The Top 10 ERP Software Companies in New Zealand

The Top 10 ERP Software Companies in New Zealand

The Top 10 ERP Software Companies in New Zealand

The Top 10 ERP Software Companies in New Zealand

In this blog, we will discuss the top 10 ERP software companies in New Zealand. So let's start.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is software that organizes and combines your most important company activities and systems into a single fluid system.

If your company's growth is being impeded by legacy software, or if you've endured one too many embarrassing management meetings, it's time to consider upgrading to an Enterprise Resource Software solution that fits your needs.

A company must choose the appropriate Enterprise Resource Planning software for its purposes.

ERP software is an indispensable instrument for contemporary businesses. It facilitates work, information and solution tracking, process improvement, and finding efficiencies.

We've produced a list of the top 10 ERP software companies in New Zealand to assist you in your selection process.

The Top 10 ERP Software Companies in New Zealand


Abel Software

Abel Software is the worldwide leader in ERP business management software.

They give organizations of all sizes adaptable, integrated, and cost-effective solutions to fit their specific requirements.

They've helped clients across the globe simplify and secure their company software for more than two decades by delivering robust and dependable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) features supported by great customer support and service.

Abel Software is a fully integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) business management system.

The Abel Software Company's headquarters are located in Auckland, New Zealand.


  • Great folks, wonderful work atmosphere

  • Small, familial environment

  • The manageable workload


  • There are no notable disadvantages

Primacc System

Primacc System sophisticated company management software requirements with MYOB Greentree Enterprise Resource Software.

They are the Auckland, New Zealand-based corporate software system partner you want.

Doing business is a complex and tough process that needs the utmost engagement of the business software leader in every facet.

To avoid wasting time, contemporary businessmen look for every possible way to delegate a portion of their responsibilities to experts and acquire ready-made solutions.

Primacc Systems Ltd. is one of the organizations that may assist you by searching for major decision-making challenges inside its scope of expertise.

Working with competent and experienced individuals can considerably improve the efficacy of all business software procedures, expand your company's profitability, strengthen your position among other businesspeople, and save you time.

The Primacc System Enterprise Resource Planning Software Company has its headquarters at 38 Aranui Road, Wellington Mt, Penrose, New Zealand 1060.


  • Good company, good work environment Always motivate employees


  • No complaints about this company

Data n Dashboards Limited

A one-stop shop for your company's internal and external data and dashboard requirements. They provide the following five sorts of services:

Data Lake Aotearoa: New Zealand is a comprehensive collection of datasets including data from over 40 organizations and 450 distinct datasets.

Place Making Dashboards: They have produced a large number of dashboards that provide a 360-degree view of information for regions throughout Aotearoa New Zealand, making it simple to comprehend the health of the communities.

Social Sector Dashboards: dashboards organized by topic that make it simpler for the social sector or non-profit organizations to comprehend the state of their community concerning their activity. There are around fifteen distinct themes, each with associated dashboards.

Organizational CRM/ERP Dashboards: They are aware that the social sector and non-profit organizations are data-rich, but they lack the dashboard side of things that would allow them to gain insights into their amazing work; thus, they are here to develop dashboards in their existing CRM or Enterprise Resource Planning Software systems. By maintaining live data, the reporting process will be sped up, and insights will be provided for quicker decision-making.

Data Literacy for All: Providing hands-on Tableau training to organizations for their capacity development, so that their employees can connect to any kind of data and create dashboards based on it.

The headquarters of Data n Dashboards Limited is located in Wellington, New Zealand.


  • Adapting solutions to client requirements

  • It transforms data into a format that is manageable and simple to understand

  • It offers an abundance of data visualization techniques that are very professional and useful for gaining significant insights


  • Highly sophisticated dashboards

Qual IT

Their team of top-Quality Assurance Consultancy, Business Analysis, Testing, and Engineering QA professionals at Qual IT ERP gives more assurance for your IT investments.

Successful IT projects include testing and quality assurance from the very beginning.

Qualified IT Enterprise Resource Planning Software can assist in establishing sound and practical business change governance strategies and show you

How to develop organizational test policies and enterprise application test strategies that align with how you deliver projects and your tolerance for business risk. Qual IT's headquarters are in Wellington, New Zealand.


  • Excellent work environment, low hierarchy, and kind coworkers.

  • They have an incredible culture!

  • Puts people first, has open communication, is honest, is accommodating to working from home, and has a healthy work-life balance.


  • Can continue to innovate and use the most recent market-available technologies.


