How to Start A Cleaning Business?

If there is one industry that has been booming since the pandemic has hit the world apart from healthcare and pharmaceutical, is the sanitization industry. As you know that the cleaning industry is growing, end your quest for "How to start a cleaning business?"
How to Start A Cleaning Business?
How to Start A Cleaning Business?

How to Start A Cleaning Business?

How to Start A Cleaning Business?

If there is one industry that has been booming since the pandemic has hit the world apart from healthcare and pharmaceutical, is the sanitization industry.

If you have clicked on this link, you know that the cleaning industry is growing. And to end your quest for starting a cleaning business in 2021 with this article which includes insights of:

How to start a cleaning business with no experience?

It won’t be an exaggeration if you tell people to find cleaning their homes to be a stressful and cumbersome process. And to benefit from the potential that this enormous market with plenty of clientele hold, here are different aspects of the business that you must be aware of.


Yes, the demand is high, but various factors contribute to a business’s successful launch and operation. You must research the market to determine various factors of your business. This will impact several decisions.

Capital Stability:

What follows the decision to start a business, is the question Can I start the business?, Do I have enough money to start the business? So, of course, the next step is to understand if you have capital stability or not.

Money can be an important deciding factor in every business decision you will make.

Hence, ensure that you have capital stability. You can also make a detailed business plan inclusive of the factors mentioned below and visit NSIC or National Small Industries Corporation Limited.

Independent or Franchise Business:

Today, various established cleaning companies have made their name in the market, so when you are deciding to build a business, you can stick with that or you can choose to start your own independent cleaning business and carve out a niche for your brand.

The benefits of this franchise business are indeed great in terms of marketing assistance you will get and the amount of time it would take to make money would eventually decrease in comparison to starting your own business.

As an individual, you would be required to invest quality time and efforts to promote your services and command a positive response from prospective clientele.

Target Clientele:

There are two primary market groups inclusive of consumer and commercial.

  • While the consumer segment profiles residential maid services, the commercial clientele is more demanding for cleaning and disinfecting corporate facilities.

  • More than spotless homes, if you are planning to start a cleaning business after corona, it implies that you can land a few specialised cleaning projects with schools and universities and provide your cleaning solutions.


Well today, most businesses have not only created a stable online business structure, but they have also aced the game being an online service provider.

As a cleaning business in India during the pandemic, this seems to be the best choice especially when you are low on capital investments. However, you must be clear about the location of your target clientele.

Here are some things to keep in mind while mapping service areas for your cleaning business:

  1. Areas in which you can recruit manpower easily.

  2. Nature of cleaning services provided.

  3. Demand for particular services.

  4. The extend of technological intervention involved in various cleaning pursuits.

  5. Areas or manpower supplies you need to deal with

  6. Minimum wages and mandatory perquisites payable.

  7. Needful clearances required from local government bodies.

Commercial Location: If you want to make your business have a physical presence, you can get out of the home and make your online business also have commercial space.

You are most likely not having customers come to your place but it should be large enough to have a small reception area, workspace for yourself and your administrative staff, and a storage area for equipment and supplies.

How to Start A Cleaning Business?


While with an online business, you are not limited to a certain space, you can go ahead and look into vehicles for your cleaning business that has enough room to store equipment and supplies and to transport your cleaning teams, but you typically won't be hauling around pieces of equipment large enough to require a van or small truck.


Yes, the demand is high today for cleaning services and as someone who wants to avail of this business opportunity, well, pricing is a crucial factor that they should be clear about. If you are starting a cleaning business without any experience, don’t rush the process.

If you quote low, it can lead to loss and essentially robbing yourself of some profit. While if you quote high, it can be a factor responsible for losing contracts that you could have gotten easily especially if you're in a competitive bidding situation.


Another point in your starting a cleaning business checklist is Marketing. Marketing works as a catalyst to induce the growth of your company. It is very important to promote your services so that they can reach other peoples who are not your consumers.

In today’s time, the use of social media for marketing is very important as the customer is leaning towards vitality. So, give your company a platform on social media, make your websites, send newsletters to your customers, etc. to promote the growth of your business.

How to Start A Cleaning Business?
How to Start A Cleaning Business?
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How to Start A Cleaning Business?
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