencies can start your e-commerce digital marketing by setting up your business profile on Instagram and uploading a product catalogue to Instagram’s parent company, Facebook. This will make the account eligible to tag the products in your organic feed and Stories posts. Eventually, the audience who will be watching the organic content will be able to follow the link to a corresponding page on your website without having to navigate to your website.

Email Marketing:

To the contrary belief, email marketing still holds potential. Emails hold the power of uplifting a customer’s shopping experience. From a confirmation email which a customer orders or pays for your product on the E-commerce website.

This is a great way to engage with the clients through mail questions about products, your experience or remind customers of their abandoned shopping cart. You can create personalized emails as per customers’ preferences.

Unlock Success With E-Commerce Digital Marketing
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Get Your E-Commerce Strategy Professionally Built

We have touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to e-commerce marketing. Yes, there is more to it which a digital marketing agency for e-commerce can assist you with.

Unlock Success With E-Commerce Digital Marketing
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Unlock Success With E-Commerce Digital Marketing
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Unlock Success With E-Commerce Digital Marketing
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