Rakesh Group- a spice heritage flavoring the world since 1975

Rakesh Group- a spice heritage flavoring the world since 1975

Rakesh Group- a spice heritage flavoring the world since 1975

As a child, a walk to the local market always turned into a carnival of aroma.

Spices- a coveted treasure has been the key ingredient in creating culinary magic in the Indian kitchens since the ancient times. India, the 'spice bowl of the world', is one of the oldest spice producing nations that has preserved its treasured cargo of spice for more than 7000 years.

With a rise in consumption of processed and convenience food, snacks, preservatives and confectionary over the years, the global demand for a variety of spices has soared up quite well, hence widening the consumer base of this segment of food products.

India, one of the largest exporters worldwide, holds immense promise for global spice consumption call embraced by its fascinating history of spices and a nostalgia of flavours that takes everyone back to home- again. And a spice leader has been successfully preserving this prized heirloom for more than two decades.

Rakesh Group, an undisputed king of the Indian Spice Industry has established a niche for its products renowned for creating a kaleidoscope of outlandish flavours, taste and fragrances in the Indian homes. Commanding a formidable position in world spice trade.

Rakesh Group- a hallmark of quality, authenticity and true flavors of India is a fruit of the arduous effort of more than four decades of determination and deployment of state of the art technology to create an experience of what real India tastes like- a paradise of spices.

The journey was started by walking on an unwavering commitment to creating a brand of spices which one can trust blindfolded. Rakesh Group has established a firm grip over the Indian Spice & Food Industry by providing more than 65 products from its basket- from all kinds of Basic Spices, Blended Spices, Seasoning products and Instant Food Mixes.

Nurtured by a cumulative experience of more than three decades, RAKESH has established the landmark of excellence with its entire range of spice products while keeping their authentic value intact. 'RAKESH' is not just a brand; it's a promise of quality, purity, and integrity of every Indian household. The brand's presence can be tasted in every home- from Haldi(turmeric), Garam Masala(a blend of ground spices) to healthy cornflakes and fusilli. A hallmark for delivering quality and latest technologies in spice industry, Rakesh Masala Pvt. Ltd's bedrock was laid back in 1996 under the aegis of Suresh Prasad Chaudhary as a branch stemmed out from a business legacy- Rakesh & Company.

The parent organization Rakesh & Company's journey was initiated in 1975 with two core products- RAKESH ACHWANI BATISA (a product created with a blend of 32 herbs also called Batisa) and PUJAN SAMAGRI (a complete kit of religious ingredients required for religious rituals). Later on, a new jewel was adorned in the crown of Rakesh Group. Rakesh Eatables & General Products Pvt Ltd was incorporated in 2008 with a vision of providing premium quality to consumers through the range of food & other products desi ghee(clarified butter), honey, Mauli/Kalava (a sacred Hindu thread used for religious purposes), Hing (Asafoetida) and Hydro.

Delivering a commitment for a spice renaissance

"Our commitment to quality, innovation and product integrity has become a hallmark for the trust & loyalty of our clients worldwide. We are committed to achieving customer satisfaction through continual enrichment and improvement in our production capabilities. We have learned to adapt and grow to meet the dynamic requirements of our customers worldwide to deliver them the alchemy of Indian spices."

Rakesh Masala has been burgeoning under the pilotage of Suresh Prasad Chaudhary. Mr Chaudhary's seasoned expertise of 28 years has been dynamic in shaping the 'Rakesh' brand. His divination about the future of spice industry and his belief in the superior quality of the spices gave shape to the vision of establishing Rakesh Masala Pvt Ltd and set global standards for the spice industry.

The entire product range of Rakesh Group is certified with various food regulators such as FSSAI, HACCP, HALAL & ISO – 9001-2008. To deliver the authentic taste, texture, and aroma, Rakesh Group has established its indigenous, well equipped in-house production units with state-of-the-art technology where spices are produced with a focus on international quality standards.

To preserve optimum quality in its products, Rakesh Masala Pvt Ltd handpicks its raw materials from every corner of the country- from Kashmir, Rajasthan and Gujarat to Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka and even from Kabul, Afghanistan. The spices are then accumulated and send to the organization's manufacturing units located in Ghaziabad, Kanpur etc. where they are cleaned and grinded with the help of a series of specialized equipments before being packed for sale.

With 6 manufacturing units equipped with upgraded technology, avant-garde research proficiency and a skilled workforce, the brand has established its statute over Bihar, Jharkhand, UP, Uttarakhand, Delhi, West Bengal and Assam.

