RankTech Solutions, World’s 1st Video Banking Solution Provider Facilitating Businesses Through Video-Based Solutions

Anil P Kastuar
Anil P Kastuar

RankTech Solutions, World’s 1st Video Banking Solution Provider Facilitating Businesses Through Video-Based Solutions

For the past couple of years now, video communication has become an inseparable arm of business communication from B2C to B2B. However, it became a foremost priority for Ranktech Solutions, a Kolkata based start-up by tech enthusiast and entrepreneur Anil P Kastuar and Ranjita Kastuar in 2013.

When the pandemic induced demand hit the market, Ranktech Solutions was ready to respond. Today, Ranktech Solutions has carved a unique position for itself in the realm of Off-The-Self (OTS) video-based digital business platforms and professional services solutions. Today, they facilitate digital business transactions and customer relationship support for the service providers in the leading industries BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance), healthcare and education.

The mastermind, tech-enthusiast, and co-founder of Ranktech Solutions, Anil P Kastuar leads the brand from the front with more than half a decade of experience he has accumulated over the years. Anil incepted the brand as a pioneer in video banking solutions as he envisioned the future of the technology in the upcoming years.

The Journey to Becoming A Pioneer

Anil P. Kastaur having served for decades received a call from IndusInd Bank to transform banking communication and build a video-based solution facilitating face-to-face contact with the clientele. From that day, everything changed for him. The leader deployed his innovation vision to replace the IVR with Intelligent Routing.

However, he was able to witness the sad reality of the gaps that exist in the realm of IVR or internet banking or mobile banking. IVR was time-consuming as it demanded entering several numbers before the call to the designated person got connected. At the same time, the realization that the technology-facilitated internet or mobile banking doesn’t drive relationships with customers in comparison to face-to-face communication.

These pain points motivated and inspired the leader to create a time-efficient call routing platform with a video that allowed the users to avail the services by visually choosing the same and getting directed to the authorized person. This solution, launched in August 2014, become the World’s 1st Video Banking Solution and made the RankTech Solution team pioneers.

Challenges, An Opportunity for Better

From meeting the challenges as a start-up to approach the challenges as a leader today meeting the increased demand amidst the pandemic, here’s how Anil P Kastuar views challenges.

“I see every challenge as an opportunity for a better future – be it a technical challenge, a challenge to meet & exceed customers’ expectation or the unanticipated entrepreneurship challenge. I take the challenges head-on and motivate my team to do better than their best, to innovate, to think out of the box."

Anil P Kastuar

Company of The Year 2021

From Anil’s lens, his venture, RankTech is Company of the Year because of its extraordinary performance. The visionary takes pride in the fact that even during the pandemic year 2020-21, the brand financially grew by 35%. This is indeed an achievement for a start-up company which was established 8 years ago.

Ranktech has also developed two new very innovative products to be offered to customers as PaaS (Platform as a Service) for the Retail and Healthcare sectors. In addition, they have been constantly adopting newer technologies and continue to be a leader in the field of Video-based Digital Business products & services.

The Motivation Mantra

Leading as the Managing Director, Anil believes, “a team gets and remains motivated when the leader leads by example and from the front. In addition, when employees see, feel, or sense that for the management, “EMPLOYEES COME FIRST THAN EVEN CUSTOMERS”, it gives them a feeling of being part of the family-like atmosphere where parents do all they can do for children,” is how the Ranktech team motivated despite conflicts and obstacles.

The Vast Clientele

With a symphony of solutions that are relevant to today’s virtual business scenarios, the brand caters to Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI), Healthcare and Education sectors and its several segments which aim to acquire clientele for their varied solutions and domains.

During the waves of Pandemic, Ranktech ascended through the growth graph as video-based solutions became the only feasible solution for service providers to assist customers with their transactions, maintain customer's exterior and non-physical contact. Ranktech has been able to assist thousands of claims to be settled every month by different customers through their claim settlement platform.

Their telehealth solutions as an innovator have helped patients seek care amidst the pandemic. They established a video clinic to give back to society and helped Dr Paul's Multispeciality Clinic, a Kolkata based clinic to launch India's First Virtual Doctor Consultation for all Types of Hair & Skin Treatment offering Live Consultations. From the identification of a suspected Covid-19 patient to an e-prescription signed by the doctor, they have also established a platform to meet the requirements of the pandemic.

They have plans to enter the realm of education with the launch of online video-based classes powered education technology platform in the near future. Among the several contributions, this is another technology-based brainchild of Anil to society which is to become a comprehensive business process rendered towards education.

The Team Who Reached Milestones Together

As RankTech boasts its position being the first in the world to deliver mobile video banking and first in the country to conceptualise and deliver video-based business products, the team behind the ground-breaking innovation includes Board of Directors Anil P. Kastuar, Ranjita Kastuar, and Abhitesh Kastuar with more than a century of experience combined. While the management team includes KP Balakrishnan, VP, commercial and Finance, Anupama Kar Chief People Officer, Payal Sinha, products and Projects, Bibhash Bhattacharya, Vice President, Technology, CRM, and Sales

Core Values

Driven with the values at the core of Ranktech Solutions, the leader ensures each team member personifies honesty in management, financial integrity, transparency in sales and with clientele through sincere discussions to recognize the challenges and provide solutions. Building their online platforms through the official website and official social media handles on Instagram, Linked In, etc., along with visibility through business vertical magazines and word of mouth by existing clients, Ranktech is keeping up with the technology as a relevant platform.

Words of Wisdom

“If I were to offer advice to aspiring leaders, I would say that they should focus on four key points. they should build a supportive community. as a leader, they should always be ready to pivot. in entrepreneurship, don’t be afraid to take risks. and speak up for what you want,” the leader at the helm shared with The CEO Magazine.

Anil P Kastuar
Anil P Kastuar
Anil P Kastuar

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