C Com Digital: The Indian Pioneers of Revolutionizing Technology of “Artificial Intelligence”

C Com Digital: The Indian Pioneers of Revolutionizing Technology of “Artificial Intelligence”

C Com Digital: The Indian Pioneers of Revolutionizing Technology of "Artificial Intelligence"

In the current scenario, besides the increasing budgets for "Digital Marketing and Promotions", the companies are still not able to find the common ground to settle when it comes to ensuring a higher rate of return from Digital Marketing. C Com Digital is India's first Digital Marketing Agency with a proprietary AI-powered platform. A digital marketing company established in 1999 is the brainchild of Chandan Bagwe. What makes C Com Digital a correct choice from its competitors is AI.

"We feel AI is the factor that will distinguish good digital marketing from the mundane."- Chandan Bagwe, MD, C Com Digital

The Visionary and his Creation

Chandan Bagwe has been a true guiding light leading the company to its renowned position as the country's leading agency in the digital space. Artificial Intelligence is the core of the company. The visionary has completed his engineering degree in United States pursued by Masters in computer science. With trendiest Smart technology currently, Artificial Intelligence, C Com Digital has created groundbreaking platform ThinkBots. The platform holds the power to comprehensively support digital marketing campaign in India with its 6 key modules: Market Insights, Customer Engagement, Voice Search, Data Analytics, Predictive Analysis, and Hyper local Advertising.

The Challenging Initiation              

"Our biggest challenge was breaking away from the clutter since digital agencies began mushrooming in 2007," Chandan Bhagwe stated

In a period where Google and Facebook were taking over with digital advertising, C Com Digital got a breakthrough with strong roots in technology along with marketing. With the rapidly evolving market trends, the company continued to provide technology-led solutions. With technology, the company was able to survive while the traditional marketing companies were figuring out how to market using digital mediums. Today, the company has the actionable AI-powered platform because of its constant belief and focus on building proprietary technology despite various chances of getting acquired by the market leaders.

C Com Digital: All Digital marketing Solutions under One Roof

From generating unique and relevant Digital Content including videos, blogs, EDMs to support the AI-based digital marketing campaigns along with Digital Advertising to Building Digital Assets including websites, mobile apps, and e-commerce store, C Com Digital lives up to its reputation of leading digital marketing agency. The company supports brands with media outreach, influencer marketing, brand reputation management with its expertise in Digital PR and Events along with Creative and Digital Branding with Corporate Collaterals, Digital Positioning and Branding.


With its core focus on leading brands and organizations belonging to various industries and even start-ups, the company caters both B2B as well as B2C based clients. The company has been serving organizations from various industries such as Auto Manufacturing, Finance & Banking, Engineering, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Media, Publishing, Fashion, Lifestyle, Luxury, Retail, and FMCG.

The team at C Com Digital offers its clientele of leading media organizations and corporate giants including Times Now, Zoom, Edelweiss, Southern Health Foods Pvt. Ltd. (manna), Tata Interactive Systems, Tata ClassEdge, Blue Cross Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., Anunta Technology Management Services Pvt. Ltd., Asian Heart Institute and various others with expert IT solutions, all under one roof.

AI: The Key Factor to Growth

 "Briefly explained, Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems including learning and self-correction." Chandan Bagwe, MD, C Com Digital

 The past couple of years have been great for AI as people have realized its potential to rapidly process along with computational power a huge amount of data from different platforms including social media, search, and internet yielding big investments by big players including GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon)." – Chandan Bhagwe shared his views on AI.

 "AI is our DNA, We build brands with AI. I created C Com Digital aiming towards a combination of technology and AI with my background Computer Science with specialization in AI from California State University. There have been several contemporaries that appeared but the company ceased to exist due to its true AI involvement supported by digital influencer marketing" he further added.

The digital world is extensive with an unlimited amount of data that AI has helped us to analyze better. It has explicitly unravelled a vast amount of digital customer behaviour insights by analyzing the digital footprint of various individuals. The company assists various organizations with its expert digital marketing solutions including Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Digital Advertising, UI-UX Personalization, Chabot and Predictive Analysis.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence and C Com Digital

AI is going to become all-pervasive and play a crucial role in brand engagement with the recent evolution of technology including IoT, Big Data and advancements in Data Analytics. The technology is exceedingly enhancing the human experience and rapidly being evolved in various realms including research analysis, designs, consumer mapping, social media marketing, etc.

Chandan shared his views on AI in his organization," We believe that our AI-based platform holds the potential to become the next big thing in the digital marketing space with its exceptional real-time insights of campaign and customer. The application is capable of the mapping customer journey on various platforms and suggesting them a future course of action based on sensed sentiments. With reduced market time, increased ROI and conversion, the platform offers great revenue to the company."

Milestones and Achievements

The company has grown by 200% since its establishment with a strong team of leading online influencers and advertising partners. The brand has expanded in the metropolitan cities of Chennai and Bangalore as well as Hyderabad while also servicing overseas clients in Dubai and Singapore and USA. Besides the exceptional growth and expansion, the company has also been facilitated by various facilitations including Agency of the Year 2019 (Gold) – Content marketing at Indian Agency Awards.

The milestones for the company have been its successful campaigns including the award-winning campaign for Times Now – NRI of the Year resulting in doubling the growing participation with the audience from across 15+ countries. The company showcased its expertise in digital mediums with a successful campaign "Happy Heart India" for "Asian Heart Institute", supported Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar to save lives of 200 underprivileged children suffering from chronic heart ailments.

Words of Wisdom

 "The aim should be on sustenance rather than biting more than one can chew. Hence, the fundamentals must be in sync with the thoughts and actions before critically architecting further expansion. There are four essential qualities that every successful entrepreneur should have including belief, focus, planning, and action. All four are equally important and require maximum sincerity." Chandan Bagwe shared his advice for new entrants in AI Industry.

To Reach Us Call Now: 011-4121-9292 or email: onlinead@theceo.in

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