Giftalove - Spreading Happiness across Globe with Gifts



Spreading Happiness across Globe with Gifts

Gifting has become a grand gesture in showing the other person that you care for them. The surprise and happiness on the receiver's face are genuinely heart-melting. But as the world has become a gifting has become more challenging.

People shift from one nation to another in search of better job opportunities, education, and standard of living. As the distance gets farther, their friends and families start to forget about them, and different time zones also don't help.

Sending gifts to another country is a massive challenge in itself, as the sender has to spend a lot of time and money to find and send the gift. The harsh part is that there is no guarantee that the gift will reach the receiver on time as sometimes some items can get stuck in Customs.

Finding gifts is also a troublesome task as there isn't much variety available in the local gift shops. Customers have to visit markets and gift shops tens of kilometres away to find the perfect gift, but they sometimes return with only disappointment as either they don't find a suitable gift or the gift exceeds their budget.

A gift can change someone's day, and people are so emotional and connected that they want to celebrate their close ones' birthdays and occasions, but no one wants to be caught in the hassle of the excruciating process of sending gifts. This problem led to the inception of Giftalove, which has revolutionized the gifting industry.

The Introduction of Giftalove

All these troubles while sending gifts led to the establishment of Giftalove in 2013.

Giftalove is a platform that has become a relief for people worldwide as the website has made gifting easy again. Now, customers can send gifts to their loved ones in a few clicks.

Sending gifts to friends and family was never this easy as you can send gifts to any part of the world from the comfort of your home. The website is flooded with thousands of gift items, and users can't resist buying and sending gifts.

Hearing it from the founder and CEO of Giftalove, Mr Deelip Kumar, on how they are solving a problem that millions of people are facing and how their website has emerged as the ultimate solution for gifting.

Mr Deelip Kumar recalls, "Back in 2013, I saw people struggling to send gifts to another country and even people's gifts getting lost. I thought we should work on this and make global gifting easier for common people. On our website, we also worked hard to provide customers with a simple and intuitive experience so they can swiftly choose the ideal gift.

We constantly work to maintain the ever-increasing variety on our website and provide top-quality products to customers. It is the customer's trust and belief in our website that has helped us grow so significantly.

Key Highlights

Global Delivery Network

"We always believed in creating a platform that is the one-stop solution for customers to send gifts to any country. Whether the customer wants to send gifts to USA, Canada, Australia, the UK or any other country, they can send gifts to any country through our platform.

We provide gift delivery in more than 100 countries thanks to our robust and solid global network.

For years, we have constantly worked on increasing our reach and reaching more countries so that customers can be worry-free. We also provide same-day and next-day delivery in some locations, making gifting more fun." says Mr Deelip Kumar.

Wide range of Gifts 

The website is flooded with a plethora of gift items for different budget segments, and any customer can get their desired gift by scrolling through the page. The website has flowers, cakes, plants, showpiece items, chocolates and much more to attract customers and help them send elegant gifts. 

"Our variety of gifts is one of our biggest strengths. The moment customers visit the website, they are stunned to see such variety under one roof. All these years, we have understood customers' needs and tastes to provide them with suitable gifts.

On our website, customers find gifts for all occasions and budget segments. We emphasize on constantly monitoring our variety and ensuring that not even a single customer exits the website without finding the suitable gift." describes Mr. Deelip

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Personalized Touch

One of the biggest differentiators that Giftalove has, which makes it far ahead of its customers, is the functionality to provide personalization in gifts. People are tired of getting generic and monotonous gifts; any basic gift doesn't bring much excitement from the receiver. The platform is making gifts fun and exciting by providing customization options.

A unique gift that is made especially for you will excite you more than a gift that is easily available at every other gift shop. On the website, customers can add personalized touch to their gifts with custom messages, photographs, and special dedications, creating unforgettable moments for their loved ones. 

The website is a one-stop solution for all personalized gifting needs, so whether you are looking for customized rakhi for brother or personalized anniversary gifts, you will get it all on the website. 

"Personalized gifts have become a new trend, and we have been providing personalized gifts on our website for years.

Customers love gifts that are exclusively made for them; we ensure that we make them feel special and unique from the world with our gifts. Personalized gifts create cherishing memories, and that's what we wanted when we started the website." explains Mr Deelip. 

Secure Payment Options

As the online scams and frauds have seen a considerable rise, the platform has spent enormous resources and money to make it secure and safe for customers.

On the website, every customer's privacy is respected, and no personal information is shared. Customers can pay on the website as it is highly secure, and there is no risk of fraud and scams. 

There are numerous secure payment options, such as debit cards, credit cards, UPI, Paypal, etc., for seamless transactions.

"Customer's safety has always been our first priority. We ensure that we set a benchmark with our security standards. With our top-notch security standards, customers can buy gifts from the website without any worries." says Mr Deelip.

Responsive Customer Support

The dedicated customer support team at Giftalove is available round-the-clock to address queries, provide assistance, and ensure a smooth gifting experience for customers worldwide. When buying and sending gifts from one corner of the world to another, customers are expected to have many doubts and queries.

The portal understands that sometimes customers need assistance while buying gifts for their loved ones or if they want to know the delivery status or any other query, and customer support answers all their queries prolifically.

"Our customer support is one of the best in the industry. I feel very proud when our customer support team can clarify customers' doubts and improve their gifting experience. Our team offers full support to the customers in every way they can." describes Mr. Deelip.

Future Plans

The brand has seen immense growth in the past few years, and now it looks to spread into more countries. The problem it is solving is worldwide, and in the upcoming years, the brand will emerge as a major gifting hub.

"People love sending gifts, and we want to be a part of that journey. We have made gifting easy and simplified for tons of customers, and we want to reach out to more customers to elevate their gifting experience as well. We have a strong global network and aim to expand it further to reach all parts of the world." concludes Mr Deelip.

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