Meet Ravideep Singh, a young mastermind bringing new changes to the healthcare industry

Ravideep Singh, Associate Director at CDA
Ravideep Singh, Associate Director at CDA

Ravideep Singh, Associate Director at CDA

Ravideep Singh, Associate Director at CDA

A bit about your growing up years? Describe when and how did you get into Architecture and Design?

Having been born to and raised by parents who were architects, I had extensive exposure to architecture from a very young age. After my post-graduation from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign School of Architecture, I specialised in ‘Healthcare Planning’ from Cornell University, NY. My journey since has been a continuation of CDA’s two-decade-long quest to understand and innovate healthcare design in India.

I have always been intrigued by the ethical capacity of architecture and its power to impact the built environment. Moreover, with an innate fondness for spatial planning, I always felt a sense of satisfaction when conceptualising forms and analysing their impact.

How and when did your first project get started? What made you decide to get it?

CDA’s first project as a design practice was a 300-bedded multi-speciality hospital for Rama Krishna Care Hospital in Raipur, Chattisgarh. This project allowed us to initiate our meaningful plunge into understanding and innovating the Indian healthcare design space and positioned our practice as a distinguished studio in the design fraternity. The quest to pursue this project was perhaps rooted in the nuances of the more significant impact a healthcare facility would bring to the surrounding communities and beyond.

What is your design philosophy?

I strongly believe in the communicative power of design – the ability of empathetically-designed spaces to create uplifting sensory experiences. With a focus on blending seamless functionality with value-driven design, I aim to create environments that redefine benchmarks for quality healing facilities and positively impact their surrounding communities.

Do you have any work experience prior to establishing your firm? What can be learned from the past?

A prior and holistic industry experience edifies a great deal into the mechanics of the market, people and most importantly, the peculiarities and technicalities of the profession. I chose to leverage this aspect of working elsewhere, in diverse design practices in India, Hong Kong and the US, during my initial years. Diverse experiences render the ability and know-how strength to emerge out of impediments.

When was your Architectural firm set up? What are your future plans with respect to working in India/Abroad?

CDA began its journey as a small architectural studio led by Maninder Kaur and Mohanbir Singh. Since then, CDA has always believed in delivering projects that integrate innovation, adaptability and sustainability. With a paramount goal to create spaces that utilise natural light and focus on experience, efficiency and functionality, we slowly and steadily built an influential clientele across the country. It has been a learning experience that continues even today, which has enabled us to expand our reach and capacity to deliver innovative architecture. Today, CDA has over sixty ongoing projects pan India, out of which around forty-five are healthcare projects of various scales and specialities.

At CDA, we look forward to continuing to do our part as architects in helping healthcare systems in whichever way possible. Moving forward, we are gradually expanding our capacities into a broader spectrum of healthcare design, factoring in better healthcare technology and the incoming paradigm shifts in care delivery.

What was the turning point in your life, career-wise / personally?

I’m not sure if there has been any specific event or situation that perhaps changed the course of where we are. I believe it's probably a sum total of all the experiences – personal and professional that leads us ahead and is an ongoing process for the most part.

A special interest in any typology and Why?

CDA specialises in healthcare architecture and planning. The inclination towards healthcare was a more intuitive call than pragmatic. I believe healthcare architecture exemplifies the capacity architecture, in general, has towards environmental balance and well-being.

When I joined CDA as the Associate Director in 2016, my vision began with a functional healthcare design that could create a healthy and equitable environment for all end-users. This was a massive gap in the healthcare sector back then. The conspicuous gaps in the Indian healthcare sector further reinforced the quest and the need to delve into this space and attempt to stimulate meaningful changes.

Today, as we speak, the vision has perhaps broadened and exemplified than being just changed. We look beyond hospitals – our goal is to foster community health and well-being. We are probing into how healthcare facilities could be employed as a critical tool to enable healthier, more aware and equitable environments for all populations.

Mention some of the accolades and honours you have achieved till now?

  • Second Runner Up | Godrej GeeVees | La Midas | March 2022

  • First Runner Up | Architecture Ideas by FOAID 2021 | La Midas | November 2021

  • Winner | iGen 2021, New Age Trailblazer | July 2021

  • Honourable Mention | Healthcare Environment Awards by HCD Magazine | August 2020

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