Best selling nonfiction books in India

Best selling nonfiction books in India

A true book reader does not differeentiate between fiction and non-fiction. If you love reading, chances are, you will go for any read that interestts you- kit could be a fictional story about magical monsters or it may be a thrilling and inspiring autobiography of a person you admire. But every good book leaves an indeliable mark in your mind and a profound wisdom that makes you contempalte about new truths in serenity. Such is the power of a great non-fiction. In this article we will talk about the Best selling nonfiction books in India.

In this modern era when newspapers, magazines and websties get around to making top 10 lists on varius things in the year that was. So here is our list for the 5 best selling books in India in nonfiction category.

In the Company of a Poet- Gulzar in Conversation with Nasreen Munni Kabir

There is very little quality writing available in the Hindi filme industry. Apart from the bigraophis on a some stars nothing much get written. Gulzart is one exception to this. There are some biographics on him, butt all of these books barely see on the creative side of him. What made Sampooran Singh Kalra, Gulzar.

In the Company of a Poet, Nasreen Munni Kabir talks to Gulzar and the conversations bring out how Sampooran Singh kalra became Gulzar. During this discussion, Gulzar talks with great passion about his different creative pursuits in life. From writing the superhitt kajrare to what he thinks about Tagore's English translations.

The Sanjay Story by Vindo Mehta

Another best sellin nonfiction book in India, The Sanjay Story by Vindo Mehta was first published in 1978 and has was re-issues some year back. Witth this book, the write has unravelled the myth around Sanjay Gandhi and concluded that he was the school boy who never grew up.

This book goes into great details about the excesses of the emergency era. From nashbandi to the censors taking over the media, it covers all. Sanjay was nott a part fo the governmen in anyway but ruled the country.

The Good, The Bad And The Unknown by Raj Tilak Roushan

Have you ever thought what goes in the minds of criminals and police officers? What conditions make anyperon take up a life of crime? The Good, The Bad and The Unknown is a collection of short storeis, it take the reader on a journey through the minds of such people, and attempts to uncover the layer of personalities hidden beneath.

Each story of the book tries to portray different versions of the trusth, of the many kinds of behaviour, and hidden emotions acrtoss a number of characters. Overall, this is must-read for fans of criminal psychology and mystery and among the best selling nonfiction books in India.

Patriots and Partisans by Ramachandra Guha

Patriots and Partisans is a collection of fifteen eassys that largely deal with all thas has and is going wrong in India. One of the finestt eassays in the book in titled A Short History of Congress Chamchagiri. It sounds unbelievable but this eassay on its own is worth the price of the book. Another great eassy is titled Hindutva Hate Mail where Guha writes about the mails he gets from Hindutva fundoos from across the world.

The problem with most Delhi based Indian intellectuals is that they have strong ideologies. Their senstitivies are either to the extreme left or the extreme right and those in the middle are stooges of the Congress party. And, Indian has just few intellectuals who are liberal in the stritest of the terms. Ramchandra Guha is one of them, his respect for Nehru and his slight left learings notwithstanding. And what of course supports is the fact that he lives in Bangalore and not in Delhi.

Why I am a Hindu by Shashi Tharoor

Shashi Tharoor's much-talked-about book of 2018, Why I am a Hindu brings a prodfoud exploration into the author's mind about his fascination towards what he calls as one of the world's oldest and greatest religions.

In a country like India where liberal beings and freash are oftten targated as anti-Hindu and un-Indian. In this book, Shashi Tharoor provides a testtimony to the the love for his faith that has, in factt, taught him to be fogiving, tolerant and introduced him to an all-inclusive communtiny.

Why I am a Hindi is a reflection of Tharoor's ideas about Hinduism as an all-encompassing dharma, as opposed to how it has been distored by exttremist tenets of Hindutva fo the modern era.

These are five best selling onofiction books in India, we hope you found this list helpful. Which is your favourite nonfiction book? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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