ezTruck Logistics, A Fast and Easy Mini Truck Booking Platform Reigning Realm of Lorry Transport, Professional House and Office Moving Across Bhubaneswar and Cuttack

Kali Prasad Rath, CEO, ezTruck-Logistics-Pvt-Ltd
Kali Prasad Rath, CEO, ezTruck-Logistics-Pvt-Ltd

ezTruck Logistics, A Fast and Easy Mini Truck Booking Platform Reigning Realm of Lorry Transport, Professional House and Office Moving Across Bhubaneswar and Cuttack

A Bangalore-based revolutionary start-up, ezTruck Logistics is a fast and easy Mini Truck booking platform that offers its services across Bhubaneswar and Cuttack. Replicating the winning online truck booking formula of cities like Bangalore, ezTruck provides services such as lorry transport, professional house moving, and office moving.

Founded by the visionary leader, Kali Rath, the company, over the last few months, has partnered with more than 23000 driver partners in Cuttack alone. The esteemed and experienced ezTruck drivers have already earned a reputation for safe transport of the goods. The reputation, in fact, can be traced back to the company’s strong sense of loyalty and commitment towards making the life of its driver partners better.

ezTruck travels the extra mile fiercely to ensure that its partners are provided with flexible work hours, increased incomes, balanced work life along with additional benefits such as insurance, on-road assistance, scholarship for their children etc.

In an exclusive conversation with the man at the helm, Kali Rath, Founder, ezTruck Logistics, we, at The CEO Magazine uncovered various segments of ezTruck’s operations, clients, outlook at challenges, peerless stance, and many more:

TCM: It’s fairly a new concept in cities like Bhubaneswar and Cuttack. What are the challenges facing ezTruck and what are the segments that your trucks cater to?

Kali Rath: That’s true, it’s a novel concept in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack and people are getting used to it. Hence, needless to say, educating the clients and curating a market is part of the challenge. There are around 243 various mines existing in the State of Odisha and there are no such organized mini-truck services providers in the state right now.

Hence, we are tapping into this huge opportunity. We are planning to focus largely on the Mining sector for now.

Kali Prasad Rath, CEO, ezTruck-Logistics-Pvt-Ltd
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TCM: How has been the response from the truck owners as well as your clients?

Kali Rath: The response has been mind-boggling. For instance, if you look at Cuttack, we have signed almost 60 percent of the trucks in the city, which implicates more than 23000 trucks. So, within three months, our fleet has become as strong as the pioneers of the online-truck booking industry.

As far as the truck owners are concerned, they face multifarious challenges day in and day out. Since most of them are single-truck owners who drive the truck themselves, they get tangled up in documentation and are able to complete only one or two trips a day; to say nothing of the payment challenges and lack of optimization due to no return trips.

TCM: What is the kind of challenge that you solve for your truck owner target clientele?

Kali Rath: We solve all these challenges by organizing their services under our platform. While we take care of booking and documentation, truck owners can focus on moving the goods and with the advantage of online booking, we have significantly reduced the number of empty returns for trucks.

A driver, now, normally runs five-to-six trips a day. In the aftermath, we are also able to offer our customers – the mine owners – better pricing. If they previously had to pay at least Rs.1000 for the shortest of trips, our pricing per trip starts from Rs.200. This has helped us to break the monopoly in the market as well.

TCM: Tell me about your platform. How user-friendly is your mobile app?

Kali Rath: We have two interfaces at ezTrucks Logistics. A B2C interface is provided to the customers (mostly mine owners) and a B2B interface is designed to cater to driver partners. In addition to our deep research about the requirements of both sides of our business, we have taken extreme care to make sure that we simplify the whole process for them.

For instance, mine owners often require tens of trucks to move their goods and thus we have incorporated bulk booking options. They also have an option to call & book manually. Furthermore, we have incorporated advanced features like live tracking, expected time of arrival (ETA), and payment gateway.

Kali Prasad Rath, CEO, ezTruck-Logistics-Pvt-Ltd

TCM: What makes ezTruck a peerless brand among its competitors?

Kali Rath: Along with our solutions, through our platform, we offer our driver partners comprehensive support, ranging from navigation to roadside assistance & service and even medical insurance. Medical insurance is unprecedented among our counterparts in other cities.

If the truck owner owns more than a truck, s/he can track information of each of his trucks separately on our platform. We also have a rigorous background verification process in place. Moreover, in order to ensure that drivers get their salary/payment on-time every-time, we have gone an extra mile to onboard the responsibility of salary disbursement.

TCM: What are your future plans for ezTruck?

Kali Rath: We have expansion plans in our pipeline. But right now, we are striving hard to further reduce empty return for trucks and our immediate plans revolve around optimizing the trips by facilitating trips from all across the state.

Kali Prasad Rath, CEO, ezTruck-Logistics-Pvt-Ltd
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Kali Prasad Rath, CEO, ezTruck-Logistics-Pvt-Ltd
Kali Prasad Rath, CEO, ezTruck-Logistics-Pvt-Ltd
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