THE MAN & THE MISSION – A success story behind William O’Neil 

THE MAN & THE MISSION – A success story behind William O’Neil 

THE MAN & THE MISSION – A success story behind William O'Neil 

In May 2013, William O'Neil hired its first employee to setup base in India as Anupam Singhi. Since then, he has single-handedly formulated and executed the company's Indian strategy and led the team towards making the India division a Centre of Excellence for all the William O'Neil companies.

Anupam today leads William O'Neil India, which is a part of the O'Neil companies, a family of businesses dedicated to providing industry-leading financial services and information. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst as a professional background coupled with entrepreneurial streak has helped him bringing in high quality assets to India and set up end-to-end operations at William O'Neil's Indian office in Bengaluru.

His several key strategic positions at Thomson Reuters and Accenture and an ability to handle large size teams of 1000+ staffs globally across multiple locations came in handy in this venture. Tracking the way broking industry is changing and with an in-depth knowledge on the US as well as India stocks, Anupam could take the outsourced work within the organisation. Since May 2013, Anupam has been instrumental in adding more practices including the research, which represents a 25-member strong team doing research on global stocks. He then built a strong team working in product development and software development.

America's biggest success story, the O'Neil companies for the past half-century have created innovative services to support the equity investing community. All these services are guided by CANSLIM, a method of investing created by William J. O'Neil that has helped thousands of investors succeed in the market.

Anupam's rich knowledge in the fields of data collection, research, software development, product development and business analysis, has helped him in scripting a good story in the Fin-Tech space by steering William O'Neil's India operations. Under his guidance and leadership, William O'Neil India (which is a registered investment advisor) provides critical buy and sell recommendations exclusively for institutional investors. Today, he has been able to take the company to a level where the company drives every aspect of their advisory services.


Company founder, William J. O'Neil is a master stock picker and an investing legend. He researched over 1000 US stocks since 1800s and identified seven basic factors that occurred over and over in almost all top-performing companies over decades of market cycles. He documented his findings in The Model Book of Greatest Stock Market Winners. In 1963, he started William O'Neil+ Company, a registered Investment advisory serving the Institutional Investment community. He trademarked Datagraphs™ in 1973, his highly detailed, visual representation of the stock variables most critical to performance. A decade later, in 1984, Mr. O'Neil designed and launched the popular newspaper now known as Investor's Business Daily® to fill an information gap for individual investors and the business community and promote his CAN SLIM® investing system. Capitalizing on the internet trend, in 1997 he digitized his Datagraphs, and began developing web based versions of his equity research tools. Mr. O'Neil authored several best-selling books on investing, including the break-out success now in its 4th edition after selling millions worldwide, How to Make Money in Stocks: A Winning System in Good Times or Bad. He also contributed the introduction to Edwin Lefevre's Reminiscences of a Stock Operator about fellow stock guru, Jesse Livermore.


William O'Neil + Co., Incorporated is an independent equity research firm. The firm provides recommendations on large-cap and mid-cap companies, emerging markets, United States companies, global, regional and sector companies. It conducts profile analysis, fundamental analysis, quantitative analysis and technical analysis for its research. The firm employs historical data analysis and bottoms up approach for its research. The research is based on analysis of each company's business description, product and service mix and the comparison to its peers, landscape and the current and future industry trend. It offers proprietary ratings and rankings, industry, stock and company reports, news releases, conference calls, weekly market outlook and publications, sector strategy weekly, group presentations, and market indices summary. The firm also offers customized advisory, market data and conference services. It caters to institutional clients. William O'Neil + Co., Incorporated was founded in 1963 and is based in Los Angeles, California with additional offices in New York, New York; Boston, Massachusetts; and London, United Kingdom.


William O'Neil India is part of the O'Neil companies, a family of businesses dedicated to providing industry-leading financial services and information. William O'Neil India focuses on individual equities, mutual funds, ETFs and indices across the globe. Their professional teams are passionate about stock market research and the development of services that support all O'Neil brands. William O'Neil delivers through a fact-based, pure method without any ties to banking relationships, ensures that the clients immediately acquire three invaluable benefits: a flow of solid opportunities that have already been profiled as worthy of their time, a built-in defence for their stock purchases and sales, and 24×7 access to a high-touch team of investment professionals committed to clients. Infact, the entire staff is dedicated to understanding equities and the global equity market, and they do it like no one else.

