In the recent turn of events, Maharashtra has been taken over by the powerful. President's Rule has been introduced in the financial capital of India after the failed attempts of Shiv Sena, NCP and BJP to stake claims to power 20 days post the election results by Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari.

The wise have said, in a democratic setup, if a doubt seeps in, ask the people. In spite of all the noise that these events have stirred, political parties across the state have been taking advantage of this buffer to make possible negotiations among parties for a coalition. BJP has seemed fairly positive with their situation and the town is talking about NCP showing interest in the newbie, Shiv Sena.

Not so happy with the current situation, Former Chief Minister and BJP's legislative head in the State Devendra Fadnavis has shared his disapproval towards the situation stating regret over the failure to form a Government in the state despite a clear mandate for the alliance. He said "It is unfortunate that the Governor had to impose President's Rule. We hope the State gets a stable government very soon," he said.

It is also being noticed in the course of the events that the BJP President has steered clear of the situation defying the general perception. The talk of the town is that the BJP leader is trying to convey a clear message that no nature of encouragement should be expected for any reckless form of power.

A senior BJP leader added to the situation saying, "The doors for talks between the BJP and the Shiv Sena are never closed, though one of their Ministers has resigned at the Centre. As far as we are concerned, the doors for talks are open."

BJP MP and former Chief Minister Narayan Rane feel that Fadnavis is doing his best to form a coalition government with BJP and believes that the financial capital needs a Government to be formed first thing and early. The situation of the farmers in the state isn't well and neither is of the people according to him, delaying the formation of the government may not prove to be beneficial for anyone.

He said, "It is bad that there is a delay in government formation. If you are concerned about farmers and the people of Maharashtra, you should form a government. On one hand, you say the government should be formed and on the other hand you behave like this, it is very sad."

The governor has been criticised for his move to introduce a president's rule in Maharashtra by the opposition parties who believe that he did not completely exhaust all the options that the constitution provides him. The implementation of this rule has not discouraged the allies, NCP and Congress from having long talks about supporting Shiv Sena in the formation of the government.

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