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Abhishek Agarwal

Abhishek Agarwal

President, Judge India & Global Delivery at The Judge Group

Founded by Martin E. Judge Jr. in 1970 in Northeast Philadelphia, The Judge Group made its way to India in 2016. Established as an Offshore IT & Learning Center in 2016, Judge India Solutions emerged as a 24/7 IT Solutions provider, delivering AI-ML-RPA, Technology, Learning, E-Governance, and Talent solutions.

Having offices in more than 30 locations, The Judge Group is present across the United States of America, Toronto (Canada), Europe, and India.

Judge India Solutions is a proud solution provider to an elite list of clients, including over 60 Fortune 100 companies and more, from B2B companies, IT companies for Global Managed Services, and Public and Private Universities to Government Sectors, Administration Offices, etc. Some of their best-known clients include JP Morgan Chase, Vanguard, Google, Siemens, Cisco, Pfizer, Automation Anywhere, Liferay, AstraZeneca, etc.

The Judge Group’s vision is to provide the best Technology, Talent, and Learning solutions in the world.

With a mission of working at the crossroads of people and transformative technologies, Judge delivers creative business solutions powered by the top talent to match strategic goals, helping one succeed now and in the future.

Abhishek Agarwal - President, Judge India & Global Delivery at The Judge Group

A dynamic and exceptional leader with 22+ years of extensive cross-functional experience with prominent global brands such as The Judge Group, L&T Infotech, Capgemini Invent, Birlasoft, and Genpact. For the contributions made by him to the industry, he has won several accolades:

  • Achievement in Thought Leadership by Stevie International Business Awards 2022

  • CEO of The Year (Information Technology) at Leaders Awards 2022 by Bizox Media Network

  • Top 15 staffing owners and operators to watch in 2021 by World Staffing Summit

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Journey of The Judge Group in India

In 2016, The Judge Group launched Judge India Solutions. What started with a small team of 17 employees has grown to a winning team of 400+ employees within six years.

Committed to making an impact and adding value to the lives of employees and clients alike, their growth mindset, people-centric approach, and trust in their core values remained constant for the team throughout these years. Judge India Solutions has expanded to Bangalore and Hyderabad in India.

Empowering Businesses & People

The Judge Group is united with a collective vision of providing the best business technology consulting, talent, and learning solutions to enterprises worldwide.

It is heading forward with the commitment to reskilling and upskilling their teams, innovating their business strategies to meet clients’ requirements, and fostering an inclusive workspace.

Differentiating Factors

A people-powered organization, Judge India Solutions considers its people as its brand. A hand-picked core management team of highly experienced leaders from diverse backgrounds handle all possible shortcomings with their business expertise.

Believing in a collaborative approach and leading a progressive mindset make them uniquely qualified. The consistent growth and expansion across the globe and the growth in their talent community speak volumes of their dedication and commitment towards Judge’s vision. “SUCCESS, RATHER THAN BEING A DESTINATION, IS A JOURNEY!”- ABHISHEK AGARWAL

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The leaders at Judge India Solutions define success as the ability to find gap areas and solve problems with a solution-oriented approach that can empower people and businesses. Over the years, Judge India Solutions has received several achievements and recognitions. Some of the recent ones include:

  • India’s Most Trusted Brand Awards 2022 by IBC (India’s Most Trusted Consulting, Learning & Talent Solutions Firm)

  • Most Innovative Tech Company of the Year 2021 by The Stevie International Business Awards

  • Global Brand of the Year 2020-21 by AsiaOne

Core Values

The team at Judge India Solutions adheres to a set of core values, including Collaboration, Dependability, Empowerment, Perseverance, and Caring. It helps shape their corporate culture, drive business decisions, and define their partnership with clients, employees, and contractors.

Hurdles Along the Journey

From the initial challenges of analyzing the business market, competition, the need, and gap areas to the expansion across the globe, financial management, and hiring the right team, the journey for Judge India Solutions has been a learning curve. However, their cutting-edge solutions, consistent growth, and a legacy of 52 years inspire the clients’ trust in them.

Upcoming Projects at Judge India Solutions

Judge India Solutions’ team, at present, is directing all their efforts toward two of their most innovative products, Brihha and Vardaan:

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Brihha LMS

Brihha is the revolutionary Learning Management System developed to solve the collaboration issue in the online environment for universities and corporates.

With a focus on designing and building a product that all age groups of users in different environments can use. It centralizes all the features learners and administrators require for knowledge retention and increased engagement.


Vardaan is a comprehensive disaster prediction and management system where government and disaster management organizations can predict future disasters and prepare infrastructure and resource plans to manage relief activities.

The solution provides incident reporting, tracking, and resolving framework to the involved authorities. The solution also provides the citizen-side interface through web and mobile portals and applications to enable access to e-Market, e-Pass, Telemedicine, and Telehealth. Simultaneously, authorities can keep track of movement through live GIS tracking.

The team at the Judge Group is committed to creating a smart future with:

  • Quantum computing for drug discovery in a multi-verse

  • Digital Twin in a Meta Verse for Agile Manufacturing

  • Building a sustainable tech future environment that inclu-des initiatives for smart energy, smart manufacturing, etc.

 Advice To Young Entrepreneurs 

Willingness to learn: True professionals are always open to learning more and advancing their skill sets. This can be achieved through continued education or self-learning.

Be Solution-oriented: Instead of just pointing out a problem one finds, acknowledge it and then offer a way to fix it. Always think of ways to make other people’s jobs easier or prevent problems entirely.

Knowing when to say “I don’t know”: One of the most underrated qualities in a professional, but in this business, it is very appreciated. However, the eagerness to learn is a prerequisite to succeeding in this competitive business world.

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