Ironhill India, Carving Distinctive Stance in the Brew Industry by Bringing Supreme & Authentic Flavoured Beer

Ironhill India, Carving Distinctive Stance in the Brew Industry by Bringing Supreme & Authentic Flavoured Beer

Ironhill India, Carving Distinctive Stance in the Brew Industry by Bringing Supreme & Authentic Flavoured Beer

Teja Chekuri - Managing Partner - Ironhill India

In 2018, Ironhill was started by four friends Teja Chekuri, Harsha Vadlamudi, Vidhatha Annamaneni & Subba Raju Penmatsa. Ideated as a brand recreating the spirit of good times and pleasant memories over a fantastic range of Craft Beers and lip-smacking bites, Ironhill harnessed success from their winemaking credentials and excellent contacts developed over the years.

Working on its mission to recreate the spirit of good times and cheerful memories over a fantastic range of Craft Beers and lip-smacking bites, the company aspires to be a market leader in the craft brewery industry. It aims to expand to 30 operational locations in PAN India by 2027.

From their humble beginnings in Vizag, the company has since spread its footprint to Vijayawada, Rajahmundry, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Nellore, with Bengaluru being the largest microbrewery in the world. They are also one of the fastest growing microbreweries worldwide, with sales crossing the 150 Cr mark within four years since inception.

The team is adamant about introducing a new lifestyle culture to unexplored areas and creating a long-term economic plan to support the development of local communities and the beer culture. The Ironhill team is currently working to establish their presence throughout India and, of course, to grow their market share in the places where they are already present. Over 30 shops across India are prepared to serve 20 million or more clients.

The Man Behind the Idea

Teja Chekuri - Managing Partner of Ironhill India

A charismatic, well-travelled, and well-read person, Teja believes in creating teams of exceptional individuals that are nimble, agile, and sincere to guarantee long-term success. He owns multiple restaurants across US and India and is the driving force behind the success of Ironhill India.

He thought the moment was right to enter the microbrewery industry in India and serve the rapidly expanding population after experiencing the craft beer culture in the US and India’s rapid expansion. He believed there was a definite scope for exploiting the demand and creating a niche brand, and that’s how the journey began.

Differentiating Factors

Ironhill, as a brand, is ahead of the competition because they don’t cut corners when providing an experience. They offer a wide variety of food selections, authentic craft beers, first-rate service, and a majestic setting that captures the spirit of craft beer and unites it. They don’t disregard any aspect of the dining experience.

Craft beer from Ironhill aims to capture the human connection that inspires the whimsical and pleasant atmosphere in every Ironhill brewery. By offering a top-notch experience, they seek to bring people together via their skills.

They ensure that they do not sacrifice quality for margins, neglect any cuisine, or show less attention to the ambience. They believe that their patrons deserve value for money and an unforgettable experience. They can only do that when they get quality food, beverages & service at competitive prices, in an ambience that bolsters the positive experience.

Teja Chekuri is skilled at providing excellent food and beverage services. Having witnessed the craft beer industry in the US, his long-time desire was to work in India’s microbrewery scene and serve this country’s expanding population. They were confident that their combination of premium beers, delectable food and creative drinks would provide an experience unlike anything else that anyone had ever had in India.

The Product Portfolio

Ironhill with its slogan “UNITED BY CRAFT” intends to unite India, its cities, and its people with a brand-new unique craft culture by expanding the “Craft Experience Nationally.” It is bringing a wide range of distinctive cuisines from many international locations.

Ironhill brings together craft beer enthusiasts with unique brews. Fans of freshly brewed beers are in for a gourmet treat with a variety of small and large nibbles on the perfectly prepared menu, which also includes our famed thin crust pizzas, in a setting that enhances the craft culture experience!

Industry Over the Years

Since adoption is still relatively low and the F&B industry and the craft beer market as a whole are increasing annually, Teja thinks the industry is still in its infancy. They only make up a small portion of the total beer market in India, but as people become more aware of and exposed to the craft beer scene, he does not doubt that the growth rate will be even higher. They are at the start of something exceptional, as they have always maintained!

Definition of Success

It would be quite a feat for Chekuri to become the market leader with a national presence and be acknowledged for the quality and craft beer experience. As recently as last year, they earned the Beer of India award for their interpretation of the traditional Belgian Wit, a Belgian-style wheat beer. Over the years, they have won various accolades.

Hurdles on the Way

Pushing the limits of what craft beer could be and establishing the brand in second-tier locations with limited awareness were the two main hurdles Chekuri and his team faced as entrepreneurs. They have, however, always sought to appoint the best personnel the sector has to offer, and by doing so, they have successfully offset those difficulties and built the brand.

Words of Wisdom to the Young Entrepreneurs

Have confidence in yourself, take calculated chances, put up honest work, be humble, and be quick. When the next great opportunity arises, seize it with all you might after learning from your errors and implementing those lessons.

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