AWL India Limited: personalizing logistics experience with its global network

AWL India Limited: personalizing logistics experience with its global network

AWL India Limited: personalizing logistics experience with its global network

AWL India Limited: personalizing logistics experience with its global network

AWL India Limited: personalizing logistics experience with its global network

To run a business, various aspects of different processes have to be weighed, starting from the production process to the delivery of the product. Logistics and supply chain management is one such important aspect of a successful business.

With disruption in the industry and introduction of outsourcing of logistics to the specialized firms, the burden on companies to deliver their products has reduced. Before the advent of such firms, only behemoths were able to retain such services and small firms had to look at others.

Observing the logistics hindrances, Rahul Mehra discovered a flash in the storm. He observed the opportunity, cultivated a dream and metamorphosed it into a reality. To address the unmet demands by deploying personalized services, AWL India Pvt. Ltd. came into existence in 2007.

India's fastest and largest supply chain management leader, AWL's bedrock was laid on one principal- to provide personalized services to its customers. Making use of its vast experience in the logistics industry, the company's focus has broadened across copious industry verticals like retail, lifestyle, FMCG, Telecom and special projects.

With time, AWL has anchored its roots deeply in all major locations and gateways across India. They have an extended network of agencies worldwide. AWL overseas partners continue to carry their tradition of service and flexibility to its customers in over 100 countries.

The AWL Difference- a single platform for all logistics services

  • Housing all the modern means logistic technology with State-of-the-art Storage Facilities

  • Catering flexible policies for each client catering their individual needs, thus full filing the pledge of personalized services

  • Fostering a Unique Storage Model that makes them stand apart from other peer companies

  • Comprehensive WMS capabilities

  • Seamless delivery across India

  • Quality in service and deliverables

  • Transparency of operations

  • Integration with all ERPs

  • Reduction of Carbon Footprints (CSR)

<div class="paragraphs"><p>AWL India Limited: personalizing logistics experience with its global network</p></div>
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Area of Expertise

The organization has created a 'big mark' in the logistics industry by catering personalized logistics services across Retail, Apparel, Footwear, Accessories, Telecom, Power, Home and Infrastructure vertical. AWL blended technology and expertise together to deliver quality and commitment through its wide gamut of services including:

  • Primary Services: Air and Ocean Freight Forwarding and Warehousing & Distribution.

  • Complimentary Products: Temperature Controlled Trucking, Container Freight Station, Taxation and Permits, Brokerage.

  • Specializing in GOH: (Garments on Hangers)

  • Solutions and offerings: Warehousing & Storage, Transportation, Cargo / Express Movements, Freight Forwarding,3PL / 4PL Services, Project Movements, Event Logistics, Packaging / Labelling / Barcoding, Logistics Consultancy

Spearheading in the service industry, AWL has always kept its clientele as the head honcho. Currently, the firm homes a vast and varied list of 200+ clients, some prestigious names are Red Bull, Fujitsu, Body shop, Kaya, CallawayGolf, Vero Moda/Only/Jack and Jones, and Kelley India.



  • Over 1.5 million Square Feet of Storage Space in India

  • Strategic presence in 14 cities – covering all major ports/airports

  • Handled all three F1 events for Red Bull (2011-2012-2013)

  • The client base of over 200 and average client retention is over 3 years for the top 50.

  • Average employee retention is over 4 years.

  • FSSAI approved

  • Drug License

  • Employee base 750+( Staff and others)


  • Dun & Bradstreet rated AwL India with AAA ratings

  • The firm was nominated for "3PL Solutions" at ICC Supply Chain Excellence Awards in 2014

  • It was also nominated for "Innovation in Logistics" at the ICC Supply Chain Excellence Awards in 2014

  • AWL was also nominated for "Emerging Entrepreneurs" at Leaders of Tomorrow IndiaMART in 2014

Dynamic Leadership

Rahul Mehra

Founder, Chairman and CEO

Rahul Mehra, a graduate from the Delhi University and an industry veteran, he specializes in International business and logistics.

His vast 19 years of industry experience in various positions including operations manager, customer service manager, national account executive and VP of sales helped him to start such a venture with the greatest efficacy.

Rahul's sales /operations experience is with firms like Expeditors, Schenkers DB and CEVA, and area of expertise is in International Airfreight, Airport CFS/trucking, supply chain planning and execution.

Currently, Rahul maintains a key focus on domestic warehousing and distribution for Telecom, Fashion, Apparel, Cosmetics, Home and Retail verticals with a succinct aim to take AWL into an Ivy League of Supply chain Integrators.

Outside his business circle Rahul is known as a devoted fitness fan. For him fitness is not just a regime or a hobby; it is a lifestyle and it gives him freedom to do what he loves to do.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>AWL India Limited: personalizing logistics experience with its global network</p></div>
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During one of his interviews with a fitness magazine, he asserted, "A global business means global travel — not just exhausting business trips across time zones, but having to relocate for work.

Amidst all this, one must learn to respect the human body which ultimately enables you to stretch up to such limits, but it's equally important to enjoy other aspects of life. So, eat clean, exercise, enjoy your cheat meals and a few drinks on the weekend to maintain the balance." [sic]

CEO's hope for future

After looking at a successful 2018 with more Customers, Happy employees, the release of new verticals, expansion of their distribution network and the opening of five new warehouses, Rahul gauged the rapid change in the Indian economy with GST and digitalization coming into the picture having an impact on logistics scenario including industries and societies and on AWL as well but being proactive did not let bring any hindrances in the firm's operations, they were GST ready and added more capacity at all the major cities going beyond 1.5 million square feet.

AWL has recently launched Reverse logistics, and entered into very specialized Education logistics and traveled over 1000 cities, delivering smiles with the right quality and in a timely fashion. They understand the current market undertone about quality and reliability and are committed to it with their 550+ team members and living to their core values each and every day with an emphasis on Customer Priority, Integration, and Innovation.

AWL aspires to become one of India's leading Supply Chain Management Company by 2020 AD. AWL group is committed to re-shape the current landscape of several Supply Chain activities in India through their dedication and hard work, backed by modern technology and aggressive leadership.

The company desires its presence in all states and ports in India. They wish to upgrade to Automotive JIIT Supply Chain operations. They have made considerable investments in emergency supply chain services and E-commerce supply chain services.

The company understands the pertinence of society, hence it has formulated several plans to pay back more to the society through its CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiatives.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

AWL is committed to developing its business towards ecological, social and economic sustainability. All of these are recognized as shared responsibilities within the Company, enabling the continuous improvement of its operations.

AWL understands the basic fact of Earth being the only life support system and it is committed to the causes related to protecting the Earth.

They are focused on contributing to different causes whenever they avail opportunity to make a difference; Save Water, Sustainable & Reusable Packaging, Energy Conservation and Environment Protection; because Go green initiative is about responsible citizenship which also includes conservation of natural resources and protection of the soil, water and climate required to sustain life on earth.

The group's efforts are to involve people, their clients and partners to do one Green Deed a Day.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>AWL India Limited: personalizing logistics experience with its global network</p></div>
Vijay Shekhar Sharma

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