An Overview on Top Building and Construction Materials Companies in India

An Overview on Top Building and Construction Materials Companies in India

An Overview on Top Building and Construction Materials Companies in India

Building infrastructure is a major driving force that accounts for an economy and growth of a country. In India, after the industrial revolution, infrastructure building gained great attention.

Present-day, the construction industry in India plays a prominent role in offering quality roads, flyovers, bridges, railway tracks, airports, seaports, railway stations, high-rise office, residential or government buildings, etc. The list is unlimited. The infrastructure created by the Indian construction industry goes a long way in empowering the country's economic progress.

Data says that the Indian construction industry employs over 3 crore people and creates assets worth over Rs.20, 000 crores. As real estate is playing a role like the backbone of India's growth, in the same way, building material companies support construction companies in completing their projects.

Here, we are presenting top building material companies that are leading in different product range.  For anyone who is looking to the source material, choosing one from this list will make complete sense

Ultratech – First Spot in Cement Production

Ultratech steals the first spot in cement production in India. It produces around 93 million tons of grey cement every year. Ultratech is the part of the Aditya Birla Group and was officially established in 1983 with its headquarters in Mumbai, India. Apart from India, the company not only operates on a global level including Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and the United Arab Emirates.

VISA Steel– Pioneering Private Steel Companies

VISA Steel is a renowned name for revolutionizing steel production in India. It is hailed as one of the pioneering private steel companies in the country. VISA Steel was established in the early 2000s by Vishambhar Saran, in Kolkata. VISA Steel mainly deals with two types of products. The first type is steel bars and wire rods, these both are widely used in different construction works, while the second product is ferrochrome, which is used to make stainless steel products.

RDC Concrete (India) Pvt Ltd – Top Supplier of Ready Mixed Concrete

RDC Concrete comes on top position when we talk ready mixed concrete company in India. It manufactures and supplies Ready Mix Concrete to construction companies, real estate developers, contractors, infrastructure companies, and Industrial Projects, and more. Besides its normal concrete mixes of various grades, RDC Concrete also produces special concrete solutions using its world-class infrastructure and technology. RDC Concrete entered the market in 1993 with participation from RDC Concrete, Singapore.

Volvo Construction Equipment India- Leading Name in Premium Construction Equipment

Volvo Construction is a leading international manufacturer of premium construction equipment. It has over 14,000 employees that make it one of the largest companies in the industry. The inception story of Volvo Construction Equipment started over 180 years ago in Eskilstuna, Sweden.

Over the years, by delivering quality products, Volvo Construction witnessed great in-house development and organic growth. And, today it has become one of the major global construction equipment manufacturers.

Asahi India Glass – One of the Largest Glass Companies

One of the largest glass companies in India, Asahi India Glass is famous for its Architectural Glass and Solar Glass variants. It was founded in 1984 by BM Labroo; Asahi India is with a market capitalization of nearly Rs 3306.02 Crore. The company was set up as a joint venture between Labroo family and Maruti Suzuki India. That is why it also boasts of India's first and largest automotive repair & replacement network with 49 specialist centers spread across 28 cities in India.

Century Elasto – Leading Plywood Brand in India

Even if you have never had to deal with plywood, it is for sure that you would have heard this name – Century Elasto. Kolkata based Century holds very strong patronage across India and goes in all ways to ensures product and service quality. It is one of the largest plywood brands in India. The company has completed three decades in the market and has a turnover of over Rs 4,000 crore.

Asian Paints – Preeminent Name in the Paint Industry

A preeminent name in the paint industry, Asian paints offers a wide range of paints for both decorative and industrial purpose. The company manufactures and markets a wide assortment of paint products including interior paints, exterior paints, texture paints, wall fashion, waterproofing, metal finishes, and wood finishes. Royal play, royal play wall fashion and kid's world are the special effect paint products offered by the company.  The foundation of Asian paints was taken in the year 1942 and present-day; it holds 24 manufacturing units in 17 countries worldwide.

Sany – Top Positioned on Hitech Building Solutions

A Chinese company, Sany focuses on intelligent manufacturing, sustainable industry, new energy development and also housing and industrialization. It offers a suite of hi-tech solutions, like mini excavators, cranes, loaders, excavators and road-building equipment. Products manufactured by Sany are widely used in India and worldwide.

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