Shrex Design, Experience Innovators Curating Neoteric Marketing, Advertising, and Design Experiences

Shrex Design, Experience Innovators Curating Neoteric Marketing, Advertising, and Design Experiences
Shrex Design, Experience Innovators Curating Neoteric Marketing, Advertising, and Design Experiences

Shrex Design, Experience Innovators Curating Neoteric Marketing, Advertising, and Design Experiences

Presently, how one feels about a product or service is ruling over everything else as a key motivator for its sales; which is evident with the exponential rise of the luxury market. Having evolved in the past two decades, one of the fastest-growing industries in India. The digital revolution is affecting Media & Entertainment industry. Shrex Design, Experience Innovators Curating Neoteric Marketing, Advertising, and Design Experiences.

With this shift into the digital world, the industry is showcasing a desperate need for new advertising strategies; having a long-lasting impact on the consumer is more significant than ever. Harnessing the power of Art and Technology through unconventional and unique techniques. A brand that is creating turmoil in the Media & Entertainment industry. Shrex Design continues to be one of the most creative brands offering marketing, advertising, and design experiences.

Established in 2016 and spearheaded by the two visionaries Rex Pereira & Shreyash Mishra. Shrex Design is the first installment of the Shrex Group that uses designs, tools, scripts, and algorithms. That exponentially increases consumer engagement across various channels and considerably reduces marketing and advertising expenses; while elevating the standards of user experience. 

An idea that coined while touring the USA, standing at the center of Times Square; with all the massive advertisements around. The two promoters thought of creating something similar in India. Shrex Design is today, not only a reality but a brand that sets trends.


The Shrex Design team believes that art has always been used as a tool of revolution. Understanding the art forms such as hyperrealism, wabi-sabi, surrealism, cynical realism, and many more; helps them to navigate unique ways of marketing and advertising for their clients. Along with the creative side, their deep commitment to transparency allows the formation of trust with clients. The success of Shrex Design is assessed by the client's return on investment and the impact on consumers.

Each client of Shrex Design is provided with regular, data-based updates on how their campaigns are performing relative to the targets set. Shrex Design has a deep analytical knowledge base with a team that has backgrounds in computing, philosophy, designing and mathematics allowing the effective transformation of numbers into actions. Being in sync with the rapidly evolving technology, Shrex Design assists brands to remain relevant from monitoring digital presence to implementing a flawless user experience that increases engagement with every click, tap or swipe. While they master the technological realm of experiences, they use traditional marketing as an equally effective channel with their vast network of 250,000+ media placements and ad production capabilities.

Shrex Design, Experience Innovators Curating Neoteric Marketing, Advertising, and Design Experiences
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Rex Pereira, Managing Director, Shrex Design, is a man known for his wisdom; which he continues to acquire by spending most of his time reading books on varied topics. Which gives him insights and an inner perspective of the human psyche. Being an art collector himself and having studied art history, his imagination and creativity bring uniqueness to the corporate world. Rex oversees most of the marketing efforts and along with the artistic creativity that fuels the growth of the company. He also has a knack for making profits considering his educational maneuvers with Wharton and BSE. 

Shreyash Mishra, the Executive Director of Shrex Design, is one of the best minds when it comes to Human-Computer Interactions; with the key motivation to reinvent the way people interact with technology in the direction of empowerment. The fast-paced businessman has been successfully creating, managing, and scaling technology-based businesses for years. He has been awarded a National Champion by Microsoft and a Gold Award by the Royal Commonwealth Society. As a Keynote and TEDx Speaker; he actively engages with young minds to mentor them in the areas of technology and business.

"Put our makers together and you have a mind-bending synergy of business profits, technology, philosophy, psychology, and everything under the sun." shared the Shrex Design Team.

In a business where people are the first, best and the only asset, culture is queen. Thus, they spent years doing their damnedest to build an organization where talented people want to come and stay and do the finest work of their careers. So, together, they can deliver the real-world results Shrex Design's clients require.

Shrex Design, Experience Innovators Curating Neoteric Marketing, Advertising, and Design Experiences
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"We are expanding rapidly with our young team of talented individuals. We believe that for any company to survive the wrath of time and extinction, the company should be an 'innovation factory.' We have already paved our way for new technology, tools and improvement in client services." emphasised the leaders.


With the astonishing amount of diversity and creativity that the founders and the team bring to the company, the marriage of art and technology seemed inevitable. One of the major factors that differentiate Shrex Design from traditional agencies is how effectively they can use their prowess in art and technology and put it together to create a long-lasting impact on the consumers. The company prides itself as creators with great ideological depths. Using the underlying meaning of art and human behavior and uplifting it with technological solutions is what sets them apart.

This marriage is facilitated by great researching capabilities and the seamless extraction of powerful insights from the data collected. If they know what your competitor likes to wear then you shouldn't be surprised. They use modern technologies like a machine and deep learning; add a lot of creativity, rule out everything irrelevant, and present to you a simple; yet highly powerful solution to your problems. 


To make sure that they are in congruence with the art and entertainment scene. Shrex Design has launched the Ukiyo Project where they work with; artists, musicians, content creators, designers, and various other creative personnel to create content. Ukiyo has its unique impact and demographic following that offers Shrex Design great flexibility and insights into the current market and gives them a lot of room to innovate. The support of a global artistic community makes them one of the major contributors to the media and entertainment industry.

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In the constant endeavor to support the society, the Shrex Design team took various endeavors including visiting the mentally-disabled children and spending some time around. However, apart from the usual, they are more inclined towards using art and technology to change the world. India has always been filled with artistic and cultural heritage however, over time there has been undervaluing of Indian artists and art as compared to foreign countries. They aim to bridge this ever-growing gap with powerful design and advertising campaigns as well as the Ukiyo Project.


As the market is expected to grow, Shrex Design has acknowledged that over the years, an all-out content war has begun, where virtually every media company is looking to establish direct relationships with consumers. The fundamental shift with the streaming services allows a huge space for creative agencies to develop more content, however, finding the right way across the millions of ads flowing through media is the current most difficult task. Shrex Design is one of the few agencies around that creates the trend from the creations of the ads to its propagation and the placements, resulting in not only the revenue return but also a powerful brand that lasts long.


In the upcoming years, new Shrex Design services in the pipeline are based on fully-automated AI Platforms and Neuromarketing. Neuromarketing technology will complement the declarative techniques employed for years in the traditional market and use tools such as big data or AI to get a holistic perspective that reveals the technology as a new fundamental driver, in the present and the future.

"To quote Don Draper "What is happiness? The moment before you need more happiness". We, at Shrex Design, always strive to delight our consumers and assist a brand to reach the top of the chain. Governed by the new aesthetics, the virtual, the scientific, and the logic that is beyond belief, technology and art challenge our perceptions and that is what creativity and science are all about. Shrex Design will continue to substantially add value to their client's brand leveraging the power of two elements that continue to define and reshape our world." proudly shared the leaders

Shrex Design, Experience Innovators Curating Neoteric Marketing, Advertising, and Design Experiences
Shrex Design, Experience Innovators Curating Neoteric Marketing, Advertising, and Design Experiences
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Shrex Design, Experience Innovators Curating Neoteric Marketing, Advertising, and Design Experiences

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