d’frens Consulting offers experiential learning, team building and employee engagement solutions for customers who want to connect better with their employees.

d'frens Consulting offers experiential learning, team building and employee engagement solutions for customers who want to connect better with their employees. 

With offices in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad, d'frens Consultingis always exploring new ideas to stay relevant for it's customers.This self-funded firm hasbeen continuously pushing the boundaries of how experiences can drive better connect between employers and their people. CISCO, The Tata Group, CGI Infosystems,Accenture, Reliance, Honeywell, CA Tech, Deutsche Bank, Deloitte,Unilever and MTR are among their marquee clients.

Besides having a reputation for unique engagement products, the culture of this eleven-year-old companyis also well known in the corporate community. Recently the firmconducted a drum circle of 2000 school kids where Google CEO SundarPichai was present. In June 2016, d'frens received the Gold and the Silver at the Wow Asia Awards for the best Corporate Team Building Activity of the year!

d'frens, the brand has been named after the English word "Difference", and its clear why?Almost everything the company does seems unique and different. Keeping in line with their unique offerings, are its people – who are not only hands-on, but also super customer centric. d'frens' approach to any program is very much like a consulting firm's; offering custom solutions to suit requirements and following up with a methodical delivery plan.  Having pioneered the concept of experiential learning and team building, d'frens has continuously invested in bringing the best, globally recognized engagement products to its customers. The company has partnered with Catalyst, a globally recognized team building company, andbesides developing its own niche team experiences, d'frens sells Catalyst's programs in India. d'frens' repertoire of programs includes business simulations, music based team activities, digital hunts, construction activities, dinner energizers and more. The breadth of activities itself is a huge differentiator and a reason for customers to keep coming back to the company. The company has a proven track record of having continuously evolved over the 11 years of its existence. While d'frens' programs and offerings have continuously changed, it remains true to its experiential beginnings.

Speaking to The CEO Magazine about business problems that d'frens hopes to solve with its solutions and offering, the spokesperson of the company replied, "We have three key offerings and they each serve a different, but significant requirement for our clients.

Employee engagement and internal communication programs: For companies that are looking for efficient and effective solutions to engage with their employees at the workplace. We are a full service engagement services organization with the ability to run campaigns and programs at the workplace in over 15 cities across the country.

Team building and business simulations: Organizations that want to engage their teams in fun but learning focused programs that can be conducted at any hotel or resort of their choosing. Our programs are unique and also rich in experience.

Gamified Learning: For organizations looking for a standard workshop module but run with a twist – with experiences driving the message and not the other way around. These workshops with specific learning outcomes can be conducted for batches of employees around the country."

Oscar D'Silva, co-founder and Director of Sales chats with The CEO Magazine 

TCM: Please tell us about the Road Map and Future Plans of your organization.

Oscar: We are continuously exploring ideas to stay relevant for our customers. New activity ideas and new workshops are a given. While the typical team building company is a mom and pop shop with very adHoc processes and delivery style, we have invested in and developed a methodology that helps connect better with our customers, and also deliver fantasticlearning and engagement experiences.  We have plans to set up shop in two more cities in 2017, andone of our most recent investments is in the area of escape rooms as a means of training employees on working with change.

TCM: How do you learn in your life and what is your biggest dream?

Oscar: Personally, I learn from observing and experiencing. I am a kinaesthetic learner and would love to just roll up my sleeves and get involved. This is why a desk job was never satisfying.

I'd love to see the day when organisations come of age and realise that employees are their true and most important assets, and do everything possible to keep them engaged and involved. I believe we have taken some steps in that direction at d'frens; it is the reason why we want to always stay young, energetic and exciting for our employees.

TCM: What was your journey like to get where you are?

Oscar:Prior to d'frens I was at GE. On a conference call one day with the company CTO I heard him say something very profound, something on the lines of how not to worry about what role you are in, nor how much you get paid, but to do your best in whatever you do. It's been that way in my life as well – there have been lows and highs, but I am satisfied with my efforts in almost everything that I have done.

Yes, there are regrets – like, despite being on a rock band and in a family full of musicians, I still can't play the guitar! I do hope to change that soon and that's what keeps me going.

Let's know more about the key person

Oscar D'Silva (Co-founder and Director of Sales)

Oscar manages people, technology and customer relations at d'frens. d'frens is also where he learnt to hand drum, play a violin, strum the guitar and to sing with a loud voice. Outside of work, Oscar loves to cycle, run, walk and read stories to his two kids.

Prior to d'frens, Oscar was in a very different role – managing IT programs for GE Nuclear and GE Energy. Before his 6 year stint at GE, Oscar was a product Manager at Talisma.

Oscar did his bachelors in electronics engineering from Bangalore University (just like his 3 other co-founders) and has a MBA from SP Jain Institute in Mumbai.

To Reach Us Call Now: 011-4121-9292 or email: onlinead@theceo.in

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