BE YOUNG: leverages its profitable e-commerce platform in the $4bn Indian nutraceutical industry through innovative Food Pills and Nutritional Meals

BE YOUNG: leverages its profitable e-commerce platform in the $4bn Indian nutraceutical industry through innovative Food Pills and Nutritional Meals

BE YOUNG: leverages its profitable e-commerce platform in the $4bn Indian nutraceutical industry through innovative Food Pills and Nutritional Meals

  • E-commerce platform grows 133% YoY in FY18; 2,500+ new customers registering every month
  • 'My75Micronutrients' Food Pill and 'My Daily Protein Shake' appeal to millennials and meet nutritional expectations

Deccan Health Care Ltd (DHC), the nutraceuticals and wellness product Company, leverages its fast growing e-commerce platform "BE YOUNG" to sell its products Pan-India. DHC's e-commerce platform serves Indian consumers' nutritional and wellness needs. The portal has over 1,61,000 registered consumers, growing at a rate of 2,500-3,000 every month. It is emerging as a fastest growing and profitable wellness brand portal. BE YOUNG serves Indians with innovative nutrition based food pills and meals that contain food ingredients addressing the growing concern of people targeted to reduce the risk of Diabetes; Blood Pressure; Bone & Joint problems; Decrease in libido and other lifestyle linked disease, disorder and disability with the mission to eradicate nutrient deficiency, "Kuposhan Hatao Khushiyan Lao". The company is now extending its reach to the large millennial Indian diaspora with specifically and scientifically designed nutrition products and personal health products. The aim of BE YOUNG is not simply treating severe deficiency but the need to reach out to the population to protect them against the consequences of inadequate nutrient intake and its associated consequences.

Innovating Food Pills & nutritional Meals -FMCH products by utilizing the latest technology landscape

Millennials are a large and under-served market, especially in the regular nutrition and more so in lifestyle products category. BE YOUNG as a brand sells product lines especially for them, which meets their wellness goals and price expectations to ensure repeated consumption. "Disease free body lifelong – Community- Commerce has always been the Company's mission and with this, Deccan Health Care will solidify its position. We use every opportunity we get- no matter how small- to set change in motion. We want to be a force for nutrition and for awesome quality of life one lives" Asserts Mohita Gupta, Chief Development Officer- Business Strategy & CSR, Deccan Health Care.

BE YOUNG products address millennial's 52 wellness goals. The recent launch of 'BE YOUNG My 75 Micronutrient Food Pill' and 'BE YOUNG My Daily Protein Shake' is increasing the brand's online customer acquisition. These products are appealing millennials by meeting their nutritional expectations and convenience. The well-informed millennial enjoys BE YOUNG My 75 Micronutrient Food Pills that as a single Food Pill is the scientific combination of 75 essential micronutrients meets RDA, essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and relevant Phyto and bio-nutrients that keeps them energized and healthy. In addition, fitness savvy millennials appreciate BE YOUNG My Daily Protein Shake that adds 15gm per serving of protein with metabolizers, protein activation and assimilation nutrients-highest in the category that help meet RDA of protein and achieve their fitness goals. As part of its ecommerce segment, the Company is delivering FMCH products in six main segments. First, Daily Body Cell Nutrition: to keep body's basic structural units-the cells, nourished. Second, Organ Specific Nutrition: for Fit Eyes; Fit Heart; Fit Bones; Fit Joints; Fit Hair; Fit Prostrate; Fit Skin; and other organs. Third, Energy Boosting Nutrition: for the 24×7 enthusiastic #theboss. Fourth, Nutrition Good for active sex. Fifth, Ingredient Nutrition: a differentiated line on nutrition and ingredients is all about basics and self-affirming thoughts and knowledge. Sixth, Symptom specific Nutrition: most researched signature line that helps the not so fortunate, suffering with diseases, disability, and unpleasant symptoms to improve longevity of life and reduce intensity of suffering. The Company is also expanding into providing all micronutrients and protein through fortified small volume- low calories meals, based on super foods viz. Quinoa, Millets and other Pulses.

To have a more nuanced understanding of the matters pertaining to the firm, our editorial team spoke to Mohita. Here are the edited excerpts.

To begin, how is your brand defining "trust" in the market? What stands behind its uniqueness?

The Company has full presence in the value chain from Innovation, sourcing, R&D, Development, design to production and distribution — Deccan Health Care is running the entire process in-house and via partnerships with service providers. Our aspiration is to be a positive force for growth across each area of our citizenship work: Ethics, Corporate Responsibility & Community Impact. We have challenged convention by shifting the focus of healthcare from 'treatment' to 'prevention.' Operating on our "Farm to Food Pill" system has led to an immediate realization of the metrics commonly used to measure success in quality and trust. The clearest evidence came from a notable rise of wellness members to 161,000+ and Far East India geographies that we reached. We are unique because we combine what appeals to millennials online with what they need — our millennial centric, value-based affordable, nutritional product line is a strategic extension.

In an age of mistrust, are you seeing an evolution in how consumers trust brands, or are they still for the most part doubtful?

BE YOUNG is building trust in millions of lives. We understand consumer trust revolves around the core values of a brand. No matter how much we grow, we always keep ourselves deep-rooted in our purpose, values, and principles. Consumer loyalty and satisfaction has been at the heart of what we do. Deccan Health Care, over the course of 20 years, has challenged convention, led innovation, and helped shape culture and we don't plan on stopping anytime soon. We have a team of scientists, researchers and professionals, and a rigorous development process to analyze every ingredient—before we ever consider putting it in one of our products.

What problem does your Brand solve and how are you different from others?

When it comes to food pills and meals, we know that many prefer using natural and organic ingredients, so we innovate and develop on the same line. While you may find natural ingredients appealing, being natural alone does not translate to being 'Nutritional.' The nutritional solutions we provide are manufactured implementing our "Farm to Food Pill" system; we harvest and yield food components that are grown for the most part in India using the highest agricultural standards.

Brand's Chronoscope

  • Rewarded by ASSOCHAM and Ministry of Ayush for the Best Wellness Brand in 2018; Best Fastest Growing Online Nutrition Store in 2018
  • Awarded Leader with a Purpose Award 2018
  • Future Woman Leader Award 2018
  • The Global Sustainability Leadership Award 2018

Dynamic leadership

Chief Development Officer-Business Strategy & CSR

Mohita Gupta, finance postgraduate from prestigious London School of Economics is adding a persistent determination for doing business responsibly with respect to human rights. She represented the firm in a conference at the United Nations Office Geneva in 2016 to set forth firm's impact on the community. Mohita's goal is to improve the quality of life and well-being of every life they touch. Taking her parents' legacy of giving back to the society forward, she is spearheading the BE YOUNG initiative. While pursuing graduation from Osmania University she joined ICAI. She completed MBA in business laws from the NALSAR University. Mohita has worked with Barclays Bank London, ICICI Lombard GIC, and IFFCO TOKIO General Insurance under varied portfolios.

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