Enhancier Cx Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Streamlining businesses’ operations, improving productivity and creating advances with its unique offerings
Enhancier Cx Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Enhancier Cx Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Enhancier Cx Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

No business can survive without happy customers. We all have become victim atleast once of a  second rate treatment coupled with the bungle resulted in chaos, irrelevant, out-of-context, untimely and non-personalized terrible experience which made us feel displeased as a customer.

Robust customer experience and communication is the ultimate guide for a business to succeed which if ignored, will might cause critical injuries to your brand's reputation.

Today business ventures are struggling hard to get a 360-degree view of a customer, his insights, resulting in customer dissatisfaction, poor retention, and lesser sales.

The data dispersed at different database structure or different software makes the view of interaction history difficult. Lack of ability to analyze and understand customer behavior leaves companies to rethink their business models and tailor processes.

To address the gap between a brand and its customers, The duo Rajesh Mallaya and Tiju Andrews vouched for the need of establishing a firm that would cater 360-degree view of its clients' business to take various critical decisions which could actually bring changes that were of significance. Hence the incorporation of Enhancier brewed up in 2015.

Enhancier is acclaimed for managing customer experience across various departments addressing some of the critical issues of business leaders and their ventures by providing a great level of insights into the business, enriching customer touch points & standardizing delivery across.

Enhancier's clientele enlists notable corporate houses including 19 top brands with more than 700 active users under the verticals of Contact Center, Technical Helpdesk, E-commerce, Logistics, Travel & Car rentals, Order Management Companies, Consumer electronics, Mobility BFSI & Insurance Inventory Aggregators.

Enhancier Cx Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is altering the way of business' models by accelerating business growth of its corporate clients and managing big organization's firm through its multi-modal customer engagement offerings for the proper and streamlines the functioning of the organization.

How Enhancier is making each communication count?

Enhancier's solutions assist in redesigning the traditional way of doing business.

Since its inception, the journey has been tremendous for Enhancier. The product portfolio which was once consist of a mere contact center support application has matured into a full-fledged CRM with modules like, sales, customer service, order management, inventory management, marketing & campaign management, email response & social CRM and an application that can now be integrated with third party gateways, applications & other business engines- ADURA CRM.

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This unique application can be integrated with the complete customer lifecycle management system and is a cross-channel business model; telephone or digital. Adura CRM has the ability to bridge the gap by delivering end to end customer experience through a single login.

The agent can interact with customers over the phone, social media, email and web chat.  The CRM is empowered with high-quality reports that emancipate leaders from the tedious job of tracking agent's activity. Adura CRM satisfies the complete org level by understanding and configuring the CRM as per the business requirement. 

Adura CRM can consolidate and manage customer information from all available departments in an organization so that any agent can understand customer insights.

Key Expertise of Adura CRM:

  • Omni channel journey orchestration

  • Customer journey management

  • Ticket prioritization

  • Reduce Customer response time with escalation matrix

  • Easy to handle matrix management

  • Use multi-skill agent capabilities effectively

  • 360-degree view of the customer

  • Adapt sales collaterals and pitches on the fly

  • Merging multiple accounts into a single unique ID

  • Team performance tracking over multiple touch points

  • Ideal business intelligence reporting tool

  • Email Response Management

  • Social Media Support Solution

  • Web Chat Support Solution

  • Case Management Solution (Ticket)

  • Order Management Solution

  • Survey Management

  • Quality Management Solution

  • Telephony: Inbound Call

  • Sales- Inside & Field Sales

Complete Customer Lifecycle Management 

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Complete Customer Lifecycle Management</p></div>

Complete Customer Lifecycle Management

Complete Customer Lifecycle Management

 Milestones & Accolades

Headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra, Enhancier has gained uncountable applauds and achievements throughout its business journey. And there are more shining stars to be added in Enhancier's galaxy.

Outlined below are the major milestones received so far:

  1. Launch of integrated CRM with telephone

  2. Launch of integrated CRM with telephone & email

  3. Launch of integrated CRM with telephony, email and social

  4. Launch of order management with CRM

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Walking towards the future

Enhancier Cx Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is known for its excellence and in-depth experience in communication technology and customer experience domain.

While enjoying its undisturbed position and happy clients, Enhancier is now planning to launch a complete CLM application, wholly integrated with all communication platforms viz. voice, email, social & chat.

This will truly help enable a customer 360-degree view and can eventually help better transaction management & higher customer experience rating.

Soon the company will be Launching Adura's analytics platform and evolve it from transaction management to business analytics platform, helping customers sustain, grow and revolutionize business propositions.

The Corporate Duo: Brains behind Enhancier

Rajesh Mallaya - CEO & Co-founder

Currently, Rajesh is living the dream of helping CEOs and Business Leaders deliver their "Signature Customer Experience". Rajesh is a seasoned persona leveraging the years of experience of managing and improving the customer experience and the lifetime value of the customer, through technology to start-ups and mature companies.

Tiju Andrews - Co-founder & Director

He is a thorough professional with over 15 years of experience in customer experience, operations management, client relationship management, business development & technology solutions.

Possessing leadership skills and qualities, he is dynamic, an aspiring & a front runner in innovative ideas for organizational growth and success.

In the last couple of years, Tiju has led start-up organizations to be part of the 1 Cr. plus club in such a little time. This was made possible by identifying the right product mix, right sales strategy & delivery of exceptional leadership skills.

"My objective has always been to transcend expectations by pressing on the most imperative aspects that led to the growth of revenue and deliver higher profit margins. Customer & team first have been the principles all through this journey and will remain so…"

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