CODEM CONSULTANCY SERVICES: Representing Next Wave of Innovation in Mixed Reality and Artificial Intelligence

CODEM CONSULTANCY SERVICES: Representing Next Wave of Innovation in Mixed Reality and Artificial Intelligence

CODEM CONSULTANCY SERVICES: Representing Next Wave of Innovation in Mixed Reality and Artificial Intelligence

CODEM CONSULTANCYSERVICES is a global IT service provider demonstrating innovation and integration combined with energy, enthusiasm and the courage to lead. Making a foray into the service domain in 2013, Codemhas grown from a three-memberstart-up to a forty plus employee firm without a penny taken in investment. Codem is completely bootstrapped. It has set a history in providing operational excellence by setting the client service standard while ensuring that client relationships are expertly managed and solutions are delivered in a timely manner.

With experiences spanning over three decades in the IT service, consulting and outsourcing business, Codem provides clients with a dedicated workforce proficient in technologies such as cloud-based engineering, agile delivery and many more. Codem specializes in Augmented Reality &Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence; it also specializes in IoT, Blockchain consulting, AI, Mobile Apps, Azure Machine Learning, Agile, Emotion API, Deep Learning, Chatbots, web apps, mobile apps, ERP, HRMS, CRM and LUIS. The clients of Codem are privileged enough to get access to disruptive tools and technologies including the latest advances in container management, software-defined applications, and infrastructure in addition to several others.

Based in Chennai, Codem alwayslooks to provide unique solutions tailored to address complex business challenges and create value through sustainable innovation. As pragmatic consultants, with an eye on execution, Codem helps its clients achieve market-leading performance roadmaps by combining creative thinking, technology expertise, and global reach. The firmalso enables clients across the globe to create and execute strategies that combine technology solutions along with industry specialization to transform the experience of the customer.

The driving force behind CODEM

The ceaseless quest of Arvind Vimal David, the Director of CODEM CONSULTANCY SERVICES, compelled him to create a company which did not fall under the repetitive old vision as well as the mission, rather had a unique and fascinating approach for clients to work within the IT services and consulting industry. In lieu of a market saturated by mediocrity, Arvind aspires to create integrated products to serve the latest demands of the clients. Arvind was very much apathetic about his previous corporate gig in Singapore which eventually propelled him to establish a firm of his own. Presently, Codem has global footprint spanning across Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, and UAE.

Market Differentiator: Codem's Technology Solutions

A new generation offering that leverages Codem is its Application Maintenance and Support tool. It is a knowledge-based Artificial Intelligence platform that brings machine learning together with the deep knowledge of an organization to drive innovation as well as automation. This solution enables clients' business to continuously reinvent system landscapes and achieve IT goals that align with business needs.

Codem helps business accelerate time-to-market through open source, automation, IPs, and third-party tools by reducing time spent across all stages of the Application DevelopmentLifecycle. By leveraging the Codem global agile methodology, enterprises benefit from shortened development lifecycles and faster project completion. In addition to this, the Codem Development team provides continuous support throughout the project with continuous enhancements and milestone measurement, thereby, improving business performance.

Using the cutting-edge technology and the best practices, Codem's expertise in Website Development and Digital Strategy create custom sites to increase user engagement. Its digital marketing strategy is built on the foundation of driving measurable results. In case of online marketing, Codem follows an Omni-channel approach with a focus on increasing conversions and repeat traffic, generating greater brand loyalty online.

In the decent decade, new and innovative mobile devices are being produced on a regular basis by companies trying to make the options surrounding app development much more extensive. What Codem does is help its clients to determine the apt operating system for their brand and build an app to match their expectations. Currently, Codem Consultancy works with the iOS and Android operating system. Be it Android or iOS, Codem can successfully develop a mobile app that best serves the customers and any growing brand. The developers of Codem keep evaluating the needs of the businesses as well as those of their customers.

Efficacious Approach of CODEM 

Business is being transformed by globalization, virtualization, and a new generation of millennial workers & continual technology innovation. In response to the transformative forces that define the future of work, Codem started helping its clients by reinventing themselves. Digital marketing and word of mouth over email marketing or cold calling havepaved its way for a customer-centric approach. Today, Codem is seen to be helping its customers build stronger, more agile and innovative businesses. The firm offers continuous support during the application development lifecycle to keep its clients stay ahead of the curve.

