Spring Computing Technologies Pvt. Ltd., An Endeavour To Build Global Technology Leadership for Developing High Tech Products

Mohan Chaubal, Founder, Spring-Computing-Technologies-Pvt-Ltd
Mohan Chaubal, Founder, Spring-Computing-Technologies-Pvt-Ltd

An Endeavour To Build Global Technology Leadership for Developing High Tech Products

“The most important value that guides my life is relationships. I believe that personal integrity, willingness to trust people and openness in exchanging ideas form the basis of long-term successful relationships. Another important value is the desire to achieve perfection in whatever I do.”

Mohan Chaubal

Spring Computing Technologies Pvt. Ltd., An Endeavour To Build Global Technology Leadership for Developing High Tech Products


In the nineties, a visionary who chose to stay in India and create opportunities for Indians amidst the overwhelming trend of getting jobs in America, Mohan Chaubal built foundation for his journey to entrepreneurship with the experience of developing India’s first series of manufacturing automation products.

When Indian industry shifted to IT sourcing and witnessed rapid growth, the visionary witnessed the limitation of outsourced product development, as technology leadership was largely retained in-house by the customers abroad.

Equipped with his rich product development experience, Mohan, along with the other co-founders, on 27 June 2007, founded Spring Computing Technologies Private Limited to change this and play a critical role in a customer’s business success.

Specializing in collaboration technology, along with IoT and digital security, they have built conferencing, telehealth, remote support and security products for world’s leading brands including AT&T, Citrix Systems, Bosch, DolEx, and Quick Heal.

They have also built high tech, first of its kind, products for many startups, and helped some of them get acquired. Mohan added, “Today, I can proudly say that SpringCT is one of the best collaboration technology companies in the world. The plans to expand the reach to other industries such as BFSI and manufacturing are on the map.”

Entrepreneurial Hiccups and Mistakes of Tech CEOs

“The biggest challenge we faced in the early years was lack of brand value. Attracting good talent would be difficult despite excellent career opportunities as people didn’t know the company.

We worked around this by focusing on recruitment from campus and putting in the effort to groom them. This strategy has borne excellent fruits today.” - Mohan

SpringCT’s core founding team with the technology background committed the early mistake of easily getting swayed by technological success and disregarding the lack of financial discipline by some customers.

This slowed down their progress but they eventually learnt their lessons and have put processes in place to ensure that they don’t derail again.

Mohan Chaubal, Founder, Spring-Computing-Technologies-Pvt-Ltd
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Core Values and Problems, A Leader’s Outlook

Relationships with the employees, the customers, the vendors, and society in general, is a core value. Equally important for them is the commitment to exploring, learning and developing new technologies. SpringCT ensured taking on challenging assignments with extreme commitment to deliver, helping it grow stronger with every new challenge.

SpringCT encourages the team to take on challenges as they train, mentor, and provide all possible organization level support. They follow the approach of desiring success in addressing every challenge, but not considering failure as a crime if an adequate effort has been put in.

Instead, they analyse the issues, identify root causes and prepare ourselves better for the next challenge. Having witnessed failures at times, they believe extreme transparency with their customers is key to long term success.

The Pandemic and Digital Influence

All of us have seen how collaboration technologies have assisted businesses to continue to operate seamlessly by transitioning homes of their employees into micro-offices.

Additionally, SpringCT is developing technology to deal with many other challenges thrown open by the pandemic such as remote health monitoring and support to elderly people living alone, remote consulting by expert doctors for a critical patient by enabling remote access to life support and surgical equipment, remote assistance in fixing problems at manufacturing plants.

Their blend of deep expertise in collaboration, IoT and digital security enables them to achieve good results and quick response.

What is Success?

Like a classic visionary, the ultimate success for Mohan is also related to creating a positive impact on human life. While they successfully ensured life as well as the livelihood in the pandemic, their developed products benefitted millions of people.

“Our success can be accredited to many people. Right from mentors at the first company I worked with, to some customers and partners, many people have shaped our thinking and approach to business. The most important, however, is the team of technology experts and managers at SpringCT that supports our rapid growth,” shared Mohan.

Mohan Chaubal, Founder, Spring-Computing-Technologies-Pvt-Ltd
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Surmounting Covid-19

SpringCT, fortunately, took the Work from Home decision for its employees before the lockdown was announced. Being the technology experts, they were comfortable with the idea of online collaboration of engineering teams.

The brand puts the spotlight on the emotional comfort of employees by staying in touch regularly, providing required infrastructure, understanding their challenges and providing support, adapting processes to align with the changed context.

Furthermore, the SpringCT team grew by more than 25% between April and September last year with strict lockdown in force. The personal connection of the management team played a critical role in integrating each team member with the organization.

The SpringCT Achievements

The visionary treasures his team of architects, tech leads, and engineering/project managers along with the products they have built over the years, some of which have been among the Top 3 in their respective industries globally.

Boosting the long-standing relationships with most of their satisfied clientele, they ultimately create more opportunities for the brand through recommendations to their networks and assistance in developing new interesting relationships with ease.

What’s Trending?

Pandemic accelerated the digital transformation with collaboration, remote support, monitoring and related technologies. Convergence of IoT and conferencing technologies opened many new opportunities.

Similar is the story with many other industries such as manufacturing, financial services, media, education, and even governments. Mohan believes, “future offers excellent promise for further development of technology as well as applications”.

Mohan Chaubal, Founder, Spring-Computing-Technologies-Pvt-Ltd
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What’s Next?

Mohan believes collaboration technologies have been exploited by limited industries despite potential. He, along with his clientele, is today on the path of exploring novel ideas to expand the same quickly across industries. Pandemic induced increased technology usage is helpful to expand the scope of products under development with user feedback.

SpringCT cherishes guiding its clientele in utilizing the emerging technology to develop new offerings, enhance existing products and services, address business challenges, and catch up with the competition quickly which ultimately creates rapid growth opportunities for the company.

“Giving Back to Society, an Important Responsibility” - Mohan

Mohan is a Rotarian himself. SpringCT regularly partners with Rotary to execute impact making projects. They contribute financially, volunteer hours, as well as through the application of technology to improve lives.

During the COVID times, they stepped forward with contributions for enhancing healthcare infrastructure, providing food, medicines, and help to people impacted by lockdown and economic downturn.

They also spread awareness about precautions. Furthermore, they are working on a large project to take digital educational content to students in rural areas of Maharashtra.

“We have aggressive growth plans for the future supported by technical strengths and experience to back our plans, and a team to execute them well. While growing rapidly, our focus on the quality of service continues. While customer delight is paramount, we want to ensure that every stakeholder benefits from this growth as we look forward to exciting times ahead.” - Mohan Chaubal
Mohan Chaubal, Founder, Spring-Computing-Technologies-Pvt-Ltd
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Mohan Chaubal, Founder, Spring-Computing-Technologies-Pvt-Ltd
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Mohan Chaubal, Founder, Spring-Computing-Technologies-Pvt-Ltd
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