Rakesh Group's treasured caravan of products

Rakesh Group's Food Zone at Kanpur is a home to its two manufacturing units. The group's plants are fully automatic with minimum human interference. A frontrunner in technology advancement, the organization has become the first spice leader in instituting Northern India's First Cryogenic Grinding plant which holds a manufacturing capacity of 4 tons per hour. The plant has bestowed the organization with a technological advancement over its competitors by perfectly synchronizing with the group's focus on producing an inimitable range of quality spices. An added constituent, a well equipped in-house laboratory at Rakesh Group ensures that the process of manufacturing and processing is monitored while taking care of excelling the international standards. Rakesh Group's mechanized processes cover:

  • Cleaning and sorting of spices to ensure purity
  • In-House microbiological and physical analysis of spices
  • Elimination of all ferrous contamination in ground spices using high-end magnets
  • Facility of Steam Sterilization of whole and ground spices

Blending the authenticity with technology- Rakesh Group's Cryogenic Grinding Technology

One of the core competencies of the group, Cryogenic grinding technology assists the brand to maintain the aboriginal aroma and flavor of the product without ruining or revamping the chemical composition of the spices during their grinding process. During the process of Cryogenic grinding, liquid nitrogen is released to cool down a feed material prior /or during milling to either help prevent its melting or decomposition. The herbs are frozen with Liquid Nitrogen as they are being ground. Thus, the group preserves the essential oils, minimizes evaporation and purity of the spices by utilizing the prowess of Cryogenic Grinding, which is not possible in the traditional grinding process.

The chronoscope of Rakesh Masala with the force spearheading its journey

Mr Vivek Pathak CEO

A dynamic professional with an impressive track record and hands-on experience, Vivek has demonstrated the ability to lead a diverse team of professionals to new levels of success in a variety of highly competitive industries, cutting-edge markets, and fast-paced environments. He is a home to rich expertise in successfully analyzing organizations, their critical business requirements, identifying deficiencies and potential opportunities and developing innovative and cost-effective solutions for enhancing competitiveness, increasing revenues, and improving customer service offerings. Vivek is an excellent team builder and a consultant on personnel issues and organizational development. He has exemplary innovision and is capable of turning around businesses with his determination and vision. With his mantra "Let's Do it", Vivek leads his team of professionals, continuously raising the bar to ensure sustained high growth rates.

Vivek owns Post Graduate degree in Management from Delhi University and holds additional professional qualifications in Computer Applications, Business & Industrial Management. He has imbibed the drive and passion from the Founders of the Company which is required to grow a company from strength to strength. The CEO Magazine talks to Vivek over a host of issues in line with Rakesh Group's endeavor and its future.

Here is an edited excerpt.

How does your company ensure the minimum wastage of food while carrying out various activities?

We believe in being ahead of the curve instead of jumping on the bandwagon. We focus on every nook of our operations right from picking up the best raw ingredients to delivering the quality products on the global forefront. With our technological advancements, we make sure that we spill minimum wastage and extract maximum yield. Our strict sales force operations give us a hand to keep a good track of minimum expiry or damage of finished goods at the channel distribution level.

Why do you think are we as a nation lagging behind in the output of processed value-added products in comparison to other developing counterparts such as Thailand, Philippines and Brazil?

The technological advancement and use in India is far behind than other countries. Our processes are stilled linked to the conventional method of production. The sector has bountiful unorganized food business operators (FBO) who compromise on technology and manufacturing methods. It is a need of the hour to change the mindset and adopt upgraded technologies which will uplift the quality and productivity of the products. India is pacing up rapidly in the food industry with FSSAI lending a hand. Indian Consumers are now changing the landscape by preferring quality products which, in turn, is changing the psychology of FBOs. With so much cooking up, I am very sure that in coming years India will master its leadership while driving the technology and providing better food products.

India owing to its huge population has tremendous potential for investment in its food processing industry. How do you plan to latch on to this opportunity?

The Indian Government is playing a vital role in nurturing the expansion of Indian food industry by launching various schemes and providing subsidies on the state level. To further spread our wings across the industry, we have many plans in our pockets!  We are looking forward to invest more in establishing more manufacturing units and plants to address the climbing demands of the desired products. Simultaneously, we are in the process of acquiring land for our further expansion.

There are many areas holding scope for value-added processing. Which areas do you seek to make your forte apart from the already established segments?

We have proved our adroitness in the spice domain, both basic and formulated and now we are looking forward to exploring new horizons of products such as ready to eat and cook snacks.

