Event Management is looked upon as a sunrise industry in the service sector. The past decade of the Indian economy has witnessed an alarming growth in the size of the Event Management Industry. It has flourished by leaps and bounds in the recent past. This progress is the beginning of a new era and has increased the demand of industry professionals. Nurturing the innovators and leaders through professional practice, immersive learning, and amazing business insight, Mark 1 Institute of Entertainment & Event Management is the only institute of South India that is offering specialized event management and entertainment courses.

Established in 2017, MIEEM was initially started with one course on 'Fundamentals of Event Management', but it has expanded to include courses for all elements of the Events and Entertainment Industry such as VJ, DJ, Graphic Design, Photography & Videography, Make-up Artistry, Bartending, Digital Marketing, Light and Sound Engineering and much more. Headquartered in Coimbatore, MIEEM is flourishing under the hegemony of Sudarshan Seshadri – Founder and Managing Director and Akshay Krishna Sudarsan – Chief Operating Officer.


Sudarshan Seshadri

Possessing over a decade of experience as in the Events & Entertainment Industry and over two decades of experience in the corporate world, Sudarshan is a highly experienced and talented entrepreneur. MIEEM is Sudarshan's dream to impart all his knowledge and expertise to aspiring students in the hopes to transform each one of them into successful Event Managers. He is also the Founder President of the Event Management Association of Tamil Nadu (TEMA) and a member of India's Event and Entertainment Management Association (EEMA).

Akshay Krishna Sudarsan

Akshay is the pillar for the overall well-functioning of the company. He administers and oversees all of the technical aspects and develops innovative marketing strategies for the companies' success. A bright and ambitious millennial, he aims to make MIEEM a global brand and a household name someday.

Geetha Raman

The creative mastermind of the Mark 1 Group, Geetha has remarkable expertise in executing events and weddings. She has fulfilled the dreams of several thousands of her wedding customers and has always given her absolute best to make all their wedding dreams come true. 


"We had always aspired to contribute our knowledge as event managers to the upcoming generation. Most people do not even think of event management as a career and we want to educate them on this lucrative and growing 1 lakh crore industry,"   Sudarshan Seshadri asserts.

"We want to make our content accessible to people all across the world, and with online education gaining traction every year, we will be focusing more on the online site and upload all our courses online," he further adds.


Mark 1 Group is different from other institutions because of their strong belief in 'Experience over Education'.

"We provide abundant opportunities for students to work in the field and interact directly with clients, vendors, and form valuable business connections while they are still learning. Gaining such invaluable experiences can help them easily acquire jobs even in this difficult economy, though our main aim is to transform students into full-fledged Event Managers themselves. Students may even join our own Event Management Company – Mark 1 Events & Décor after completing their coursework," Sudarshan proudly shares.


MIEEM was not created to build a revenue stream; it was born out of the founders' passion to pass on their knowledge to aspiring students. Their goal is to transform each student into an Event Management Professional and encourage them to start their own business. MIEEM's greatest success is when their students create their own firm and become an entrepreneur themselves.


The Entertainment and Events industry, once thought to be an unconventional career choice, is now becoming a primary choice for many college graduates. The online education industry is a booming market, and the team intends to capitalize on this growth. Initially focused only on the entertainment and events sector, in the future, they have hopes to include courses for every single aspect from science and tech to yoga and fitness someday.


Students in colleges, recent graduates, and professionals who are looking to make a career transition into the events and entertainment industry are the ones who will have the greatest benefit from the company. They support students thoroughly even after their coursework is completed by providing them with assistance in securing jobs both in India as well as in foreign countries like Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. 


"Building a business doesn't happen overnight. There are going to be hundreds of adversities that will push you to abandon in your entrepreneurial pursuit, and you have to effectively think from hundreds of different angles on how to make decisions that can make your company succeed," asserts Sudarshan.

Akshay further adds, "One thing that we have thoroughly learned is that being solely profit-minded is disastrous for an entrepreneur and that it will never lead to long-term success. Entrepreneurs can achieve true success only when they are passionate about their business, and look at how to make an impact and provide better services to their customers rather than making money off them."


We are proud to share that Mark 1 Institute has been affiliated to EEMA (The Event & Entertainment Management Association) which is India's apex body for the Events & Entertainment Industry. EEMA officials, some of whom are among India's most prominent entrepreneurs will be visiting as Guest Lecturers and offer their guidance to students. This will surely open abundant opportunities for students as they get to meet and interact with some of the most influential individuals in the industry. Developing a good rapport and relationship with them, may also possibly lead to excellent job opportunities for students.


MIEEM is on the verge of acquiring many partnerships with colleges and universities in the upcoming year. Interested students who are studying management related disciplines can take programs here and have a supplementary diploma and/or certification in addition to their primary degree. They provide opportunities for students to plan and organize events themselves, and they learn the various intricacies of event management in terms of planning, coordinating, organizing, etc.


Knowledge is Power – Before starting your own business, work in that industry. Working as an employee or intern first will impart you with the knowledge, work ethics and understanding to succeed in your start-up. You will also pick up a few special tricks and tips from your employer that can be beneficial in your entrepreneurial journey.

Finally, while it is important to be cautious and not be hasty, there will never be a perfect time than now to start your business. It will certainly not be easy to give up on a steady pay-check and instead bet all your savings into creating a business, but it is precisely that faith and resolve that is essential for an entrepreneur. While the beginning may be daunting and confusing, constant persistence will reap you great rewards in time. It is of course very important to assess each step along the way and not take any premature/rash decisions.

Having embarked through a rewarding, albeit difficult journey as event managers, we had always wanted to impart all our knowledge and expertise to aspiring students so that they too can become successful event managers one day. –   Sudarshan Seshadri

Our motto, 'Experience over Education' has always made us prioritize giving students more practical oriented training in the field rather than learning in the classroom. –                                    

Akshay Krishna Sudarsan

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