Grptalk:- A product of SMSCountry 

Grptalk:- A product of SMSCountry 

Grptalk:- A product of SMSCountry 

IE20 winner grptalk takes SMSCountry to a dominant position in the global Unified Communications space 

With technology and innovation evolving at breakneck speed, the Indian business landscape has also witnessed rapid transformation over the last few years. Simultaneously, the concept of Unified Communications has gained popularity as more organizations seek efficient communication solutions. 

Unified Communications as a service (UCaaS) has become integral to organizations. The UCaaS delivery model provides organizations with various telecom or communications software applications and services, via the global IP network. Many businesses have begun to deploy UCaaS to streamline communication and improve business processes, which ultimately helps generate more revenue.

SMSCountry Networks began as a CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) provider, and has since adopted the UCaaS model also. It has emerged as a dominant player in the global  Unified Communications space, with its unique audio conferencing product grptalk. 

grptalk is a revolutionary audio-conferencing app, which allows multiple users (3-500 members) to communicate via a simple outbound phone call. It has created a new wave in the audio conferencing segment by simplifying calling practices. SMSCountry participated in the prestigious India Emerging Twenty (IE20) contest in January 2017. From an initial 500 applicants, 20 companies were identified as the top emerging companies in India.  SMSCountry was named one of the top 20 emerging companies, and the team were invited to present grptalk during the London Tech Week before senior industry experts and global entrepreneurs.

Incorporated in 2003, SMSCountry's services are focused on serving the SME sector. Headquartered in Hyderabad, the company operates from its offices in Bengaluru and New Delhi in India. SMSCountry has a footprint in all the states listed in the Gulf Cooperation Council: with a commanding presence in Dubai (UAE), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Manama (Bahrain) and Muscat (Oman). The company also has offices in Hong Kong (Hong Kong) and Wyoming (USA).

In conversation with The CEO magazine, SatyaKalyan Yerramsetti – Founder & CEO of SMSCountry shares, "SMSCountry's platform lets developers integrate real-time communications features (voice, chat, and messaging) in their native applications, without the need for backend infrastructure and interfaces. SMSCountry also provides text SMS services and voice SMS services to help organizations communicate effectively.."

Mr. Satya adds "While interacting with a customer, we realized the dire need for cost-effective and productive audio conference calling, and visualized a product that ensures efficiency in a demanding business environment. grptalk was designed after studying customer needs first, and building a product to fulfill such requirements. Now, by integrating UCaaS products like grptalk to their existing services, SMSCountry hopes to offer SMEs the whole gamut of products/services to effectively communicate with customers and employees."

SMSCountry is dedicated to its core target audience- Small & Medium enterprises and it aims to create products that appeal to this segment, both from a design and cost perspective. SMSCountry's products can be integrated with customer applications and don't require any backend infrastructure and interface support.

In its long journey of close to 14 years, the company has served more than ten lakh users individually and has been entrusted by more than twenty thousand enterprises for its innovative products  and services.

How grptalk helps?

Telecom industry surveys estimate that the average time wasted on conference calls annually amounts to a productivity loss of $5.5 billion every year. Not to mention more than 75% of conferencing participants complain about call drops, echoes, and poor sound quality on conference calls. Moreover, setting up dedicated hardware and conferencing equipment adds to the burden with additional costs and time.

grptalk is a cloud-based, voice conferencing app with a distinctive solution design, making it different from traditional audio conferencing providers. grptalk reverses traditional conferencing practices and caters to SMBs needs, simplifying mobile conferencing and enabling cost effective multiple conferences across regions, which is not supported by current service providers. 

Let's take a look at what grptalk has to offer:

  • Mobile App – grptalk is a mobile application, which means that users do not need to invest in expensive hardware and more importantly, a group call can be initiated from anywhere, anytime.
  • Supports large conferences – 3-500+ members can join one grptalk call, which ensures efficient and timely communication among participants.
  • Pay–As-You-Use Model – The simple pay-as-you-use model gives users the flexibility to select plans based on the number of participants and minutes they are likely to consume.
  • Easy To Use –  grptalk is designed to make conferencing work in 3 easy steps, eliminating the need to purchase complicated equipment or understanding complex processes.
  • No PINs – Dial-Out – This capability reverses current dial-in practices of every member dialing a bridge line number, and entering PINs to get on a conference. No PINs means reduced joining times and improved on-call security.
  • Superior Call Quality – Working on dedicated PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) lines, grptalk offers clear call quality, and lowers the chances of call drops, echoes, and background disturbances.
  • No Internet/App Needed – Unlike the host, participants don't need the app or internet to receive calls via grptalk. This makes it ideal for countries like India, where internet bandwidth can be an issue.
  • Web & App Sync – grptalk web, accessible through a QR code, makes it easy to manage calls from a computer, lets the host access detailed call reports, and supports advanced features.
  • Complete Call Control – The host can quickly identify active members, add new members, mute members, allow members to hand-raise and even re-dial them.
  • Advanced Call Analytics – The app generates multiple call reports for the host, providing an overview of member participation, cost, and other analytics.
  • Open Bridge line – The host can open a bridge line for members half an hour before the audio conference, allowing selective members to converse before the call begins. 

Climbing the success ladder

Within a few months of embarking on a journey to transform audio conferencing in the global Unified Communications space, grptalk has managed to take giant leaps towards its goal. grptalk has found uses within the government of Andhra Pradesh. Currently, AP Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu has hosted nearly 26,000 conferences on grptalk with his cabinet ministers. And, with one lakh members on grptalk calls, the AP Government has spent nearly 4 million hours on grptalk audio conferences.

A local bank called APGB (Andhra Pragathi Grameena Bank) relied on grptalk to instantly alert  thirteen of its branches about account hacking threats during a ransomware attack on their accounts. Today, APGB regularly uses grptalk to deliver timely information and critical updates to all its branches.

The Maverick behind SMSCountry Networks

Satya Kalyan Yerramsetti – Founder & Chief Executive Officer, SMS Country Networks

Satya is a serial entrepreneur, a visionary who has successfully launched multiple technologies and Internet companies. A Master in Business Administration from the University of Western Sydney, Satya realized his entrepreneurial passion for web-based businesses and launched two of them in a row. Remarkably, each business became a pioneering concept that became extremely popular- the first one, A2Zexams, is a 'one of a kind' online examination portal, and the other business – is a leading healthcare portal.

His brainchild, SMSCountry is hailed as a global leader in the Application 2 Mobile – Short Messaging Service (SMS) domain, delivering SMS to about 550 networks in over 200+ countries. Satya pioneered the concept of free SMS in India by founding, an innovative service that has 12 million registered users and sends 1.2 billion messages per month. Having acquired a deep understanding of the Gulf market, he also ventured into other domains, developing other solutions like Q Tickets – a Qatar-based ticketing platform, and Wanasa Time – a ticketing platform based in Bahrain. Satya is also a member of Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO), a global non-profit organization, whose stated mission is to "Engage leading entrepreneurs to learn and grow."

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