How do you take care of the inflation in input cost?

Our cumulative experience and the extensive insights related to every key ingredient of the spice manufacturing process. With smart procurement on the basis of quarterly, half yearly sales projections, we manage the inflation in the input costs. Our regular benchmarking is the key that has powered us to neutralize the price war among the competitors.

What is the strength of your workforce? Do young minds find it engaging to work for a food processing company?

The secret to success is good leadership, and good leadership is all about making the lives of your team members better. The team of Rakesh Group is very dedicated, educated, hardworking and goal-oriented. Our team of professionals has been consistently winning the hearts of all our customers by providing them with the best products and has been leading the way for many years.

What are your capital expenditure plans? How do you plan to find investors?

Currently, we are in the process of setting up more factories for the manufacturing of other products like snacks, soya chunks etc. Throughout our journey, we have adopted a smart benchmark of financial institutions to generate funds for its expansion.

Say something about your manufacturing units and its capacity.

We have established two manufacturing plants for our production. Unit-1 possessing a production capacity of 40 metric tons per day and equipped with the latest technology and a 'men-less' environment, our Kanpur located manufacturing unit produces Sattu, Besan & Roasted Bengal Gram. Another manufacturing plant, Unit-2 contributes in the manufacturing process of different spices and holds the capacity producing 70 metric tons of spices per day.

Given that India is still in its nascent stage in terms of consumption of processed products how do you see this opportunity in favor of your entity?

For us, it's a well of opportunities! Evolving psychology and dynamic adaptation habits of the consumers has created a landscape of huge scope.

What are some of the major milestones of the company?

Since our initial footprints in the Indian Spice Industry, our journey has been quite fruitful. From establishing the first cryogenic plant for spice grinding in North India to establishing the food zone at Kanpur, we have always strived hard to win the hearts of the consumers. Our dedication and hard work have definitely derived a quantum leap for the organization. We have achieved a remarkable growth over the span of last five years and have successfully achieved a turnover of Rs. 300 Cr. in the fiscal year 2017-18.

Where do you see your company after five years? What are your future plans?

We envision Rakesh Group as a leading name in the Spices and Food Industry. By 2020, we are eyeing to cross the mark of 500 Cr in terms of revenue. Our basket of future plans is up to the brim. We are looking ahead to enhance our Food Zone and establishing new plants to inflate our production competency. Lastly, we are brewing up to enter global markets like USA, Middle East, Africa and others with expanding our wings over the geographical boundaries of the country.

Dynamic Leadership

Mr S.P. Chaudhary (Chairman & Managing Director)

From a very humble beginning and with very limited resources, Mr Chaudhary has driven the Company with exceptional and extraordinary skills to reach new altitudes.  A visionary with the dream of making the company a distinguished name, Mr S. P. Chaudhary's expertise in the spice world is unbeatable.

Spanning 35 years in the field, his efforts, single-minded determination and zeal to make the company perform its very best has made the Rakesh Group of Companies what it is today. With innovations introduced always, his ideas are highly respected and appreciated by industry especially in the sphere of product mix, marketing & innovation.

His rich experience and a sheer dedication towards professionalism have given Rakesh Group a cutting edge over others. Formed in 1996, the company came in expansion and with his foresight on the demand of high-quality spices and, as a food specialist; his belief in the superior spices is responsible for setting global standards in the industry. His expertise in the related fields has made the company "customer oriented".

Mr Ajay Chaudhary (Director)

Ajay joined Rakesh Group at a very young age. With his hard work, he has crafted an indelible imprint in running an FMCG business and can be a fountain of inspiration to any aspiring businessman. He is one of the key drivers of Rakesh Group with an extensive knowledge and experience in brand development and marketing. Ajay holds a key position in developing new products and their marketing and branding. He is responsible for all media planning and is considered as one of the most promising second-generation businessmen. His people skills and team building capabilities make him a natural leader.

He passionately guides research to "innovate with a purpose" by anticipating future consumer needs and aspirations and developing and marketing new products to fulfill them.

Mr Manjay Chaudhary (Group Vice President)

He is responsible for enhancing organizational effectiveness by implementing leading-edge initiatives in the areas of Purchase and new project developments. He successfully restructured the company through a series of strategic initiatives. Manjay is a man who always sees life in a positive light and believes in confronting challenges head-on. His in-depth knowledge of different businesses is a great asset to the organization and it helps in identifying opportunities for growth. His grit, determination and business acumen has already made a defining mark in running a business behemoth, which is a source of inspiration to any aspiring businessman.

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