Rashi Roop Laxami for an interactive discussion on The Power of You with The CEO Magazine

Rashi Roop Laxami for an interactive discussion on The Power of You with The CEO Magazine

She has been a life coach, a speaker, a renowned tarot reader and a consultant for the last 14 years. A lawyer by profession and a humanitarian by passion, in an exclusive conversation with Purnima Narang, Editor, The CEO magazine, Rashi Roop Laxami sjared about her writing journey, spirituality, and her new literary venture, The Power of You.

Purnima: Wow, Rashi, that’s a long list. What did I miss? How would you would introduce yourself personally?

Rashi: Thanks so much Poornima for having me on this platform. It’s an absolute pleasure to be here with you the editor of the CEO Magazine. Now to answer your question on introduction. I’m a daughter to wonderful parents, a wife to a very smart man and a mother to two naughty super kids.

I am someone who believes in pursuing my Passion and following my heart more than anything else in the world. Because that is what gives me the pleasure and the bliss, I seek each and every day of my life.

Purnima: Rashi, why don’t we start with your writing journey. Was becoming author always on the roadmap.

Rashi: I have been an avid reader since I was a child. I grew up reading different genres and was always hungry to read more. Among my then favourites were Ruskin Bond, Ayn Rand, Fountain Head Atlas Shrugged, John Grisham, Harper Lee – To Kill A Mocking Bird, Eric Segal, Kane And Able Jeffrey Archer, Mills And Boons, Poulo Cohelo, Chicken Soup For The Soul, Pride And Prejudice, classics as well like Thorn birds, Gone with the wind, and many more. I simply used to love reading and when I would finish a book I would always think. One day I am going to write a book. So perhaps at the back of my head I was pretty sure I am going to be an author someday.

Purnima: When and how did your spiritual journey start?

Rashi: I am blessed to be born and brought up in a family that has very high spiritual values. Vibrating high and following a spiritual regime is given. So, it wasn’t like I am pushed to practise a spitritual path but something that I loved doing. And I believe that whatever I am today it is because of this background.

Purnima: Tell us about Manifest Your Quest The Power of You. How is it unique?

Rashi: My book Manifest Your Quest The Power of You is my own journey towards myself that I have put in words. I truly believe that every individual has the power to manifest. I have simply laid down the principles from my experience that would help the reader to accomplish their dreams.

Its uniqueness lies in the simple doable exercises that helps you achieve your goals and if you follow it through you will find an immense transformation in you. From mediocrity to extraordinary.

Purnima: As an author, what were the struggles that awaited you?

Rashi: As an author you always find yourself with a block after sometime. But I was lucky to have a mentor whose million-dollar questions pulled me out of these phases that would normally have left me with my project shelved.

Purnima: Tell us about your writing process?

Rashi: Since I’m an avid reader and I love to share my thoughts on my blogs. I started understanding that my writing style and then creating a structure for my book. Organizing my thoughts and all this happened only when the entire house was quiet and peaceful. I still remember writing and scribbling my thought till early in the mornings.

Purnima: For someone who has an extensive career like yours, my question is “Is there a success mantra?”

Rashi: I believe that success is a word that is different for each one of us. For me it has meant happiness, accomplishments of dreams and fulfilment. And I believe that I have given my formula for success in my book. And apart from other aspect, persistence and belief in yourself is the key. Let’s take the example of the dutch Olympic star Sifan Hassan, in the 1500 m heat, she fell down, had a pretty scary fall. She not only got up but got a gold in that race.

Purnima: What’s Next? Is there another project that you are working on?

Rashi: I am definitely working on 2 other projects but my hand are full with other commitments as well , as I’m a coach and a speaker. I’m in no hurry at the moment. I will let it take its own sweet time.

Purnima: Our next segment is interesting as we are going to talk books with the Author herself. So, you have to Name a Book in certain scenarios. For example: Name A Book. that’s your current favourite and why?

Rashi: The Power of Subconscious mind by Joseph Murphy

Purnima: Are we good? Let’s get started!

Name A Book:

That You Treasure: Books by Swami Satyanand Saraswati

That has changed your life: Awaken The Giant Within By Tony Robbins

That you believe is a must read: Nepolean Hill- Think and Grow rich

That is on your reading list: 21 lessons for the 21st century by Yuval Noah Harari and The Psychology of Money by Morgan housal

Purnima: And we are going to end this segment and this interview with a book that you would recommend to a new bookworm and why?

Rashi: I have been a huge fan of Our former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. His books, On The Wings Of Fire, I feel is a book that brings a fire in us that if you want something. When we believe, the universe conspires in achieving it.

Thank you so much for your time. I wish all the best for your book and future.

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