Latest Health and Wellness Trends in India

Latest Health and Wellness Trends in India

Wellness is something people are always concerned about, no matter the geography. With the increasing effects of pollution, global warming, and other factors that put our lives at stake. We all are trying our hands at everything that may help us to beat them.

While trends are short-lived, India's increasing inclination towards health and wellness is flourishing and increasingly; covering a larger section of the entire population every day.

With new innovation entering our life; we thought it is vital that you update yourself with the top health and wellness trends in India. That are likely to capture the country in recent years. And that is why we have listed here some of the major health and wellness trends in India:

Plant-Based Diets

A plant-based diet is a kind of diet that is free from dairy products, and also processed foods.

Vegan is getting outdated now; plant-based diets are getting popular. Many celebrities and Hollywood stars are going towards a plant-based diet and; they are inspiring many to be part of the community.

The difference between vegan and plant-based food is that vegan allows plenty of vegetables and other healthy options; but is not as harsh as a vegan.

This is one of the best health and wellness trends in India, plant-based food encourages people to add more vegetables in their diet and it also helps in treating obesity.


Like different industries in India, technology is evolving at the speed light in the health and wellness industry. Due to its speed, this is very difficult to catch up with the latest trends but, warbles will help you come to pace.

Fitness wearable is one of the most important health and wellness trends in India and it continues to grow in 2020 as more companies experiment with connected clothing. Soon, more advance wearable's are likely to be introduced that dig deeper into our physiology to track minute details.

Some major categories of fitness wearables include step monitors, heart rate, GPS trackers, etc. Another same trend with the lines of technology that our friends in the West are adopting in Lifestyle medicine but this is not likely to get introduced in India.

Group Training

The concept of group training came from London and it includes group workout. Under this training, it has two groups of three or four members each who compete against each other for the highest calorie burn count.

The best benefit of group training is that one teammate motivates another teammate. And, the extra motivation from your teammates will help you burn up to 85 calories per session.

Mindful Workout

Earlier, people used to focus only on a lot of physical workouts but now people are increasingly moving towards a balanced approach between fitness and wellness.

Mindfulness is mainly used to ease the mind and the body in a way that it has the same effects as exercising. In the coming days, the focus will be more on the overall wellness of the body and coaches will help people to find balance, make lifestyle changes and deal with stress.

Jariki Yoga

Jiriki Yoga is another great health and wellness trend in India; it is designed to allow chi to flow freely through the body to find imbalances in the body to assist self-healing.

Another branch is Yoga Nidra, where the body is covered with blankets. This is a growing practice that allows the mind and body to reach the absolute state of relaxation where they are able to find problems as well as solutions.

This is the easiest yoga habit to accomplish and maintain.


The fusion of e-commerce and nutraceuticals has brought a whole new customer-oriented universe for Indians where they can order products after careful consideration right at their doorstep. The health and wellness are expected to reach new demand heights in 2020 as 19.1% of the total Indian population is between 15-24 years and uses online platforms to shop, including beauty and wellness products.

Innovative Health and Wellness Products

 Introduction of various new health and wellness products is one of the leading health and wellness trends in India. Many small companies and start-ups have come up with a unique offering that is being encouraged by the government measures to enhance the health of the population. Also, larger manufacturers are actively introducing products that are healthier.

Last Verdict on Health and Wellness Trends

Apart from the above trends, some other health and wellness trends in India include turn-it-off-movement, the job of running, sober curiosity, etc. Hopefully, you found this post helpful and interesting. Have we missed any major trend? Do you have any doubt or question related to this post? Let us know in the comment section below, we will be happy to hear from you.

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