Online Restaurant Food Ordering and Payment Portal

Online Restaurant Food ordering and Payment portal

Online Restaurant Food ordering and Payment portal

Online Restaurant Food ordering and Payment portal

Online Restaurant Food ordering and Payment portal

Jusfood is a boon for restaurants and people

Over the last few years, the world has become increasingly hyperconnected. Rapid emergence of internet technology has enabled us to inhabit an environment where the Internet and its allied services have become our life line. Here, people and businesses can communicate with each other instantly.


A connectedness like this has redefined relationships between customers and organizations to a large extent and has created a galore of new business opportunities. In 2012, persistent evolution in web technology propelled the establishment of a myriad of web portals to add more comfort to people's lives.

Cloud7 web solutions, a Portal management company was established by Vaishali Sharma in 2012 with an aspiration to carve out a niche in the e commerce segment in diversified verticals such as hospitality, retail and more.

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Marketing Channel

Vaishali's knack for innovation and her resourcefulness motivated her to create an online platform where people can enjoy the freedom of ordering food from their restaurant of choice at the comfort of their home and relish fresh food.

This led to the founding of, an online restaurant food ordering and payment portal in Chennai with nearly three hundred restaurants onboard. The online portal features a very user friendly interface, which enables the customers to browse menus of restaurants, view customer ratings & reviews and discover great new food at restaurants nearby.

An exclusive pack of unique features makes online food ordering on Jusfood a delightful experience. Furthermore, the online portal has proved to be the boon for restaurants.

Those associated with the portal enjoy access to a ready, affordable, cost effective and full featured online ordering and payment platform; which saves them from maintenance of separate hosting & web development teams, and relieves them from menu handling and continuous upgradation.

In a chat with The CEO Magazine, Vaishali Sharma says, "Restaurants embraced with open arms the idea of using an online platform for taking orders than to haggle on the phone with the customer. It gave freedom to customer to take their own sweet time to decide on the order and pay at its convenience. Also, restaurants were happy to dedicate their resources for better use."

Success Mantra

The team at persistently endeavors to enhance the user experience and to achieve excellence in services. The company has been continuously working on the revenue model of the product for better returns.

Unlike the conventional business model, where the restaurant is charged a good amount as commission for each order; Jusfood provides a go go, leading- edge features packed, ready to use online ordering platform to the restaurant for a fixed annual fee. In addition to that, restaurants get all the advanced features required for a secure online food ordering and payment for their customer.

The portal also offers a platform for digital menus inside restaurant as well as pre order kiosks. The team at Jusfood makes every effort not to leave any stone unturned to guarantee satisfaction to clients. It firmly believes that delivery value and satisfaction to customers is the key to building a good customer base.

Let's take a brief look into the key differentiators that empower Jusfood to stand tall among rest of the peers in the market:

  • Low operation costs

  • Low overheads

  • Enable restaurants to manage their online ordering strategy through their very own control panels

  • Annual fee based service

  • Affordable fee & Special support for newly set up restaurants

  • Interactive User Interface with secured payment options

Jusfood – The Mobile app

Recent studies have projected that there are nearly three hundred million people in India who have knit mobile internet into their lives. It is true that mobile apps are now an integral part of our lives. The advent of mobile app era has completely transformed the way we live.

Mobile apps play a key role in guiding us for nearly everything we do such as finding a route, buying grocery, buying mobile apparel, finding a doctor, tracking our fitness routine and countless other things. Not only those, mobile apps are bridging the gaps between consumers and brands and aiding brands in connecting with their loyal customers.

Keeping that in view, Jusfood mobile app has been launched on both android and IOS platforms and it is already thriving in the food delivery mobile app space across major cities in India.

The mobile app is empowered with strong capabilities in scaling rapidly in order to cater to a large number of orders in peak times effectively while delivering satisfaction to consumers.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Online Restaurant Food ordering and Payment portal</p></div>

Perks to Restaurants

The mobile app's immediate success is also bolstered by a myriad of reputed restaurants' partnering with it. Jusfood seizes attention of these restaurants with its attractive suite of perks and unflinching support. The mobile app's menus interface offers a feature packed ordering service that guarantees significant rise in new and repeated users for restaurants.

Also, there are regular promotional campaigns featuring partner restaurants. The mobile app's use of various innovative strategies such as customer reviews enables the restaurants to enhance their connectivity with their consumers by improving their services as well as optimizing their resources.

Road Ahead

Striding actively on the path of success, Jusfood is now gearing up for expansion in major metropolitans by the end of the year, 2017.

The year 2018 would focus on spreading footprints in New Delhi & National Capital Region as well as on widening the service portfolio with undertaking projects from diversified verticals such as consumer durables and FMCG groceries.

Also, the company has been making remarkable efforts towards enhancing user experience and improving mobile app interface using best in class technologies.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Online Restaurant Food ordering and Payment portal</p></div>
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