Febler Connects Your Favourite Channels ‘On the Go’

Febler Connects Your Favourite Channels 'On the Go'

There has been a strong demand in the marketplace for quality content that can be heard through an audio mode that is of specific interest to individuals. While commuting, the Febler founders always felt the need for a platform which kept them up to date but they could only find text based platforms. They also find that Radio channels are music driven. That's why an audio platform for listening to News, Information, and Entertainment, Febler Technologies was founded in Bangalore. It was incorporated in 2015 and considered a unicorn in audio platform. To ensure better quality and to capture the imaginations of the general public, it was tested with numerous listeners while launching this new platform this can also.

Febler is currently available in Web and Android versions. It caters not just to the urban agglomerations but also to the demographic with varying linguistic preferences. Febler is a user friendly app enables anybody and everybody, to not just listen, but also create shows in any language either by streaming live or by recording and uploading their shows. They have about 5000 listeners already and growing their base steadily, both in acquiring quality content, and also listeners across country. It is a platform for listening to trending stories across News, Comedy, Entertainment, Business, Cooking, Health and Wellness, and others through live and recorded audio shows while commuting, at gym or doing any other routine task. With 'On the go' mode, you can just swipe to switch shows.

Audio shows and podcasts have remained dormant in India. With Febler, exciting audio shows are brought into the mainstream by providing equal priority to regional content too, along with English and Hindi which currently dominate the online entertainment sphere of India leaving others with little to no content at all.

Interesting Features of Febler 

  • News, Comedy, Entertainment, Business and Startups, Lifestyle, Health and Fitness, Indie music, Science and Technology, and much more on India's first audio infotainment platform.
  • Live audio streams of your favorite Radio and TV channels, providing loads of entertainment and news. Currently have channels in English, Tamil, Hindi and Kannada.
  • Discover audio shows trending in each category through 'streams'. Streams is a collection of audio shows with similar hashtags.
  • Listen to shows offline. You select the shows that you want to listen offline or listen later.
  • Record and upload shows right from the App. Create and upload your own audio shows about things you love. Everybody is entitled to an opinion, Voice yours.
  • With 'On the go' mode, you can just swipe to switch shows.
  • Live stream events that you are organizing, right from your mobile and reach large number of listeners to be rolled out soon. Live streaming from the browser is currently available in close beta and was tested in several live events.

Febler currently has a content team that focuses on creating varied content that are professional, and also manages them.

The founders:

Vikram BN 

Vikram BN is the brain behind this technology platform. He takes care of the product development, product roadmap, and technology aspects in Febler. As the head of technology, he brings his experience in building audio platforms from his previous startup Kollabia, an online music collaboration platform and comes with strong technical background.

Chaitanya Naik 

He is a growth hacker and marketing expert, with 5+ years experience in management consulting and brings his learning from Talent neuron, an analytics startup acquired by CEB. At Febler, he focuses on marketing and partnership initiatives, including acquiring content, managing the content development team, and using social media to enhance reach.

Shyam Sekar S

He is an advisor and mentor on board with Febler; develops and executes strategies, business development and digital marketing at Febler. Driven by passion to build entrepreneurial ecosystem, Mr Shyam Sekar S founded Startup Xperts, who brings over 22 years of experience in working with many multinationals and Startups. He has spearheaded global marketing and sales initiatives building many successful enterprises.

"By 2018, millions people will find it difficult to connect with the content on digital platforms due to lack of content in local languages. Audio shows are easy to create in any language, as it eliminates the need to type. With every mobile phone equipped with microphones and almost no production steps involved, it certainly is the easiest tool (app) to use. Also audio is eyes free, it enables multitasking. It can be listened, while working on any routine tasks or traveling. " said Febler.

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