Fusion5 offers world-class solutions for ERP, CRM, HR & Payroll, ITSM, Managed Services, and the cloud.

They are a provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, customer relationship management (CRM), customer experience (CX), human resources (HR) / payroll, and IT service management solutions of the highest quality.

They offer strategy and implementation services to assist companies in enhancing their operations.

Large teams of specialized and experienced consultants offer thought leadership and best practice consulting to promote business value, in addition to highly skilled implementation and support services to provide key business applications

Fusion5's headquarters are located at Lambton Quay L 6, Wellington 6011, New Zealand.


  • Good culture

  • Regular team building

  • A well-structured program that is well-designed and offers several chances for growth and development's

  • Incredible relationships and team culture inside the organization.


  • Governance and hierarchy seem to underpin the organization.

Zephyr IT

Zephyr IT provides outstanding talent and experience to assist you in achieving your short-term and long-term IT and business objectives through software resource management.

Their team of hand-picked resource software has a wide breadth of expertise in IT Services, ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence, Digital Transformation, and Cloud Solutions.

Zephyr IT's headquarters are located in Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand.


  • Their carefully selected Associates are pragmatic, optimistic, and adaptable thinkers.

  • They provide comprehensive processes and support services.


  • No Cons!

Weka Online

Weka Online is a digital marketing firm based in New Zealand that focuses on helping its clients expand their businesses.

They design and promote websites, integrate accounting software, and engage in social media marketing.

They aim to provide an intelligently integrated solution between established eCommerce and ERP platforms.

Weka Online's headquarters are located in Auckland, New Zealand.


  • Integration is their main service offering.

  • Evaluate and establish requirements: Evaluate business objectives and existing business constraints. Details of the project scope and provide solution suggestions.


  • No Cons!

Flintfox International

Any ERP is compatible with the Trade Revenue Management (TRM) software that Flintfox produces.

They have more than three decades of expertise implementing pricing, rebate, and accrual solutions throughout supply chains, with an emphasis on the manufacturing, wholesale distribution, and retail sectors.

In addition, they provide technical, managed, and installation services for Microsoft Dynamics 365, AX, and NAV. Their solutions provide their customers with a competitive edge, allowing them to be more competitive, versatile, and lucrative.

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Flintfox also offers ERP software consulting and implementation services for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Flintfox headquarters are located in North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand.


  • It features excellent customer management and dynamic pricing. Price optimization is quite beneficial.

  • With cloud-based deployment, security issues are eliminated, and accessibility is simplified.

  • The taskbar's layout and style are straightforward to implement in software.


  • The menu bar is legible, but extra information is lacking.

  • The UI needs improvements.

Verde ERP Company

Verde has developed comprehensive business management software solutions for more than 150 businesses in New Zealand.

Verde can help you achieve your business objectives by deploying a comprehensive, fully integrated, and cost-effective ERP system that is suited to your industry and fits your organization's requirements.

They have helped individuals become excellent in specialized areas while ensuring they can think critically, communicate clearly and consistently, and understand the significance of placing the client at the center of all they do.

Verde provides proven ERP solutions that are adaptable, contemporary, and optimized for rapid deployment and quick results that are required to develop an information-enabled company that is both effective and efficient.

The Verde ERP Company's headquarters are in Auckland, New Zealand.


  • Working with excellent clients.

  • Adaptable, contemporary, and intended for quick deployment and rapid results.


  • No Cons!

Lancom Technology Limited

They are a prominent IT firm servicing Australia and New Zealand, specializing in software development, application modernization, cloud services, managed services, and data, insight, and processes to assist organizations in achieving more success with fewer resources.

They are proud to be Advanced AWS Consulting Partners and Advanced Microsoft Gold Partners, they collaborate closely with the world's largest and most creative IT organizations.

Lancom Technology's headquarters are in Auckland, New Zealand.


  • Highly recommended!

  • Always supports the demands of the company promptly and efficiently.

  • Cool work setting.

  • Excellent team members and a pleasant working environment.


  • Occasionally, a poor management system exists.


An enterprise resource planning software firm is an ERP software company.

An enterprise application is a whole company working together to accomplish the same objectives.

The departments of a firm are interconnected and function as a single entity.

When an issue arises in one department, it must be handled such that it does not affect any other departments.

ERPs are the answer to all corporate problems including unified information management.

Various businesses use online ERP software to successfully manage all of their commercial and administrative tasks.

ERP software assists firms in reducing expenses, streamlining processes, and making more informed business decisions.

ERP systems are intended to do much more than automate conventional business activities; they are intended to alter how enterprises are managed.

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