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Anupama R.

India today is looking at an Artificial Intelligence scenario that is ready to set fire to its capabilities competing fiercely with the other leaders around the world.

The plans have been comprehensively charging up to boost the development of AI infrastructure and technologies in the forthcoming years. The deployment of artificial intelligence will spread in several territories of the third-largest economy in Asia. From terrorism to crop management, everything will be empowered including education, public utilities, healthcare, agriculture and more.

The efforts are being made constantly by the change-makers by collecting and distributing data that is relevant to people, systems, and organizations without privacy and ethics being compromised. And one such vision is NutCrackLab Technologies LLP, in the hegemony of the director of the company; Anupama R. aims to infuse the power of AI into everyday applications.

Headquartered at Kochi, Kerala, this seven-month-old tech start-up specializes in developing mobile and web applications for SME's, individuals, start-ups as well as multinational enterprises.


Anupama R., Director of NutCrackLab Technologies LLP has a Bachelor in Engineering – Computer Science & Engineering. She has worked with Microsoft, India and was a Semi-finalist at Richard Branson's National Apprentice Challenge, UK. She also holds a Masters in Management from the UK.


NutCrackLab develops mobile and web applications for SME's – start-ups, small business owners, creative individuals and e-commerce businesses. For their larger enterprise clients, they are presently experimenting with Digital Twin Technology and Augmented Reality (AR), and are also working on a focused portfolio of AI-powered projects.

Anupama further adds, "Human Resources and shoestring budgets. Our key projects are from multi-national companies with world-class standards and expect short project delivery times. Getting talented developers for a budget that fits our pockets was a challenge. We later decided to upgrade our technical skills within our team."

As a founder, another challenge for Anupama was to be aware of multiple technologies and their advantages and limitations. Having a strong knowledge in different development frameworks coupled with the ability to scale up one's learning skills in new technologies, are very essential traits that help with efficiently directing the team. Time is very crucial for every project.


Being a tech firm, they have a wider audience. However, to pinpoint, the biggest chunk of the audience belongs to the SME category. The team provides technologically feasible solutions to help their clients grow their businesses. This includes well-thought-out customer engagement strategies, User Interface and Experience (UI/UX) designs, workable monetization strategies, aggressive digital marketing techniques, and Search Engine Optimizations (SEO).

At NutCrackLab, they believe that the ability to select and use the best frameworks suitable for a project is an important factor. This helps in keeping the application light, easy to use and scalable at the same time. For a tech start-up, ideas are significant for a good all-round portfolio. And the practicality of ideas depends on a strong team and controlled quality.

"Maintaining quality control within the expected time to completion of the project is necessary to ensure that the finished product is visually pleasing and has a great user interface and experience design" asserts Anupama. 


AI is a field of computer science. Huge amounts of data are processed by a system with the help of self-learning algorithms to give a result that matches the need. You are trying to make a machine learn how to process information (mimic human intelligence) and learn how to carry out a specific task by itself. Since the beginning of the internet age, more and more data has come into existence. R&D has taken the power of AI a step further, especially in the fields of Medical research, Defence, Space Research and Exploration, and the Business sector.

"With more than half the world using the internet, online businesses are steadily growing. Our society is becoming more dependent on the internet for daily activities. This means increased mapping of a wide range of products, services, trading facilities, demand forecasts and logistics to an ever-increasing customer base. This, in turn, leads to an exponential growth in demand for intelligent systems that can help in making profitable data-driven decisions" stresses Anupama.


AI predominantly functions with neural networks, just like our brain. Each node has a small bit of function that processes the input data and gives out a result (an output). Similar outputs are clubbed together (through the algorithm), thus, narrowing down the outputs to one final result, which is displayed to the user.  For simpler tasks, AI could use other machine learning algorithms like decision trees for example.

AI is everywhere around us. Without us realizing it, we already use AI in our daily lives. Facebook uses machine learning (ML) to give "Add Friend" suggestions and recognize friends in photos (photo tags). Google uses AI in its image search services. Google's speech recognition and translation services use Natural Language Processing (NLP) methods. Apple-Siri, Amazon-Alexa and Microsoft-Cortana are all powered by AI.

Anupama emphasizes, "It's not surprising if you haven't realized that captions on YouTube videos are the results of an extremely capable AI. Every time you shop at Amazon, a learning algorithm recommends products to you. Some other classic examples of AI are Spam filters, Chatbots, self-driving cars and autonomous systems, online games, online behaviour detection systems and more."  

Owing to the advancements made in Deep Learning, 2019 is all about optimizing algorithms to enable a smoother, more natural experience while interacting with an AI agent.


AI is headed towards rapid and phenomenal growth in the coming years. And for NutCrackLab Technologies, this means preparing and updating with the latest frameworks and libraries.

"It has been about six months since we started our journey with NutCrackLab. Our biggest achievements are in getting opportunities to carry out projects for leading organizations in Defence and Infrastructure, Construction & Retail sectors. With a few more projects in the pipeline, this makes us confident about our learning and application of technology in our activities" appends Anupama.

AI is bigger than the internet and can become the internet in the coming years. It is powerful. And becauseof its potential, it requires the best of algorithms, systems, libraries, and improvised hardware for increased processing power. For one to start in AI, a strong base in Computer Science and a grasp of different AI algorithms is a must.

The focus should be on solving problems faced by real people in day to day lives. Unlike the horizontal products that big tech companies develop for a wider audience; an AI start-up can focus on a single vertical product that addresses a specific problem and keep improving it to eventually become the best in its niche.

Anupama wraps by advising the young enthusiasts, "Your product has to be technically feasible and commercially useful and there should be a market out there that's willing to pay for it. Otherwise, you could get trapped in a whirlwind of research and fine-tuning process which could drain your resources quickly."

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