360 Degree Cloud Technologies

Pioneering Salesforce CRM Consulting since 2012
Founder and CEO of 360 Degree Cloud Technologies

Founder and CEO of 360 Degree Cloud Technologies

Pioneering Salesforce CRM Consulting since 2012

360 Degree Cloud Technologies: Pioneering Salesforce CRM Consulting since 2012

360 Degree Cloud Technologies, a Salesforce registered ISV partner is a pioneer in eating, drinking and breathing business Salesforce® and furnishing consultation to clients from all walks of life, granting an exceptional level of customer service to help businesses grow and outperform their previous best.


Contrivance of Mr. Siddharth Sehgal, 360 Degree Cloud Technologies emerged in May 2012 to remodel the wheel of Cloud based Customer Relationship Management with the finest touch ups in the CRM Solution for Salesforce®.

The company grips the expertise to serve needs of complex Salesforce CRM implementation, Integration & Setting up the Marketing Cloud. 360 Degree Cloud Technologies offers wide range of customizations to the Force.com® platform to meet the business specific requirements of the clients by improving resource efficiency, thereby setting them free to pursue their core competencies.

Over the span of five years, 360 Degree Cloud Technologies company has served millennium clients in the arena of Education, NPO, Hospitality, Real Estate, Retail, Financial Sector and more across USA, Canada, UK, Australia and India.

The company stands high on the dock as a complete Cloud based CRM consulting firm standing right behind companies to deliver cutting edge solutions by bridging the gap between Salesforce CRM implementation and high price.

A sneak peek over 360 Degree Cloud Technologies

'360 Degree Cloud Technologies + Your Business = Proven Results'

360 Degree Cloud understands complex business challenges and help clients enhance their customer relationships, become more connected and collaborative, and set straight their IT processes. The avant-garde Salesforce CRM apps developed by 360 Degree Cloud have helped numerous companies save on time and investment.

As a prominent leader in cloud computing, the company dispenses bestowing clients with sweeping efficiency, bolstered capabilities, and enhanced financial outcomes. 360 Degree Cloud provides optimum specialties in the following arena of:

  • CRM Consulting

  • com Consulting, Implementation and Integration

  • Web Development & Designing

  • IOS & Android Mobile Apps development

  • com Apps

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Product Portfolio

360 SMS App

Communication has become the vital property across the organizations globally to run their businesses, generate revenues and propel growth. Henceforth, it becomes quintessential for an unbreakable supply for this oxygen between business contacts and clients.

Text Message Marketing in form of SMS has a big impact on business players who intend to relay their business message via bulk SMS to prospective clients.

SMS marketing saves costs, is easy and highly valuable. To further amplify the power to send SMS from Salesforce®, 360 Degree Cloud Technologies developed 360 SMS App, available on Salesforce® App-exchange.

The 360 SMS app has been developed keeping in mind its intended use at the hands of users who may not be technically competent to install and use it.Nevertheless, its accessible user interface combined with free Support from 360 Degree Cloud Technologies necessitates fewer efforts towards installation and use.

Merge Duplicates App

Developed by 360 Degree Cloud Technologies, Merge Duplicates App is a Salesforce® deduplication and data quality application to resolve the problem of lead, contact and account duplicates in their existing database and assists them in integrating relevant client data to make sure that they are always working with the most accurate, up-to-date info.

Verify the Email

Powered by 360 Degree Cloud Technologies Pvt. Ltd., this app provides email verification for Salesforce® allowing users to quickly & easily validate, verify, and check the Email addresses with just one click. The same immensely helps in keeping the data of clients clean and up to date.

The minds behind 360 Degree Cloud Technologies

"We believe in delivering quality over quantity. We provide the success ladders in the form of a robust CRM system and with every implementation we do, we make sure that our client gets best consulting service."- Siddharth Sehgal, Founder & CEO, 360 Degree Cloud Technologies

An admirer of Salesforce.com and an MBA degree holder, Siddharth followed his passion and twisted it into a big success as 360 Degree Cloud Technologies.

He believes that one should always go for his/her cup of tea rather than waiting for the cappuccino to arrive. He incorporated 360 Degree Cloud Technologies with a motive of providing a combined and unparalleled experience in Salesforce.com Consulting, Implementation and Integration domain. 

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NJS Engineers India Pvt. Ltd.

"For us, the golden stairs for success lies in searching and nourishing the human talent who want to make a difference."

Pooja Singhal,

Co-Founder & HR Director,

360 Degree Cloud Technologies

As Co-Founder & HR Director at 360 Degree Cloud Technologies, Pooja is a recognized Business and Human Resource Expert spearheading all Human Resources administration as well as focusing on operations management, process improvement and standardization for the company.

An MBA graduate, Pooja is specialized in deftly designing coordinating and implementing HR strategies in line with FY business objectives, contributing towards creating a better workforce and prosperous growth of the company.

The all star Team of 360 Degree Cloud Technologies

The 360 team consists of 100+ proficient Salesforce.com Certified Developers, Administrators & Consultants who are available round the clock to deliver the best Salesforce® practices from thousands of successful implementations.

The 360 team possesses extensive knowledge and understanding of Salesforce® and Force.com® PaaS. It is predisposed to pick the best Salesforce® built-in functionality and tweak the rest to bring down cost and enhance productivity in businesses accruing the benefits of a strong Customer Relationship Management and Salesforce® automation for the clients.

The company holds a solid strategy to recognize, reward and motivate the outstanding performers through Quarterly & Annually Spotlight awards categorized as

  • Ongoing excellence in performance

  • Extra Mile Award

  • Client compliments on service

  • Outstanding one-time achievement

  • Contribution to team effectiveness

  • Star performer of the quarter

Colossal Milestones &Roadmap for future

360 Degree Cloud Technologies makes sure to cater a way for companies and industries of different sizes and business to connect with their customers via new technology model that outputs the results.

Successfully touching the golden count of serving more than a millennium clients, Siddharth shared his road map note as, "Diversity and innovation are the important aspects of 360 Degree Cloud Technologies' growth agenda and the keys to position our company as a future ready top rated Salesforce CRM and IT Solutions provider, pursuing the principle of 'Make in India'. " Siddharth Sehgal.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Founder and CEO of&nbsp;360 Degree&nbsp;Cloud Technologies </p></div>
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