Gadgets 360, India’s Biggest and Most-Trusted Tech Review ‘Brand’

Gadgets 360, India’s Biggest and Most-Trusted Tech Review ‘Brand’

Gadgets 360, India’s Biggest and Most-Trusted Tech Review ‘Brand’

Gadgets 360, India’s Biggest and Most-Trusted Tech Review ‘Brand’

Gadgets 360, India's Biggest and Most-Trusted Tech Review 'Brand'

In the competitive market scenario, where new tech-based products continue to launch in the market with novel technologies and updated versions, how does one find the best deal? Be it a tech-savvy professional or just a consumer looking for a good smartphone in a specific price range, a brand offers solutions for everyone, Gadgets 360. Over the years, the brand has scaled up rapidly in line with the needs of the changing consumption patterns of the consumers and the evolution of the digital and tech ecosystem not only in India but globally.

The largest technology review platform, Gadgets 360 can be also remarked as the largest tech enthusiasts' base in the country. For years, the brand has been known for breaking the latest technology news, comprehensive product reviews, and advice(s) that help over 40 million people make buying decisions every month. It is the largest Hybrid Platform in India which is established on 3 Cs of Content, Community and Commerce offering the best to its audience.

The brand serves as the biggest and most trusted platform bridging the gap between its target audience and its clients. It ensures that the 'target audience', the tech enthusiasts stay updated with the new and updated products and services launched by its 'clients', which are the tech companies. Serving a broad set of audience with relevant and credible technology news, comprehensive product reviews and unbiased information to help make the correct buying decisions is how the brand has ensured to reach its position to what it is now.

The Gadgets 360 Clientele

Gadgets 360 has a vast clientele from various sectors in the technology industry. Being the most updated, the brand has been associated with the popular tech brands, OEMs, leading manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers across gadgets, gaming, audio-video, and appliances, PC & laptops industry. It also deals with the leading 3-trailers and top e-commerce platforms, OTTS, enterprise clients, etc.

A Unique Brand in Review Space

Founded as a distinct brand from the crowded gadget e-tailing space, Gadgets 360 has created a special space in the market as a credible platform. With 100 million page views on its official website, close to million fans on social media, the Gadget 360 is around 40 million monthly visitors ahead of its peers.

The Cutting Edge Technology

"Being well aware of the arrival of digitalization and the transformation of the era, we believe it is no longer an event one has to prepare for. The transformation of technology and its usage over the years have seen a paradigm shift from being used for specific purposes to being a part of every aspect of the user's lives. Currently, the affordable Cutting Edge Tech has a wider footprint for deployment like smart electronics & gadgets, home automation, education, health, automobiles." CEO Bhawna Agarwal

Mobile First: The Latest Technology Trend

India, a country where more than 30% of the population has access to mobile phone internet, is one of the only ones in the world to be a mobile-first region rather than the conventional moving from desktop to mobile ones. Out of the entire Indian Population using the internet, more than 75% are mobile users. Amongst the clutter and overload of information in this digital age, consumers are constantly looking for trusted platforms with credible content and Gadgets 360 is a brand catering the audience with the same.

Overcoming the Hurdles that Brand Battles

Being a brand in an evolving and interdependent market, Gadgets 360 faces various challenges. Since its inception, it has proactively deployed cutting edge technologies, using AI, machine learning algorithms, ingenious UI and UX to overcome the challenging tasks of being updated with the pipeline products and consumer patterns in India and Abroad.

Along with consumption patterns, it also focuses on learning about its partner's patterns to help them adapt to the rapid digital changes, aligned with adopting a 'response' strategy replacing the 'reaction' strategy to the market avoiding the sudden shocks.

Building a Successful Business Model

Having built a successful brand herself, CEO Bhawna Agarwal shares her views on the strategy an entrepreneur should follow, "To successfully carve out a niche in an extremely competitive world, a brand needs to work on a sustainable business model in the long run. Unless business metrics are evaluated and based on solid fundamentals, it becomes difficult to sustain without constant cash flow for the future. Hence it is utmost important to have multiple pillars of growth to defend the core business, extend it into natural adjacencies and continuously explore new revenue channels."

Ethics and Awards

Gadgets360 as a brand follows an ambitious business strategy but this does not impact the organization's values and compliances in any way. Despite having a customer base in the virtual world, Gadgets 360 has been trusted for its insights and experience. The brand's core values include providing right and accurate information to the audience at every cost. Ethics has been a key trust-building factor for brands and consumers along with being a reason for various recognitions including Best News Product (Gold) award by the WAN-IFRA Digital Media Awards, Indywood IT Excellence Award, Best in Specialized E-commerce Award by IAMAI India Digital Awards, and AMITY Excellence Awards for Leadership Excellence in the Electronics Category.

What Makes Gadgets 360 Different?

  • A Hybrid Business Model
  • Efficient Understanding of Consumer Patterns
  • Cutting Edge Innovative Technology
  • Credible and Relevant Information

Business Strategy and Future Plans

The technology sector is a rapidly evolving business landscape; hence Gadgets 360 as a brand believes in drafting and achieving effective short-term plans and aligning them with long term vision. The brand has successfully tackled the changing business environment since the establishment of this platform and ensured that its 'strategy' and 'resources' are in sync with the goals.

Gadgets 360 adopt an undercover marketing strategy with a focus on reaching the consumer base as per their preferences. The Gadgets 360 Team ensures to be there in 'preferred search results' as well as 'relevant social media interactions & discussions' to be updated with the consumption patterns.

Passion and Strategy: Driving Brand's Success

The driving factor for the brand for years has been its team that strives to be ambidextrous in its strategies which enable them to not just exploit its current strengths to full potential but also explore the new opportunities and uncharted territories. Striving to be better, the brand ensures better efforts to look for its sources of excellence and mechanisms as well as processes and "Create, Capture and Deliver Value" to the audience.

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