From Rags to Riches Stories: How These Millionaires Friends Formulated SRAM & MRAM Group

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A few friends started one of the largest international conglomerates in the world.

In 1995, the SRAM & MRAM Group came into existence, shaped by the visionary leadership of its Chairman, Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani. Driven by his multifaceted expertise as a forex expert, risk manager, financial mentor, start-up investor, incubator, and philanthropist, the foundation of the group was laid.

The journey from rags to riches for this group of friends began with a shared vision of creating additional streams of income to support their families.

Among them, Dr. Sailesh Hiranandani, now a prominent magnate, played a pivotal role alongside his companions like Ashish Pandit, who served as the group's indispensable advisor.

Vikrant, recognized for his dynamic and adaptable trading skills, was the embodiment of determination and ambition.

Together with a few others, they embarked on their humble beginnings over four decades ago, engaging in the trading of small-scale agricultural and metal commodities.

Their initial steps saw them operating as traders, securing modest yet meaningful commissions. However, their aspirations extended beyond local boundaries, prompting a bold move to expand their horizons.

The group made the strategic decision to venture overseas, establishing trading operations in countries like Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam. This marked a significant turning point in their journey, propelling them towards greater success on the global stage.

The SRAM & MRAM Group's growth was marked by an influx of remarkable individuals, each contributing their unique talents to the organization's success story.

Among them, Mr. Mahendra Joshi, an enterprising entrepreneur who traded in granites across the globe, joined the ranks. Ms. Renuka Pullat, a skilled brand builder and marketing expert, played a pivotal role in nurturing SRAM's business in Europe and America.

Natesh Sharma brought his expertise to the table, propelling the development of the Middle East business.

Further afield, Ms. Sokha lent her insights to SRAM's endeavours in Cambodia and Thailand. Ms. Hemalatha Arumugam, a force to be reckoned with, channelled her unparalleled zeal into building SRAM's PPE and healthcare segment.

Hitanshu Heera, a business luminary, forged an alliance with SRAM to fortify its core commodities business.

In the domain of healthcare products, Sanjeev Chaudhary and Vishal Ahuja emerged as both traders and experts, contributing significantly to the company's progress.

Mr. Chaittnya Aggarwal, a distinguished businessman, demonstrated excellence that set him apart. The team of Mohammad Khalid Iqbal and Ruma Chatterjee took on the role of talent scouts, ushering in new dimensions of expertise.

In the realm of financial acumen, Manoranjan Mohanty's brilliance led the company into the era of cutting-edge business accounting practices. Raghav Kapur introduced innovative technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrencies, reshaping SRAM's approach to the industry.

Ashutosh Singh and Gagan Verma, masters of PR strategy, brought their genius to elevate SRAM's branding and advertising pursuits.

Amidst this constellation of talent, one figure stood out as the guiding light: Gurujee Kumaran Swami. Friend, philosopher, guide, and spiritual guru, his wisdom infused the organization with a sense of purpose beyond the material realm.

Together, these individuals formed the backbone of SRAM & MRAM Group's journey, adding their distinct threads to weave a tapestry of excellence.

Their collective efforts propelled the group's ascent, transforming it into a force to be reckoned with across industries and geographies.

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Expanding its horizons further, SRAM is venturing into the semiconductor sector in Odisha, India. Notably, every individual mentioned has played a role, whether direct or indirect, in SRAM's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and the establishment of Pancham Dham in Cambodia.

Throughout this dynamic growth journey, Dr. Hiranandani himself underwent a significant evolution. Transitioning from a focus on commodities trading, he diversified his investments into mining ventures in Zambia and Indonesia.

He navigated the challenges of the world's most volatile forex markets by strategically hedging risks. With an eye for innovation, he invested in new-age technologies that were shaping industries.

As the final years of the millennium unfolded, SRAM's transformation became evident. It was no longer confined to its initial trading roots. Instead, it evolved into a powerhouse of Information Technology and alternative technologies. This metamorphosis was the culmination of diverse efforts, strategic investments, and the collective wisdom of the group.

The journey was not solely about business expansion; it was a testament to SRAM's commitment to making a positive impact on the world. The involvement of these individuals in CSR initiatives and the creation of Pancham Dham in Cambodia showcases SRAM's dedication to giving back to communities and leaving a lasting legacy of benevolence.

The story of SRAM's growth under Dr. Hiranandani's guidance is a tale of adaptability, innovation, risk management, and a steadfast commitment to progress.

The organization's evolution from commodities trading to a multifaceted technological force reflects its ability to seize opportunities and shape industries in an ever-changing landscape.

Throughout his illustrious career, one unwavering trait defined the teams he led: an innate capacity to embrace change. Fearlessly, they confronted shifting market dynamics, leveraging every alteration as an opportunity for growth. This adaptability remained a constant thread, driving their journey of evolution.

Diversification became their forte. With resolute spirit, they ventured into a multitude of domains, each one representing a new avenue for innovation.

Debt Syndication, PE Funds Management, and angel investing at both 1st and 2nd levels became their playground. Incubation and venture funding found a place in their portfolio, nurturing embryonic ideas into impactful realities.

A strategic alliance with CELLAAX propelled them into the promising field of stem cell research. Semiconductor design and development, renewable energy solutions, including pioneering research in solar PV cells, stood as testament to their commitment to sustainable progress.

The spectrum of their endeavours expanded further, encompassing the realms of Information Technology and Bio-Technology. These domains were not merely conquered; they were imbued with SRAM's unique brand of innovation and dedication.

Presently, Dr. Hiranandani's personal wealth is a mosaic of global properties. From London to Indonesia, Cambodia to Switzerland, and notably, India, where SRAM is shaping the skyline with a tower that will grace Lower Parel, soaring to a staggering 106 floors.

Amidst these tangible assets, his investment endeavours shine brightly. Futuristic technology reigns supreme in his strategy, with energy harvesting technologies, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence forming the pillars of his investment vision.

Dr. Hiranandani's journey epitomizes the fusion of visionary leadership and a steadfast team. Through unwavering adaptability and an insatiable appetite for change, they transformed challenges into stepping stones.

The landscape they've painted reflects their pioneering spirit, a testament to their indomitable will to craft a future that's as innovative as it is impactful.

In addition to his diverse accomplishments, Dr. Hiranandani also found the time to contribute to academia. He penned several papers and earned a Ph.D. in Financial Management, a testament to his commitment to intellectual growth.

A visionary leader, his foundation in Financial and Risk Management was unshakable, bolstered by extensive experience in Hedge Funds and Forex management.

Supported by a capable team of associates in Information Technology and Forex, he embarked on a journey that has today, after two decades, blossomed into a global conglomerate.

This conglomerate stands tall with 8 international alliances, 10 companies operating across 5 continents, and a presence spanning over 35 locations worldwide.

Dr. Hiranandani's remarkable trajectory underscores his ability to seamlessly merge academic pursuit with real-world success.

His far-sightedness, coupled with a solid foundation in finance and risk management, allowed him to navigate the complexities of global business.

With a team of like-minded individuals and a strong focus on technological and financial expertise, he built an empire that stands as a testament to his strategic acumen and relentless pursuit of excellence.

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