William J O Neil, the O' Neil Companies has a '50-year legacy' in stock research, with a proven record of success in tracking over 4000 Stocks in Indian Market (70,000 Stocks Globally in over 70 different markets) and serving '600+ Institutional Clients', by providing them with end-to-end solutions for equity research, alpha generation, asset management, and investment decision making.


PANARAY® is one of the most important product from the stable of William O'Neil and covers more than 70,000 equities, indices and mutual funds. However, its ability to showcase the entire story of any equity with an in-depth analysis is, somewhat a unique characteristic. It is based on the Founder William J. O'Neil's subject matter expertise in equity research and William O Neil+ Co. proprietary ratings and ranking algorithm, which has been the guiding light for institutional investors for more than 5 decades now.

It screens the data and filters out hundreds of data points including our ratings and rankings to find quality socks globally. It provides an easy to navigate and intuitive interface and facilitates analysis in seconds.It has been recently introduced with Indian Stock Market Data for catering to Indian markets. It is the flagship application used by almost all the leading institutions and fund houses across the globe, which facilitates informed investments and portfolio building. It allows an investor to discover alpha-generating ideas, conduct in-depth equity analysis, refer specially-curated idea lists, and leverage great buying/selling opportunities.

PANARAY® provides real-time information through DatagraphTM, Comparison Charts, Negative Alerts, and more than 300 such trading matrices.


William O'Neil India has recently launched MarketSmith India, which is a comprehensive stock research platform that provides investors the data, analysis tools & support, helping them make smarter and profitable investing decisions. MarketSmith India is available as an App, that simplifies the stock research process by allowing the subscriber to move flexibly among the various stages of research, from finding strong stocks to analyzing metrics to the industry group tracking. One can also keep track of market investments, customizes their display, sort using a variety of data points, and flags the top contenders through available list manager. MarketSmith India helps investors take informed trading and investment decisions and beat the market under any condition. They accomplish this goal by delivering actionable investing content, comprehensive tools, and educational resources to help investors make smarter trading decisions. William O'Neil India's workshop on Strategies for Successful Investing introduces an investor to the top-performing and most highly rated CAN SLIM Investing System, the seven traits of winning stocks, major chart patterns, and market timing.

MarketSmith India informs an investor about the strengths and weaknesses of individual Indian stocks in minutes-based on concrete facts and researched data. It is available as an app for desktop through internet and across most common mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. It also offers a "model portfolio," which makes it easy to apply or adapt this method to one's own investing routine. Following are the salient features of the app subscribers can benefit from:

  • Pattern Recognition – a visual highlight on stock charts and patterns signalling buying, selling and booking profits or avoiding losses
  • Stock reports and lists –it includes the "IND 47" and other premium lists
  • Market commentary – a weekly summary of important market activity and noteworthy price action by individual stocks
  • Model Portfolio – offers a chance to follow the application of MarketSmith investing principles and learn basic portfolio management
  • User Alerts – notification about stock's price reaching a certain level to enable selling or buying the concerned stock


MarketSmith India offers an Academy for learning the methods of informed investing. It always makes more sense for an investor to put in his monies in the equities based on research and data and the MSI Academy helps and investor to get trained in the same. For over 30 years, CAN SLIM, a growth stock investment methodology developed by ace investor William J. O'Neil has helped countless people succeed in the stock market. MarketSmith's CAN SLIM Investing System is based on the seven characteristics winning stocks have in common before they make huge price gains.

MarketSmith India's products and features are based on the top-performing CAN SLIM Investing system developed by MarketSmith founder William J. O'Neil. This time-tested winning strategy developed after years of market study is based on fundamental and technical analysis to help investors find leading stocks with a potential for big gains.Whether you're new to investing or an experienced investor, chart reading is always a crucial skill in investing. MSI Academy trains an investor to review the basic elements of a chart and describes the key price and volume indicators to watch on a daily and a weekly chart.

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