Michael Dell

Revolutionizing Technology and Philanthropy
Michael Dell

Michael Dell

Revolutionizing Technology and Philanthropy

Michael Saul Dell, born on February 23, 1965, is a name synonymous with innovation, entrepreneurship, and a commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

He is not just the founder, chairman, and CEO of Dell Technologies, one of the world's largest technology infrastructure companies, but also a dedicated philanthropist. His estimated net worth, according to Forbes, is 7,260 crores USD. 

In this article, we explore Michael Dell's journey from a college freshman with a passion for technology to a billionaire businessman and a generous contributor to philanthropic causes.

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Early Life and Passion for Technology

Michael Dell was born into a Jewish family in Houston, Texas, to parents Lorraine Charlotte, a stockbroker, and Alexander Dell, an orthodontist. His journey into the world of technology began early, as he attended Herod Elementary School and, later, Memorial High School.

At a young age, Dell exhibited a keen entrepreneurial spirit by applying to take a high school equivalency exam at just eight years old.

In his early teens, he invested his earnings from part-time jobs into stocks and precious metals. His interest in technology grew when he purchased his first calculator at age seven and later disassembled his first computer, an Apple II, to understand its inner workings.

While attending Memorial High School, Dell sold subscriptions to the Houston Post in the summer, further honing his entrepreneurial skills.

Despite his parents' desire for him to become a doctor, Dell embarked on his business journey by studying pre-med at the University of Texas in 1983.

During his time in college, he learned to target specific populations for newspaper subscriptions and, leveraging public records, earned substantial income by sending direct mail appeals. This early success led to him dropping out of college at the age of 19.

The Birth of Dell Technologies

As a college freshman at the University of Texas, Michael Dell initiated a business venture that would eventually revolutionise the technology industry.

He began assembling and selling upgrade kits for personal computers from his dorm room in the Dobie Center residential building. Recognising the potential cost savings of selling computers directly to customers, he registered his company as "PC's Limited" in 1984.

Dell's groundbreaking strategy involved manufacturing computers only after receiving customer orders. The business started modestly but soon expanded. In 1992, at the young age of 27, Michael Dell became the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

He continued to innovate, launching Dell Inc.'s online sales platform in 1996, which played a pivotal role in propelling the company to become the world's largest PC maker by 2001.

In 1998, Michael Dell founded MSD Capital L.P. to manage his family's investments, overseeing publicly traded securities, private equity activities, and real estate. While he stepped down as CEO in 2004, he returned in 2007 to lead Dell Inc.

In 2013, with the support of Silver Lake Partners, Microsoft, and a consortium of lenders, Michael Dell took Dell Inc. private in a deal valued at $25 billion. The company eventually returned to the public market in 2018. In a monumental move, Dell Inc. acquired EMC Corporation for $67 billion in 2016, marking one of the highest-valued tech acquisitions in history.

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Philanthropy: Giving Back to the World

Michael Dell's commitment to giving extends to the realm of philanthropy. In 1999, he and his wife, Susan Lieberman, established the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, focusing on various causes such as urban education, childhood health, and family economic stability.

Their contributions have been transformative, with substantial grants to organisations associated with the University of Texas, particularly in the field of healthcare and medical research.

Notable initiatives include the Michael & Susan Dell Center for Advancement of Healthy Living and the Dell Pediatric Research Institute. The foundation also committed $50 million to establish the Dell Medical School at the University of Texas at Austin.

In the wake of significant crises, Michael Dell has stepped forward. For instance, following Hurricane Harvey in 2017, he pledged $36 million to relief efforts in his native Houston. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he has been involved in supporting small businesses and finding treatments for the virus.

In 2020, the foundation donated $100 million for pandemic-related relief efforts. Their generous donations have amounted to over $2.43 billion, making a substantial impact on child poverty and various other causes.


Michael Dell's life journey is a testament to the power of innovation, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy. He has not only revolutionised the technology industry with Dell Technologies but has also dedicated himself to giving back to the world through the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation.

His commitment to education, healthcare, and disaster relief initiatives serves as an inspiration to all those who aspire to make a meaningful and lasting impact on society.

As of September 2023, Michael Dell stands as one of the world's leading technology entrepreneurs and a remarkable philanthropist, using his wealth to shape a brighter future for generations to come.

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