Phulera Dooj 2024- A Festival Celebrating Love And Affection

The date of the Phulera Duj celebration of 2024 is 12 march
Phulera Dooj

Phulera Dooj

Phulera Dooj commemorates the veneration of Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha. It is believed that on this day, Krishna appears as a symbol of love. The festival is predominantly celebrated in the regions of Braj, Mathura, and Vrindavan of Uttar Pradesh.

The term Phulera means "blossom" or "flowering", while Dooj refers to the "second day". It is said that Lord Krishna delights in playing with flowers; hence, on this day, the temples and the idols of Shri Krishna are adorned with exquisite floral decorations.

When is Phulera Dooj celebrated?

Phulera Dooj will be celebrated on 12 March 2024, Tuesday. This festival is celebrated every year on the Dwitiya (second date) of Shukla Paksha of Phalgun month (February-March).

Phulera Dooj usually falls between the festival of Vasant Panchami and the colorful festival of Holi. Consequently, any rituals and customs of Phulera Dooj bear connections to the festival of Holi. 

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Why is Phulera Dooj celebrated?

According to Hindu mythology, the celebration of Phulera Dooj is associated with the divine tale of love between Radha and Krishna. It states that Lord Krishna loved to play with colors in the village of Vrindavan with his beloved Radha and the gopis (milkmaid).

After the end of Holi, Radha and Krishna reunited on the second day of the lunar fortnight, known as Phulera Dooj. They exchange flowers, and gifts and express their love for each other. Hence, it is believed that this exchange of flowers between Radha Krishna bestowed upon the festival its name, Phulera Dooj.

How is Phulera Dooj celebrated?

On this day, devotees worship Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha by offering Abir and Gulal (colored powders), Akshat (rice), flowers, and Dhruva. They are also offered home-cooked delicacies called bhog.

The temples of Lord Krishna, notably the revered Shri Banke Bihari Temple, are decorated with colorful floral decorations as well, and the idol of Shri Krishna is also decorated with new and colorful clothes.

People also embellish their homes with intricate Rangoli designs by using flowers. Various events unfold on Phulera Dooj, including singing and bhajans in praise of the Shri Krishna. Meanwhile, the priests sprinkle gulal upon the devotees.


Phulera Dooj is observed on the second day of Shukla Paksha of Phalgun month, mostly in North India. The name is derived from the Hindi word ‘Phool’, which means "flower".

Hence, on Phulera Dooj, people play with flowers, symbolizing their hope that the vibrant colors of flowers will fill their lives with happiness. This auspicious festival entails specific rituals performed at the Lord Krishna temples of Vrindavan and Mathura.

This festival marks the day of love and bonding and is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy.

This is all about Phulera Dooj. Wishing you a happy Phulera Dooj. May your life be filled with colors of love, happiness, and friendship. If you have any queries or thoughts, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We appreciate our reader's valuable comments. 

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