"For aspirants who want to start in this industry, it all starts with "what problem are they trying to solve" and why are they best suited to solve that. The focus then should be on commitment, passion, and perseverance to see them through."

Sandeep Mathur.

More than a 200 billion dollar industry today, management consulting is growing high and profitable. The channelling of focus on consultants has become the prime staple aspect for corporate culture regardless of what sector it is, strategy, Information Technology, Recruitment, Taxing, operations or else.

In the present scenario, there is a plethora of firms providing consulting services across the globe but not all are making a mark. The pure ingredient of success for most of the large organisations is picking a firm that proves fruitful in ingesting some serious strategic directions. One such firm that has proven with the pace of time to be a boon in becoming inseparably associated with the escalation of the brand is Lyncbiz India Private Limited.

Specialized in global sales acceleration, Lyncbiz kept its stepping-stones in 2015. With swift growth in mind for corporates, the venture started assisting enterprise product companies to engage, enable, and execute the strategies for sales in an exponentially reduced and effective time.

Lyncbiz collaborates with a rare select group of global and Indian start-ups who have innovative solutions to crack the distinctive challenges faced by corporate India. Specifically, for companies who do not have India presence, Lyncbiz provides the platform to build the business in this market. They ensure aid to their partners in acquiring the first set of logos all the way up to scaling the business, define, and execute the In-depth strategy about product-market fit, IP monetisation and relevant packaging and pricing for the market.


Sandeep Mathur, Managing Director

A Global IT executive, he has for the past 2 decades, led large multicultural sales teams in major IT corporations like Oracle, IBM, and Tata consultancy services.

Throughout his career, Sandeep had been engaged in high growth opportunities within the Enterprise software product space, whether to kick-start new sales teams, open up new geographies/opportunities or take the growth into the next orbit. He also is a sought after speaker and sits on boards of a number of companies.

Yatin Kantak, CEO, and Co-Founder

With a rich sales experience, he has managed business for more than 28 years in leading IT organizations like Oracle, IBM, Tata Unisys, Softcel, Cyberspace, Fiona & Net-tech

Ravi Eppaturi, CTO

He is an accomplished technology expert with more than three  decades of global experience. He has played leadership roles in leading organizations like TCS, Mphasis, Hexaware, J.Ray McDermott, and NIIT. He is a well-known prolific speaker in  multiple industry forums.

Sandeep Mathur, in a conversation with The CEO Magazine, strolling us through the corporate ethos, further plans, accreditation and more of Lyncbiz India Private Limited,

The CEO: What are the differentiating factors for you?

Sandeep: Faster time to Market by leveraging our deep corporate relationship with 200+ CxO Connects, relation with top leaders of State/ Centre Govt. and PSU Banks and ownership of the sales process as we help growth hack the partner's business

The CEO: What nature of clients are you associated with presently?

Sandeep: We are associated with a number of clients, to name a few we have Mahindra and Mahindra, State Bank of India, TVS Motors, Vijay Sales, ASCI, SBI Foundation, Khadi Gram Udyog, Waman Hari Pethe Jewellers and many more.

The CEO: What is the business problem the company hopes to solve with its solutions and offerings?

Sandeep: As a sales accelerator, we help our partners i.e. software product companies to establish and execute their Sales Go-to-Market (GTM) in India in a pace that is swift for a better marketing approach.  In addition, we strongly believe that innovation is the bedrock of our GTM strategy; we continuously try new approaches to engage, enable, and execute our partners and customers with all possible structural efforts.

The CEO: Has India adopted innovation as a tool to progress further and reach the epitome?

Sandeep: Of course, look at the JAM (Jan-Dhan, Aadhar and Mobile) trinity. We are a growing economy with distinct challenges and further innovation in multiple fields is required to realize the dream of our Honourable Prime Minister "Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas".

The CEO: How has innovation ingrained in your organization's culture for optimization?

Sandeep: Our Business concept itself is innovative, our working with Start-ups and helping them scale is disrupting the more established MNC product providers like IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP since most customers chose to buy solutions from large companies in the past. This is rapidly changing with a focus on innovative solutions from smaller companies to solve point problems in a more elegant way with a focus on localized solutions vs. the Global MNC's bringing their global solutions with an inability to be sensitive to local needs of India.

The CEO: What are the innovations that your company has brought into the industry?

Sandeep: We are an innovative sales platform to help the 'Make in India' SaaS and software start-up with their Go to Market Plans. Some of the start-ups who have chosen to collaborate with Lyncbiz have raised to further rounds of funding and scaled their business well.

The CEO: Is innovation, the only driving force behind a start-up or are there other factors as well?

Sandeep: Important, but not the only one, yes, innovation is the bedrock for the optimum development of any company. Product – Market fit, scaling the business, pricing, packaging, and fiscal prudence are other factors in addition to innovation, which can make or break a start-up.

The CEO: What technologies, business models, and trends will drive the biggest changes in your industry?

Sandeep: Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Data science, Automation are all having a significant impact on Business. This shall only accelerate in the future. B2B Enterprise Product funding in India for the year 2018-19 was a record of over US$3BN, this will double in the coming fiscal. This shall give rise to many unicorns in the enterprise product space. Unlike B2C companies, where the winner takes it all and one has to burn lots of capital, B2B companies tend to be more conservative on the cash burn and beyond a particular threshold become surer bets.

In the coming days, the company is looking forward positively to continue growing its presence across India and on the other hand upsurge the reach to more than 1000 enterprise customers.

For long, in the autocracy of management consultancy, strategizing and how well one can do it, has been triumphant. A smart client will always rightly estimate the value of a consulting firm that adds value to its corporate. LyncBiz India Private Limited today is massacring the scenario with offering suitable modus operandi for a business house, innovate, explore opportunities with new plans, and thrive harder to grab the appropriate solution for the recklessly approaching future.

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