CAS Modeling: THE Global Design Studio forAutomotive Design, Product & Pakaging Design.

CAS Modeling: THE Global Design Studio forAutomotive Design, Product & Pakaging Design.

A Global Design consulting firm in Automotive design, Product Design , Packaging Design and Proto development service, CASModelingprovideservicesacross Europe, USA, Canada, China & India. CAS Modeling journey began with legendary automotive designer Mr. Henrik Fisker and several other well-known designers. With a combined experience in CAS Mockup, Class A Surfacing, Exterior & Interior Trim and Automotive Lighting solutions,the leading and Emerging Product Design House be its consumer durables  or Utilities , the firm is servingits clients in one roof solution in design using advanced techniques by Connected Technology, IOT Technology and User Centic Approach.The company is currently associated with several OEM's and is one of the preferred service providers for numerous automotive styling studios in India.

With a marketing office in Detroit, USA and a studio in Pune, the company is in an expansion phase at the moment. From a mere three-member team in 2015, the company has evolved to twelve member team in 2018. Also, with a growing demand for its services, the company is growing hundred percent year-on-year since its inception days. Glorifying the company to a whole new level, CAS Modeling is officially coming out with a German brand called CAS Modeling GMBH. In fact, for the first time in the history of Indian automotive studio industry, an Indian brand is foraying into the foreign land and not the other way around.

Headquartered in Pune, CAS Modeling has worked with some of the leading suppliers, lighting companies, and OEM's in the automotive industry. Its clientele boasts of names like Ford, Fisker Automotive, Mahindra & Mahindra, Volvo, VECV, Ashok Leyland, to name a few. The core team has a robust experience in the field and is currently working on various innovative projects, be it a sedan/luxury cars, sports/SUVs, or commercial trucks/buses. The core team's contribution to any development is unique, they have recently ventured into creating hybrid energy vehicles. This is the kind of impact CAS Modeling is adding to space at the moment.

The organization has geared up to change the face of Product Development globally. The enterprise created a steer within the realm by bringing concepts to life through 'Konzept Yours – Model Our's.' The firm offers a plethora of automotive design and modeling services using advances techniques to serve its clients in one roof solution in design. The services include –

CAS Mockup Services – CAS Modeling Showcase your concepts and Ideas into Reality by utilizing CAS Mock-up Services to its valuable clients to make quick and quality mockups. The team of highly skilled designers and modelers builds their forte in making international standard quality mockups.

Class A Surfacing –CAS Modeling helps OEMs to convert design into a Class A Surfacing production model, thereby enhancing the developments on the design leads to the final proto-development.

Exterior & Interior Trim –The core team with its profound expertise in Designing the exterior & interior cockpit module which includes Complete under body and Upper body production parts.

Automotive Lighting Solutions – Lighting systems being the vision of the Vehicle, the experienced engineers at CAS Modeling understands the importance of the detail and provides an end-to-end solution whereby they redefine the headlamp, tail lamp, interior mood lights of the Vehicle and add a tinge of perfection that enhances the overall appearance of the car.

CAS 1800Based on the project requirement of its clients, CAS Modeling outsources its team of experienced Designers to various on-site projects and helps them execute the project in house development.

The leading Automotive Design Studio, CAS Modeling's main focus is on providing conceptual designs to complete Automotive and Product development solution and services. The firm has recently got associated with USA based emerging OEM for its E-Mobility. Based on its previous experiences of working with legendary automotive designers globally, the firm has built in a new strategy using their best practices to bring out the best product. CAS Modeling is all poised to provide innovation and agility to provide value to their customers.

The Man behind CAS Modeling

Ever since a young boy, Yogesh Iyer, Founder of CAS Modeling, loved cars more than anything. The young fanatic followed his passion and blindly listened and believed his inner voice. His love for cars later transformed him to become an automobile engineer. With the ethos of, 'Know your passion. Follow it. Dream it. Love it', his passion towards cars and solution-oriented mindset has persuaded him to create a dynamic platform that seeded to kick-start the Design consulting and solution-based venture. Prior taking the entrepreneurial plunge, Yogesh has worked with several OEMs like Mahindra & Mahindra & few other big corporate firms and has more than thirteen years of experience in corporate relationship, business development, project management and team management. More than anything, he has a very good understanding of design flow and quality standards of Automobiles and Manufacturing.

Embracing Technology for a Better Tomorrow 

After several emerging start-ups and established OEMs that are already available in the market, there still exists a gap for the adoption of an electric vehicle in India from traditional IC engine. The firm, therefore, extended its solution and technology trying to resolve the gap while staying one step ahead with its all-new next-generation smart E-Scooter development.

CAS Modeling is at an initial stage of development and chassis of the all-new NEXT Generation Smart Electric Scooter rolled out at Magnetic Maharashtra Convergence 2018 Exhibition inaugurated by our Honourable PM-Narendra Modi. Its Product NamedAponi. vehicleis expected with special features such as magnetic brake, LED light, tubeless tire, integrated touch panels and IoT technology integration and is expected to fly with a speed of 80 km/hr.

Marching Forward to Establish Global Footprints

Climbing the success ladder with an unswerving 100 percent year-on-year growth since last Three years, CAS Modeling has become the pioneer in the industry. The enterprise shook hands with a U.S. based emerging automotive OEM for their upcoming development on e-mobility. The OEM is planning to make inroads to the Indian market directly by the year 2020 with the development support from the CAS Modeling team.

In the span of three years, the company has carved a niche in the industry by providing the most cost-effective solutions to its clients, across the globe. Yogesh Iyer, narrating the global perspective speaks, "From a styling to the technology aspect, if we look at the global market scenario, China is fifteen years ahead of us and the US, on the other hand, is thirty years ahead of us. But, in India, we have just started picking up last couples of years. So, in providing such comprehensive and result-oriented solutions to our global clients, we are destined to offer similar solutions to our Indian customers."  He further states "We are a start-up and we want to develop our client base by creating brand awareness in the market and would let our work do all the talking."

To Reach Us Call Now: 011-4121-9292 or email:

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