Document360 Detailed Review

The Best Knowledge Base of 2022
Document360 Detailed Review

Document360 Detailed Review

The Best Knowledge Base of 2022

Document360 Detailed Review - The Best Knowledge Base of 2022

Document360 is a knowledge base tool primarily designed for SaaS product-based companies, and other firms that need documentation.

You can use this knowledge base tool for customers and employees alike: by building both public and private knowledge bases. You get an unmatched writing experience, rich theme, and analytics coupled with other powerful features.

When it comes to delivering an exceptional writing experience for authors, editors, and content publishers, Document360 is a clear winner compared to its contemporaries.

Perhaps, this is the best knowledge base software given its features as your users get quick access coupled with a clutter-free layout to navigate your content document.

Document360 is the best fit for businesses looking to enhance customer self-service, create internal team documents, collaborate content, and grant access control to different users.

Where can you use Document360?

● SaaS businesses can adopt Document360 for creating self-service knowledge bases for products. These are created for users and team members.

● If you are looking for a comprehensive technical documentation solution. In that case, Document360 offers you to create reference documentation (like playbooks), how-to manuals, system/product docs, tutorials for customers, and release notes, amongst the other content pieces.

● Do away with overly relying on static PDFs. Instead, use Document360 to create user guides that can be updated anytime by keeping your content dynamic.

Reviewing Top 8 Document360 Features

The year 2022 demands you to be a step ahead of the competitors. Customer Experience (CX) takes center stage and keeping pace with their demands requires you to stay relevant and innovative. Document360 is a great self-service tool for customers which minimizes your cost to run a customer service team for one-on-one resolutions.

Adopt Document360 with a range of novel features that serve the requirements of technical teams developing software documentation and support teams providing help material. Here are some of the key features that attract businesses across the globe.

Simple Editing Options

Document360 comes with a markdown editor to update and write content easily. It has a clean, split-pane interface, with a markdown on the left and an output preview on the right. Alternatively, you may use the editing window's full-screen mode. The minimum distraction interface enables writers and editors to work without any interruption.

You will have an editor that helps keep things simple with intelligent editing and style features that make writing and publishing seamless for everyone. You have Markdown editor and WYSIWYG editor to ensure minimal to no coding. Also, you can enhance your documents with photos, call-outs, lists, code, videos, and links.

The best part is that Document360 saves your content automatically while working. Therefore, the fear of unsaved content loss in documents is no more.

Workflow Management

A high-quality knowledge base requires some sort of gatekeeping. You will need a team of authors and editors and fact-checkers, and proofreaders in the editorial review process. Things may fall through the gaps if everyone is permitted to operate independently.

With Document360, you can define the access control clearly. This will help writers and editors assign specific duties in the writing process.

Articles may be written and edited by writers who have access to the documentation sections. Editors may undertake various tasks like verifying the correctness and consistency of articles.

Also, editors can remove, rename, and publish reports. It is easier to keep track of the particles moving through the funnel if everyone has a defined job.

Quick Collaboration

Businesses looking to expand their realms in 2022 will also rely on teams functioning across the globe. This demands a better collaboration which Document360 offers. It can build a collaborative workspace for your team without depending on different solutions.

You can create a cohesive knowledge base document with effective collaboration using Document360. For instance, reviewers may add comments to articles to change or give feedback to writers. Editors can make changes in real-time without affecting the live content.

It also offers you ‘@’ mentions to call out a specific team member. This will draw a particular team member’s attention to take action.

Collaboration is not limited to the documentation itself as Document360 gives administrators multi-channel alerts to know everything going on in their knowledge base project. For instance, you can set alerts for the admins when changes to a category, an article is published, or team members’ rights are redefined.


You are documenting some of the crucial business information using Document360 and this is why you need to consider its security aspect. Thankfully, it has you covered. You can keep your data backed up and secure at all times with an access control mechanism.

This means you can define editor, viewer, or commenter roles to drive secure accountability.

You can define security protocols depending on the knowledge base articles by creating a 'view only' document that needs no edits without an authority.

You can also create security groups, enable IP filtering and connect custom domains with Document360's other security capabilities.

Automated Backups

With manual and automated backups, you won't have to worry about losing old data or content pieces that have been deleted.

Easy data retrieving

Now, what if anyone from your team deleted an article by mistake? Document360 allows recovering deleted articles and categories using the Recycle Bin function.

You can navigate to the documentation menu to access the recycle bin that helps retrieve deleted knowledge base files and articles. Also, it provides you with the information on who removed the article and when it was last changed and deleted.

Private Knowledge Base

Create a private knowledge base that remains hidden from the general public, for sharing things like employee handbooks, API documentation, SOPs, etc. with your internal teams.

The private base is only accessible to those with a reader account or a team account. When you make private knowledge, you can assign various rights like ‘editing’, ‘reading’, ‘commenting,’ etc to your internal team members.

Single Sign-On

Document360 can be useful for employers and employees with its single sign-on (SSO) feature. For instance, users who require to log in and shuffle different applications and websites to get things going will have to log out and log back in, pushing them to remember credentials.

Document360 has a dedicated Identity Provider (IdP) to simplify the user experience for services that enable SSO. Here, the IdP is a third-party app that verifies your app's users on your behalf.

Pricing Plans

With their no-questions free trial, you can pick any plans for a 14-day free trial. They have price plans based on the business size, feature requirements, and security (for custom hosting).

This can be one of the most useful tools for startups as their entry-level Startup plan costs $99 per month and gives you two team accounts with 5 GB of storage. Remember, you can upgrade the plan anytime to experience other features.

These higher upgrades have two other plans, Business, and Enterprise, worth $299 and $499 respectively. There is also an Enterprise Plus plan which you can tailor to suit your business needs.

Go for it

You can trust Document360 just because thousands of customers from over 80 countries trust Document360 for its features, usability, support, and user experience. Their esteemed clientele in the past includes Microsoft, and currently, they provide their services to Harvard University, Stackify, Virgin Red etc.

As a high-functioning internal and external knowledge base, Document360 can serve as a go-to resource for both — teams and customers. Start your journey today by signing up for a free trial.

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