Role of Technology in Evolving the Event Management Industry

Role of Technology in Evolving the Event Management Industry

Role of Technology in Evolving the Event Management Industry

Role of Technology in Evolving the Event Management Industry

Role of Technology in Evolving the Event Management Industry

The event management industry is stepping into the future with numerous tech innovations which are already being accepted. The event industry is heavily dependent on the latest technology.

We all know that nobody purchases an event ticket from the box office anymore because event management companies and ticketing platforms have bridged the gap between event planners and audiences.

Many technological trends are dominating the industry as the latest techs are changing the way the event management industry works. So here are top tech trends that are changing the way the industry is operating.

  1. Ticket Books and Registration

Before technology took over, buying and selling of tickets was considered as a very tiring process. To purchase a ticket one need to find vendors and stand in a queue for hours.

Introduction of online booking applications has changed the game as tickets are available on various mobile apps and websites. If you don't want to invest in any application then use Google forms which is the best and safest way to sell tickets.

With the help of technology registrations process is now more engaging as the audience prefers to use the event registration process. This helps a person to choose their seat of their choosing and all the updates of an event.

  1. Event Efficiency

Technology has played a major factor in making the event management process more efficient. Event organisers and participants save time by implementing innovation in the industry. Many applications allow the user to book a seat, see the event scheduled or reschedule the plan.

With the help of digital payment platforms, transferring of money has become much easier. Unlike the last decade, digital payments are not limited to just account transfer.

As technology has become more advanced it has changed the retail space altogether. People can pay just by using their Smartphone from anywhere in the world.

  1. Flawless Communication

One key factor which is responsible for any successful and unsuccessful event is their communication. Having a great communication system can speed up the event organising process. Therefore, the latest techs are important to enhance the communication process.

Features like live streaming and using social media influencers for quick updates have drastically affect events. PR and social media have affected the way shareholders used to communicate. Over the last decade technology in communication, sector has drastically changed the game.

  1. Experience of the Audiences

Advance technology helps organisers to stay in touch with audiences, sponsors, media and other authorities. This will allow the event organisers to gain valuable feedback and it also ensures that people feel important even after the event.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are some must-have techs in an event. According to a survey which was conducted recently, almost 90 per cent or the creators had planned to use VR in the year 2018.

Free WIFI is also a major factor to stay connected and many companies are focused on sponsors who offer free WIFI.

  1. Security

When we talk about events, security is one of the major concerns of any manager. It becomes extremely crucial for the organisers to keep things in control. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has shoved data and tech companies to give better security solutions to the organisers.

Similarly, people security is equally important. There are equipments like body scanners and metal detectors that are capable of finding a needle from a haystack. Mismanaged people security has largely been a key reason for a bad experience.

Event organisers are using drones to keep a check at the event venue. One, the use of shared technology, and two, human implementation have made venues more secure.

Also, the use of retina and fingerprint scanners ensures that only the guests are given access to certain areas. This helps in maintaining the privacy and intimacy of an event.


If you look at a high level, it will be difficult to find what and how technology has changed things for the event managers. It is not easy to find how the industry is achieving the desired efficiency.

But if you look closer, you'd realise that use of solutions like Townscript in almost every step of organising and managing an event has made a huge change.

In conclusion, customer feedback forms and integration of social media with the event networking app has changed how stakeholders interacted. Technology to capture health data of attendees has led to better experiences. We can't say to what extent it will help events but it certainly shouldn't take the human side of offering hospitality.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Role of Technology in Evolving the Event Management Industry</p></div>
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Role of Technology in Evolving the Event Management Industry</p></div>
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Role of Technology in Evolving the Event Management Industry</p></div>
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