Online Degree in Criminal Justice: Career Options, Top Schools and More

Online Degree in Criminal Justice: Career Options, Top Schools and More
Online Degree in Criminal Justice: Career Options, Top Schools and More

Online Degree in Criminal Justice: Career Options, Top Schools and More

The multidisciplinary field, criminal justice synthesizes concepts from the law, sociology, public administration, and mathematics. Under the degree program, students learn about the nature of deviance and the causes of crime.

As this course is versatile in nature, criminal justice ranks as the 13th most popular undergraduate major. On the successful completion of the program, you can begin a good career path in law enforcement positions as police officers and federal intelligence expert. You can also work within the judicial system and work as a lawyer, counselor, correction, or victim advocate.

Growth Opportunities with an Online Degree in Criminal Justice

The degree program can open many doors. While not every local police department asks for a Bachelor’s Degree to practice as a law enforcement officer, when you go beyond the academy training, you can go for higher-earning jobs. And also, federal agencies that offer higher salaries generally ask for a bachelor’s degree.

Apart from working as law enforcement officers, you can also work as correctional officers, detectives, or forensic science technicians. In case, you have a dream to start your own business, you can even start your own investigating business.

Moreover, the course prepares you for higher studies. You can go for higher studies like a Master’s degree and a doctorate and begin your career as a lawyer.

How to Choose the best Online Criminal Justice Degree Program

There are various factors that can affect your decision to choose the right Online Criminal Justice Degree Program. Tuition fees, eligibility criteria, and concentrations all differ from program to program. When you are going to choose the right program for yourself, you need to consider some of the key factors such as the cost of the program, transfer policies, and degree length before taking the final step.

For example, generally in-state schools come up with the most affordable course options for residents. Well, many public universities provide reduced tuition rates for out-of-state distance learners. The best you can do here is to take your time and be picky as you go through the institutions or schools to enroll in an online criminal justice program matching your goals, schedule, and cost.

  • Size of School: Size and type of institutions is another factor to consider while choosing the best online criminal justice degree program. On one side, large public institutions have expansive alumni networks and more concentration options while on another side, small private schools come up with low faculty-to-student ratios to foster collaboration.

  • Program Duration: Generally, the bachelor's degree takes four or more years, the exact timing depends on school policies, the enrollment status of students, program format, and transfer policies. Some full-time transfer students can finish the degree within one year even. Many institutions or schools offer part-time, self-paced, and accelerated program options.

  • Transfer Policies: Those students who finish their college-level coursework, can save thousands by getting a program that can accept their transfer credits. But every school or university comes up with various transfer policies. Many universities accept credits from accredited institutions or only provide credit for general education coursework. Your prospective school's admissions advisor can support you browse your transfer options.

  • On-Campus Needs: While most of the schools offer the whole course online and you do not need to participate in their campus for the course completion, some web-based programs incorporate on-campus experiences such as residencies or orientation sessions. If you are looking to take admission, you should research any on-campus needs when considering a program.

Where to Take the Online Degree in Criminal Justice?

Here is the list of top universities to enroll in the online degree in the criminal justice program:

  • Clayton State University

  • Western Carolina University

  • Georgia Southern University

  • Georgia Highlands College

  • University of the Cumberlands

  • Tarleton State University

  • Valdosta State University

  • Metropolitan State University

  • California Coast University

  • Fort Valley State University

  • Georgia Southwestern State University

  • Kennesaw State University

  • Fort Hays State University

  • Wichita State University

  • Columbia Southern University

These are the top options where you can go for an online degree in criminal justice. All these colleges are renowned and popular for their quality education.

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