The Canadian national cricket team

The Canadian national cricket team
The Canadian national cricket team

The Canadian national cricket team

There have been many attempts to create some competitive squads in North America, especially in the United States and Canada. At any moment, it is possible to visit in order to start betting on them. One of the strongest cricket national squads from this part of the world is the Canadian one.

Canada joined the International Cricket Council as an Associate member in 1968. It should be noted that, while Canada joined the ICC later than many other teams, it played the first ever international Test match in the history of cricket. This contest was celebrated between the 24th and the 26th of September 1844. It was played in New York City, and the Canadian team won by 23 runs.

Since then, the Canadians have tried to grow a highly competitive cricket national squad. While important results are still yet to come, a serious job is being done in order to achieve that. The 1xBet website has excellent opportunities to wager on all the cricket matches played by the Canadian squad.

Competitions after joining the ICC

As said before, 1968 was the year when the ICC welcomed the Canadian national team. This meant that the squad could start playing in major cricket competitions. Right now, 1xBet is a website for online betting cricket, and it covers all those tournaments that the Canadian squad could start playing back then.

Some of the competitions that Canada started playing after being admitted into the ICC include:

● the World Cricket League;

● the ICC Trophy;

● and also the Cricket World Cup.

Also, in 2018 Canada, among all other countries that were part of the International Cricket Council, were granted Twenty20 International status. This increased the exposure of the Canadian team even more, giving them more chances to play in a competitive environment. The best place for making online cricket betting is the 1xBet website, which is a great platform that has lots of cricket matches at any given moment.

Trying to get into the Cricket World Cup

The Cricket World Cup saw a Canadian squad participating for the first time in 1979. It is possible to download the online betting apk - which has all the matches of this major cricket competition.

However, contrary to what was expected back then, the Canadians needed to wait 24 years in order to be on their second Cricket World Cup. Specifically, they were able to qualify to the 2003 edition of the championship after the 1979 one. This is a drought that they expect not to repeat. The 1xBet website gives the chance to download the official online betting apk, which is available for free for Android smartphones and tablets.

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The Canadian national cricket team
The Canadian national cricket team
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