Intellemo: Efficient Marketing to Boost Digital Growth of Brands

Intellemo: Efficient Marketing to Boost Digital Growth of Brands

Intellemo : Efficient Marketing to Boost Digital Growth of Brands

Back in the day, I realized that every startup owner has a dream and a vision to make their product the best in the market. And, it goes without saying that new businesses and startups struggle with digital marketing due to limited resources at the start.

Our novel Digital Marketing Services model aims to cater to the demands of growing startups, small-scale and newly formed businesses across the globe. We charge a one-time fee for all our activities without any monthly retainers. You get a professional execution for exponential growth in results. Quality is our foremost principle and is deeply ingrained in the company's fabric.

We have variations of service offerings that any business can choose from depending on their business goals. With everything detailed out including the cost of the service, key features, and description, it helps to keep the potential buyer well-versed and informed about their purchases.

Why Intellemo, you may ask? Here is why!

The packaging and availability of customizable digital marketing services with the fastest delivery! Our team is there to provide a Free Marketing Consultation at all times to help you pick services to bring forward an opportunity for business growth. The package of services will be customized entirely as to what the need, goal, and objective of the brand will be.

Intellemo focuses on transparent pricing through its ecommerce website for Digital Marketing services. It aims to build higher levels of engagement & accountability by following a target-based approach for our potential clientele.

I firmly believe Performance to be one of the most evident key drivers of growth for brands. Other major determinants include timely delivery and quality services. Intellemo promises both.

The Intellemo performance model works on a one-time module, unlike a retainer model.

While the retainer model offers month by month services in a fixed format, there is a steady incremental performance & progress. This ultimately slows down to be achieved end-result.

With our model in place, there is a higher scope for faster execution opportunities. The growth metric is exponential, that is, one can leverage the opportunity at the given hour to its fullest. Each month can be devised in accordance with a different work scheme to achieve maximum potential for that particular time frame. This can help in drastic improvement in performance levels because of a well-targeted and specific plan of action in place. The aim is to minimize the opportunity loss by breaking down the standardised workflow for the exponential growth of the brand.

The next important question businesses face is the time and speed of delivery of services. Urgent and immediate requirements are not a thing of the past. They very much pop up every now and then. Point being, with our in-house employees and dedicated creative contributors (Intellemers and Intellemoms), work is 100% delivered on time with the fastest speed of delivery assured!

Intellemo gave birth to Intellemers to help build a community where skill set meets passion. It provides an opportunity for young mothers and creative contributors to exhibit their work to a massive audience without compromising on other interests or personal commitments.

I do comprehend the power of technological advancements gaining ground in the recent past. Automation and Technology have been deeply embedded in the core philosophy of Intellemo since the very start. Our approach is to leverage the latest technological tools and trends to stay relevant and up-to-date at all times. While Intellect is a major key driver for growth, emotions play an equally crucial role and businesses need to utilize their value for faster brand growth.

With the combination of both, it's clearly a win-win!

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