Navigant Technologies is transforming your business through expertise and automation

Founder and CEO - Navigant Technologies

Founder and CEO - Navigant Technologies

Navigant Technologies is transforming your business through expertise and automation

Navigant Technologies is transforming your business through expertise and automation

"Navigant treats every processes as an asset that directly contributes to business value, revenue growth and performance optimisation" says Abhishek Dubey – Editor at The CEO Magazine

In order to stay relevant in today's changing market conditions, it is important for organizations to consistently improve their business process performance to not only meet the current industry best standards but also set new benchmarks in business process optimization.

Navigant Technologies( has a profound understanding of various industry domains and leveraging this deep understanding they create dynamic BPO/ BPM solutions.

At Navigant, they offer diversified basket of end to end services covering BPO/BPM services, back office services, market research services, technology driven services, digital marketing/ social media services. They also support new start-ups globally with accelerate growth and progress towards business goals with their quality BPO/BPM services.

The leading firm that optimizes BPM/BPO solutions for over 45 clients is a brainchild of Ankur Bhatia – founded in 2003. Navigant is a company with right blend of technology and business management.

Located in the call center capital of the world (Udyog Vihar, Phase 4, Gurgaon 122001, India), the company offers a wide range of services that include Inbound Call Centre Services, Outbound Call Centre Services, Telemarketing Services, Technical Support, Market Research, Finance & Accounting, HR Services including Payroll Management, IT Services, Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) etc. using all channels of communication like voice, chat, email and digital media.

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Implementing BPM/BPO solutions in high-tech business with high value products/services for example ERP, PLM, CAD/CAM, Simulation, CRM, IoT, Software Services, Engineering services, cloud based software etc, is a challenge on account of various factors, which Navigant has successfully achieved by adopting revenue centric approach rather than traditional cold calling approach.

Navigant is well equipped to handle such unique requirements which involve deploying experienced and well trained manpower, streamline unique execution process and implement latest technologies to drive competitive advantage for their clients.

Thoroughly analyzing your business needs, industry and overall requirements, Navigant delivers tailor-maid, scalable and productive BPM/BPO solutions.

Why Navigant?

Navigant Technologies has an experience of over 14+ Years in BPO/BPM Business industry, 500+ Employees, multi-location Facilities, In-house team & expertise for automation of all areas of customer iterations, In-house software development, In-House digital marketing team, enabling many startups ventures to accelerate growth 


The world is making progress towards great workplaces for all. The best are getting better around the globe, and the number of great, high-trusted workplaces is increasing. Indeed, the better days at work at a growing number of organizations around the world have a ripple effect.

Navigant is among those good places to work wherein its top 25% of operations team has completed 8-14 years with the company and this can be concerned the biggest achievement of the company where attrition is biggest challenge.

The company has people whose sole job is to keep employees happy and maintain productivity. Navigant's staffs are the heart and soul of a go-beyond culture that enables Navigant to attract and retain one of the best teams in the world and drives the company's competitive advantage.

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Navigant's experience across various industries translates into a differentiated value proposition and stimulates time-to-market for clients. It's efficient and flexible world class business process and management process zero down risks of project failures and crates profitable BPO/BPM solutions that meet present as well as future demands.

On being asked about road ahead, Ankur Bhatia – CEO of Navigant Technologies said, "Navigant Technologies is recognized and respected for its good track record, exceeding client expectations and for building lasting customer relationships.

The organization's core strengths as a domain and process led BPM/BPO company include a seasoned management, seamless process migration and consistent service delivery, positions us uniquely in the offshore BPM/BPO space.

We offer comprehensive business optimization solutions much beyond the traditional out-sourcing. Our focus is to surpass client, end user and shareholders expectations."

"Next three years, we plan to expand our business operations in US, UK and Australia and add 1000 seats in our facility" he asserted.

The Spirit behind Navigant

Ankur Bhatia – Founder & CEO

Navigant's founder and CEO, Ankur Bhatia, started Navigant in 2003 and is responsible for strategic global business planning for the company.

With a vision to be the preferred partner for international businesses, he spearheads the mid-size BPO catering to diverse and unique needs of a marquee list of International and domestic clients in the area of business consulting, Information technology and Outsourcing Services

From the start, Ankur always dreamed of being an entrepreneur who would create a big company to provide satisfying job opportunities to the burgeoning pool of India's young talent.

Ankur comes with over 25 years of experience in Marketing and Sales functions across sectors such as IT, telecom, Software & Security among others.

Before venturing to become an entrepreneur, Ankur served in leadership roles including Business Development at HCL, a leading Indian multinational IT company.

His earlier stint was at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEIL now part of HP), Unicorp Industries, HCL Comnet &, where he was responsible for generation revenue for the organization.

Aside from work, Ankur is passionate about mentoring startups, helping young talent design their business and financial plans, across many verticals such as e-commerce, insurance, financial services, travel, etc.

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