Helping businesses achieve more with its technology prowess: mcIntellect Group of Companies

Helping businesses achieve more with its technology prowess: mcIntellect Group of Companies

Helping businesses achieve more with its technology prowess: mcIntellect Group of Companies

With businesses from every edge recognizing the dexterity of IT Consulting services as scalable, agile and secure, the IT Consulting spectrum has been swelling up and is advancing market traction within major geographies across the globe. The scenario in Indian market is currently pacing up with gaining attraction, thanks to the increasing participation expected to be witnessed from both private as well as government sector. Furthermore, cloud vendors are increasingly devising innovative pricing modules to cater to a wider consumer segment. Nestled in Olympia Tech Park, Chennai and its CoE in Adyar, Chennai, mcIntellect brings a fresh and innovative approach to IT consulting services for small, medium and large corporations. mcIntellect Group of Companies' humble beginning dates back in 2013, where the organization laid its initial step as mcIntellect Solutions Private Limited as a vision of a serial entrepreneur, R. Chandar who is a renowned name in the IT Consulting spectrum rejoicing more than two decades of expertise in the field of IT Services, IT Consulting, Service Delivery, Business Process Consulting, Business Transition and also shouldering diverse responsibilities such as planning, organizing, managing budgets, estimates, problem solving, building teams, mentoring, program development and customer Interface for migration in various business and process verticals. Over the years mcIntellect has been providing consulting services to a wide range of public and private clients in the Information Technology, Healthcare, Financial, Manufacturing, and Health and Human Services sectors.

mcIntellect's Founder& Director, R. Chandar talks about a host of issues in line with mcIntellect's journey so far and the plans ahead.

Edited Excerpts…

Please throw some light on being the 'Gold Partner' for Oracle in India.

We have Oracle as a practice in our organization from 2014 onwards and have designed deployed and maintained Oracle solutions for our corporate. The scope of Oracle solutions is in abundance with covering Database, Middleware, and Applications while having Hardware Technology as the right move for Oracle for entering into Cloud solutions. We act as a "Direct Agent" for Oracle on their shared services. We predominantly focus on support contracts i.e., Oracle license renewals (database, middleware and on Apps) and also on Oracle hardware support renewals. We ensure our client's capex and opex items are under direct support of Oracle.

mcIntellect being a NASSCOM member and an ISO 9001: 2015 certified has sprouted as an industry leader in technology consulting and solutions delivery. What makes the organization stand apart from the crowd?

Since our beginning, we have focused on exceeding the expectations of every customer by offering outstanding Customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value, thus optimizing system functionality and improving operation efficiency. We have the best genre of Industry certified professionals holding extensive domain expertise to deliver Innovative and focused solutions. Here's how we stand out from the crowd:

What stands as mcIntellect's expertise for solving critical business challenges?

We have a genuine interest in our clients' projects from Conception to Completion. We leverage our deep category knowledge, market insight, best-in-class tools and spare parts management. We also have DCCC (Data Center Construction Consulting) as a practice.By acting as client's advocate, our IT vendor management team can get the results on what client's need. Our experienced professionals are fluent in the techno-speak that corporate companies like to throw around, so our clients don't have to spend time trying to figure out everything their vendors say. The mcIntellect team works closely with our clients to review their list of vendors and explore ways to get improved service and pricing. By reducing the number of companies, they work with; we can help leverage the highest-quality performance to help their business succeed. Their top vendors will benefit from having clear expectations, better working relationships, less paperwork, and more business. In short, it's a better situation for all. Our offerings can be further categorized as:

  • IT Infra Services
  • IT Business Consulting
  • Managed Services
  • Oracle Offering
  • Cloud Solution

How well are the clients connected with mcIntellect?

By providing unique and the appropriate solutions for our corporate, we have acquired more than 50+ clients in the last 5 years and are successfully cherishing our relationships with them. We also have a unique tie-up with OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacture's) and we are Direct Agent for Oracle India and ISV for HP India. Our other partners include Microsoft, IBM, Dell, Cisco, McAfee, Fujitsu, and others. Most of all, we have a passion for our clients and our work. The proof is in the results we produce for our clients and the long-term partnerships we build from our successes.

How mcIntellect is deploying an entirely new approach to blocking malware by utilizing the power of Artificial Intelligence?

We are living in the era of Artificial Intelligencewhich has been successfully disrupting economies. To give cyber security a further edge for unified communications and mobile operating systems, we are crunching over deploying millions of features in our mobile-research based operating system model harnessed by the power of Artificial Intelligence to predict malware and autonomously prevent it from executing. The platform will be launched in June. Along with that, we have few more projects in line to make businesses run in a smarter way.

Thanks for the connect Mr. Chandar. We wish you the best for your entrepreneurial journey ahead.

Thanks for the talk and your wishes!!

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