‘What School Doesn’t Teach You’, Key Skills for The Real World From Author Nihit Mohan’s Lens

‘What School Doesn’t Teach You’, Key Skills for The Real World From Author Nihit Mohan’s Lens

“The good thing about school friends, even after 10-15 years is that you begin where you left off.”

– Nihit Mohan

Any writer, rather content creator or artist would agree that the most relatable content is eventually the most successful ones. From cinema to books, the audience today is on the search for not the most glamourous and sugar-coated aspects of life, rather they are craving for art that is raw and relatable. As adults, we relate to adult problems and search for answers to meet these problems.

Unfortunately, our school timetable does not include key skills to navigate adult life making a dire for direction and guidance. This is where our man of the hour, Nihit Mohan comes into the picture with his book, What School Doesn’t Teach You: Inferential Lessons To Achieve Your Dreams.

His recent literary work What School Doesn’t Teach Us: Inferential Lessons To Achieve Your Dreams ideated during one of his work interactions where his colleagues were discussing various experiences and how they have influenced them in their personal and professional lives.

Who is Nihit Mohan?

Born and brought up in culturally diverse India and currently residing in Singapore, Nihit Mohan is a full-time banking risk professional, dedicated father and a published author. And insight into childhood tells us that he studied in seven schools spread across multiple cities and cultures.

He is an engineer by education and has made a successful career in the financial services industry. He hails from a family of engineers, bureaucrats and academicians. While growing up, Nihit had exposure to exceptional thinkers, teachers, friends, and colleagues who have guided and mentored him.

What School Doesn’t Teach You, an Answer to Many Questions

What should I do? Who am I? What is my purpose in this mortal realm?

While living in a constantly changing world surrounded by our jobs, families and relationships, these profound questions of humankind require deep thought and introspection. Effectively, this book provides around ten great ways to manage the entropy of the world, while in pursuit of happiness and purpose.

Nihit says, “This book contains conversations, anecdotes and experiences from my mentors and gurus, who have helped me in multiple facets of my life for weathering the worldly vicissitudes. Without their nurturing thoughts, it would have been unbearable and led to performance and confidence issues. This book encompasses inferential learning based on personal experiences and multiple interactions with my mentors, gurus, friends, family and colleagues.”

His honest attempt to talk about various aspects and traits needed to live a purposeful life, this book is recently launched on the Storyclub platform. From industrialist stalwarts to people with army backgrounds amongst many others, Nihit has received encouragement along with written testimonials for his manuscript, which indeed speaks for itself.

Amidst its continuing popularity among the corporate and young audience, its relevance roots from the Nihit’s experiences of meeting and interacting with hundreds of different people across all stages of life with a learning attitude that has led them to reach where he is today.

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The Journey to Writing

A teenage Nihit reading the Book “Built to Last” eventually became the person who wrote an incredible book in his own right today. The seed sowed in his childhood became a sapling with his online blog and fruited with his book. Viciously writing about finance in his blogs, Nihit didn’t expect to write a book when he started penning down his thoughts about the subject.

“Everyone has a purpose to fulfil, be it in our personal or professional lives, but amidst the chaos to meet the reality, we forget to put things in perspective. Hence, learning and managing things around us lead us to ensure we use our energy and time purposefully. The book guides you to keep you spiritually active and always in pursuit of purpose. That’s the crust of the book,” Nihit added.

“My book helps you to keep you on the path by telling you answers to questions like, “How to manage time”, “How to manage stress?”, “How to solve problems?” I do not believe that we teach our kids the structured way to solve our internal problems and we let them solve it themselves and blame them that they are not focused.” Nihit added.

Nihit has discussed relevant topics like these in his book in detail along with many problems that we face as we transition from a child to an adult without the proper skills. In an exclusive conversation with Purnima Narang, Editor at The CEO Magazine, Nihit talked about the unique title & sub-title of his book, taking the bold step of writing a self-help book, his definition of success, and various other topics from his lens. Have a look at the video above.

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