Keeping pace with the industry trend, Codem has been gaining momentum in delivering a strong commitment to bring together the most proficient team for its clients in terms of knowledge, skill and cultural background. The firm has a diversifying team for an inclusive culture to stimulate innovation and thebest ways of problem-solving. It always pays heed to diverse opinion and perspective of people. This particular mechanism not only helps attract and retain the best people but also helps it receive better answers for the organization and its clients. After all, inclusiveness is about equity and opportunity; it is all about making the diverse work. Codemcelebrates the differences to help competent people taste the ingredients of success irrespective of their background.

Work Environment: Recognizing the cream of the crop!!

The aura of a workplace is meant to impact its team and their work performance. The positive vibes present inside the office of Codem Consultancy Services helps it flourish. The positive scenario helps employees to ignite creativity and new ideas.

The firm has created a flexible environment where people are given the freedom to complete a six days task withina period of three working days and take leave for another three days.This highly flexible working hours' policy facilitates the firm's employees to establish a healthy work-life balance.

Codem has set up an open door policy, knowledge sharing platform and ensures that even the smallest cog in the organization is well oiled. Codem's unique ways of handling its management function motivate the employees to work towards excellence. Such a policy imbues a deep sense of belongingness in the employees and fills them with a sense of responsibility which drives them to yield and perform more than expectations.

Diversified but United as a Team

With the capability to invent, develop, and deliver disruptive innovations for clients, the employees at work take an innovation-led approach to help clients imagine and invent their future. The employees of Codem believe that they are only as strong as their weakest link and, therefore, put all their efforts to strengthen that link. The firm could make it to the success ladder only through the sheer hard work and efficiency of its team alongwith a belief in under promising and over delivering. 

Currently, the company has a fantastic team hired over the last year and is merely in need of an expansion for the next two years. Unless and until someone from the team leaves halfway during any large project falling in their lap, Codem is not intended to hire any new employee. 

Infusing Innovation for an Enduring Outcome 

The beauty of technology is that you can design creative but potential solutions at a cost-effective price and can continuously scale-up.The more the client make out of your products, the more money you make from your relationship with the client. However,Arvind elucidates,"I do not believe in charging the client exorbitantly for one project, rather want to grow with them and build a long-term relationship.In future, I want to see Codem's name reckon with Mixed Reality (MR) and Artificial Intelligence solutions."

With unflinching commitment, Codem has continuously been in the process of innovation. The firm aims to democratize innovation by transforming ideas into tangible products and inculcate the very spirit of innovation among others. That is why Codemkeeps evaluating the performance of its employees through weekly meeting and reviews to ensure the availability of cutting-edge tech to anyone and everyone who seek to embrace technology.  

In all reality, as with any other good company or business, Codem exist to drive money but provide quality products to its clients worth that money. It is one of the few IT service providers in India who deliver quality Mixed Reality (MR) solutions for industries. A meaningful collaboration with a lot of companies has lead Codem to have a great pool of resources that can be effectively utilized. Thus, when the firm says that it can provide end to end solutions to the market, it actually can.  From something as small as a website to a mixed reality industrial grade automation project which implements IoT in it, the firm can easily get it done in-house.  Technical partnership with NVT Phybridge Canada enables Codem to provide power over long reach Ethernet Solutions to partners having hardware requirements. We, therefore, can label Codem as a definite 360 degree IT solutions consultant.

Barriers are nothing but a stepping stone to success!!

A few fake fly by night IT companies plus a few freelancers who paint a beautiful picture in the mind of the clients with a prime motive of driving the cash and barely showing any hope of delivery create a negative image of the overall SME IT business among the clients, paving a way for a wrong pricing mindset as well.Codem overcomes this hardship by continuing to do its regular business while letting its work speak for it.  The firm has enough clients to vouch for its credibility. If any new clientdoubts its efficiency or worries about its credibility then their work shalldefinitely erase all uncertainties and hesitancy in hiring the proficient team of Codem.

Noteworthy Milestones

  • 5 lakh investment to over 2 million USD revenue
  • Three employees to forty plus employees
  • Strategic partners with awesome skill sets

Claps and Reward

  • Start-up of the Year 2017 in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality(VR) category awarded by Silicon India Magazine.

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